Best jeans for men 2019: look debonaire in denim

Jeans are an essential wardrobe staple, don't buy a pair without reading this first

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A good pair of jeans is an essential item for every man’s wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to replace an old pair or simply add some flavour to your wardrobe, here we’ve compiled a list of the best jeans for men to help you do just that. 

Included below is a mix of budget bangers along with pieces that are trendy and style focused. 

Whatever you’re shopping for – comfort, value for money or a killer outfit – read on for our picks of the best men’s jeans available right now.

How to choose the best jeans for you

Although jeans are a basic wardrobe item, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to pick. With denim’s workwear roots strongly influencing how jeans are worn today, for shopping and styling options you could first begin with work or casual attire and then expand from there. 

Colours, cuts and prices are mostly defined by how you’ll wear your jeans.

Stock-standard jeans are generally 100% cotton and come in various shades of blue made using indigo dye. That often makes choice of cut – be it straight, slim, tapered, etc. – the major decision you’ll have to make. 

However, black jeans in slim or skinny cuts are also a staple for many men and, while the pre-distressed look can look tacky or overdone, it’s a popular option as well.

You might want to spend a little more on raw denim, which is unwashed during production and takes a little wearing in, or on selvedge denim, of which you can show off attractively-woven edges should you wish to fold up the legs using pinrolls.

Whatever you’re looking for when deciding how to buy jeans, it’s a good idea to start with the basics. If you need a pair of beaters then go for brands with a reputation for value, such as Levi’s. 

If you’re looking for a statement piece or know your designer brands, then be prepared to spend extra to achieve the style you want.

These are the 7 best jeans for men

1. Visvim Indigo Social Sculpture 04

A striking colour paired with quality design

Reasons to buy
+Sublime colour+Pre-distressed detailing
Reasons to avoid
-On the more expensive end

If you could buy any pair of jeans, this should be it. The slim-fit ‘Social Sculpture 04’ from Japanese label Visvim ticks the boxes with a symmetrical, everyday design artfully done to make it worth the high price tag. While the contrast stitching and pre-distressed details are executed well here, the highlight of this piece is the deep indigo colour that adds a sensual touch.

2. A.P.C. Petit Standard

Reasons to buy
+Minimal design+Selvedge denim
Reasons to avoid
-Light blue not for everyone

French brand A.P.C. delivers another simple, comfortable pair of slim-cut jeans with the 'Petit Standard'. These are one of the more affordable choices and therefore hit a sweet spot on the value-for-money spectrum. Highlighted with saffron stitching, these jeans are stonewashed to create a light-blue shade that is easy to match with, though leans toward the more casual outfit.

3. Levi's 501 Original

Every man needs a pair of these

Reasons to buy
+Iconic+Great value for money
Reasons to avoid
-‘Dadcore’ style

If you haven’t owned a pair of Levi’s 501s before then this might be the time to buy in. A classic for many decades now, this pair is a regular fit made from non-stretch denim. While the slightly tapered leg opening and basic five-pocket silhouette are of a style your dad could certainly appreciate – if you’re looking for simplicity, affordability and loads of comfort, then make this your next pair of jeans.

4. Acne Studios Blå Konst

The Swedish brand does understatement like no other

Reasons to buy
+Easily dressed up or down+Simple yet elegant
Reasons to avoid
-Lacks standout details

The first Acne Studios garments ever made were jeans, so it’s little wonder the brand is famed for them today. While the design is minimal, this slim-fit stretch denim fits loosely enough to fit comfortably. The Italian-made silhouette is tweaked with rear pocket bar tacks and tonal stitching to deliver an understated look.

5. Balmain Blue Raw Denim Biker

Not your everyday jeans, which is exactly what makes them special

Reasons to buy
+Makes a statement+Quality raw denim
Reasons to avoid
-Not for everyone

If you’re hunting for a piece that makes a statement, then these biker-style raw denim jeans from Balmain certainly does just that. The slim-fit six-pocket silhouette features ribbed detailing and tan contrast stitching for a sculpted, high-quality design. However, while weighing up whether these are worth the price tag, this will likely be a purchase based on desire or brand affiliation rather than how efficiently you deploy your credit card. These Balmain biker jeans are all about style.

6. Levi's Line 8

Jeans offering unbeatable bang for buck

Reasons to buy
+Great value+Easy to match with
Reasons to avoid
-Fit can be snug

The Line 8 slim taper fit is another budget banger from Levi’s. While there isn’t much detailing to speak of with this simple five-pocket silhouette, that’s exactly what you might be looking for here. The biggest pro is the price, which is hard to beat, while a pair of dark blue Levi’s will also offer dozens of wear-wash cycles and still look good. Easily paired with sneakers and T-shirts, the tapered cut might hug the legs a little – not like skinny jeans, though – but something to bear in mind before purchasing.

7. JW Anderson Indigo Fold Front

When style trumps all else

Reasons to buy
+Comfort+Great spring/summer piece
Reasons to avoid
-Less versatile than other options

If you care more about form than function then these straight-leg faded jeans from JW Anderson will add fire to your wardrobe. The asymmetrical ‘fold front’ overlay is a nice touch, along with the tan/yellow contrast stitching. The baggy cut also lends itself to more casual styling if you’re looking for that, and would slide easily into your freshened spring/summer rotation.