Best gaming desks 2021: find the perfect platform for your gaming setup

The best gaming desks are all together in our comprehensive list

best gaming desk
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The best gaming desks go above and beyond the simple necessities – holding your computer, mouse, monitor and keyboard – to genuinely enhance your gaming experience. If you've got one of the best gaming PCs around, you don't want it to be let down the desk.

Find the best gaming desk for you and it can be an integral part of your gaming setup, just like the best gaming mouse or the best gaming keyboard. Sure, gaming involves a lot of skill too, but it certainly helps when you've got the right environment for your sessions.

Here we'll take you through our favourite gaming desks of the moment, and we've got something to suit every need and budget, all meticulously reviewed and researched. Don't forget to check out our best gaming monitor page if you're looking for more hardware.

The best gaming desks 2021

SecretLab MAGNUS Metal Desk best gaming deskT3 Awards 2021 winner badge

(Image credit: SecretLab)

1. SecretLab MAGNUS Metal Desk

The world's best gaming desk

Dimensions: 1500mm x 700mm
Height: 735-755mm
Max load: 100kg
Reasons to buy
+Premium metal design+Smart cable management

To know the SecretLab MAGNUS Metal Desk is to love the SecretLab MAGNUS Metal Desk: it's a stunning piece of gaming furniture that fully earns its spot as the best gaming desk of the moment. Having already been wowed by the gaming chairs that SecretLab has been putting out, we're just as impressed with this gaming desk – it offers premium materials, a robust construction, excellent cable management and plenty of nice little touches.

You get a series of MAGPAD leatherette mat options that magnetically fix to the top of the desk, giving you both a solid and a quality feel for your gaming – and the use of these mats means you can change up the look of the desk quite easily. Despite the relatively thinness of the frame, the desk is capable of holding up to 100kg of gaming weight for you, and we're also fans of some of the magnetic accessories that you can get, including little cable anchors that clip anywhere on the top of the desk and keep trailing wires tidy.

Really though, it's the quality of the construction and the stainless steel materials that make the MAGNUS stand out from the crowd. From constructing the desk to finally placing a gaming PC on top of it, it feels like a substantial step up in quality. When factoring in the cost, consider the price of any accessories you might need: cable anchors, cable fastening straps, desk mats and the RGB light strip that you can affix to the back all cost extra.

Potential buyers will also be interested to know that the SecretLab MAGNUS has won the Best Gaming Accessory award at the T3 Awards 2021.

Hbada Gaming Desk best gaming deskT3 Approved Award badge

(Image credit: Hbada)

2. Hbada Gaming Desk

The best budget gaming desk

Dimensions: 1110mm x 600mm
Height: Not specified
Max load: Not specified
Reasons to buy
+On the affordable side+Nice carbon fibre finish

If you're wanting to spend as little as possible on one of the best gaming desks around, then let us direct you towards the affordable Hbada Gaming Desk as one of your possible options – despite being on the very cheap side, it still has plenty to offer, including a robust construction and an ergonomic design that is suitable for smaller rooms where you might not have quite as much space available.

Among the reasons you might want to pick up the Hbada Gaming Desk are the t-shaped steel legs that are able to take plenty of weight, the power strip box for keeping everything neat and tidy, and the curved desk edge that adds a touch of elegance to proceedings. The entire surface of the desk is covered with a carbon fibre finish, and you get both a headphone hook and a cup holder as well.

The price of this desk means you're not going to get as many bells and whistles as some of its rivals can offer, and as we've mentioned it's on the smaller side, which might not be to your liking. It does have plenty in the positives column though, including that low price, and it gives you a sturdy and versatile gaming desk setup that should see you through many hours of enjoyable gaming sessions.

Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk best gaming deskT3 Approved Award badge

(Image credit: Waleaf)

3. Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk

The best premium gaming desk

Dimensions: 1400mm x 600mm
Height: 725mm
Max load: 120kg
Reasons to buy
+Fine carbon fibre finish+Packed with features

You'll have to pay above average to get hold of the Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk but we reckon it's a worthy investment if it offers the design and the features that you're looking for: from the resilient carbon fibre finish on the top of the desk to the very handy cup holder at the side of it (essential for staying hydrated during those long gaming sessions), this is a piece of furniture that has a lot going for it.

Besides that cup holder there's also a headphone hook, plus a recharging rack for your gamepads, should you need one. There's some nicely hidden storage space underneath the desk for keeping all of your cables neat and tidy, plus double-wire holes on top of the premium density fibreboard material as another anti-clutter measure. Each steel leg foot is individually adjustable as well.

As well as giving you plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, mouse and whatever else, the Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Desk is also very well built and reasonably easy to put up too. While the colour scheme might be a bit too bright and vibrant for some, it's one that we can get behind – and it definitely gives off a gaming aesthetic.

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk best gaming deskT3 Approved Award badge

(Image credit: Eureka)

4. Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

The best gaming desk for aesthetics

Dimensions: 1524mm x 700mm
Height: 765mm
Max load: 80kg
Reasons to buy
+Nicely shaped and finished desk+Not one but two headphone hooks

The look and feel of a desk has to be considered alongside its specs and features, which is why we think the stylish-looking Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk deserves a spot on our best gaming desk list. It really does look the part, from the subtle coloured edgings to the cut-out curve along the front of the desk top that lets you move in and get closer to the action as and when you need to.

The ultra-soft, zero-slip mouse mat that covers the entirety of the top surface is worth a mention too, not only making sure that the Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk has an air of sophistication about it but also that accessories like the keyboard stay in place when they're supposed to. It's well crafted, well built, and sure to slot in nicely no matter what sort of gaming den aesthetics you're going for.

We'd also like to point out the gamepad rack that comes with USB charging ports as well – very handy if yo8u want to be charging a phone or a tablet while you're gaming. Add in two headphone hooks, a socket holder, and height-adjustable feet, and it's clear why this is such a good gaming desk – with one purchase it can take your home gaming setup to another level.

Thermaltake ToughDesk 500L RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk best gaming deskT3 Approved Award badge

(Image credit: Thermaltake)

5. Thermaltake ToughDesk 500L RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

The best gaming desk for aesthetics

Dimensions: 1600mm x 800mm and 800mm x 600mm
Height: 700-1100mm
Max load: 150kg
Reasons to buy
+Lots and lots of room+Takes a lot of weight too

See the words "tough" and "battlestation" and you pretty much know what to expect from this high-end Thermaltake gaming desk before you've even set eyes on it. The desk carries some serious weight and heft, with an l-shaped design that means there's plenty of room for extras and accessories. In total, it can take a huge maximum load of 150kg, so you're going to find it very hard to overload this particular piece of furniture, even if you have your gaming PC up on the desk itself. 

Obviously with a desk form factor like this, you need to have plenty of room to spare, but if you can fit it in then it gives you lots of layout options for your gaming rig, your accessories, and your other devices. The steel-constructed frame feels robust and secure, while the anti-scratch laminated desktop material on top feels like a giant mouse pad (and on the main section of the desk there's even customisable lighting).

Another key advantage of this Thermaltake model is that this model takes its cues from today's best standing desks and enables you to adjust the work surface height so you can switch from sitting to standing whenever you need to. Add in some smart cable management underneath the desk as well, and you've got a lot of reasons why this might appeal to gamers. Definitely on the large and expensive side, but that's what plenty of you are going to be looking for.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk best gaming deskT3 Approved Award badge

(Image credit: Arozzi)

6. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

A classy, comfortable gaming desk

Dimensions: 1600mm x 820mm
Height: 710-810mm
Max load: 80kg
Reasons to buy
+Large surface area+Elegant ergonomics

When it comes down to it, what do you actually need from a great gaming desk? A lot of space to work with, a solid construction, and a way of keeping everything tidy – and the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk ticks all the boxes and then some. If you need to get yourself an impressive gaming desk that isn't going to break the bank in terms of cost, then this is one well worth checking out.

There's so much space here, enough for three reasonably large monitors in fact (or just a huge ultrawide). Your keyboard, mouse and other accessories will have a huge amount of room to roam in, and the entire surface of the desk is like a giant mouse pad, with a textured, water-resistant finish. That mat sits on top of a wooden desk top, and the furniture is finished off with steel legs.

There's a curved, contoured finish to the front of the desk so you can get closer to the action (and your keyboard) if you need to, while the ergonomics in general are first class. When it comes to cable management, we've got some carefully positioned cut-outs here, and you've got nets underneath the desk itself to stop everything getting too messy. A gaming desk that you won't be disappointed in.

Homall Gaming Desk best gaming deskT3 Approved Award badge

(Image credit: Homall)

7. Homall Gaming Desk

The best alternative gaming desk

Dimensions: 1100mm x 550mm
Height: Not specified
Max load: Not specified
Reasons to buy
+Tough carbon fibre finish+Handy accessory attachments

We're always interested in something a little bit different, which could well be why we are drawn to the Homall Gaming Desk: an inexpensive bit of gaming furniture with some neat extras, a distinctive look (check out those angular corner modules for example), and a ridged carbon fibre finish that's going to earn some approving looks from any visitors to your gaming PC room.

It's not as big as some other gaming desks we've listed here, but then again it doesn't necessarily have to be – not everyone has huge gaming rigs and massive monitors, and sometimes space is at a premium. We like the cut-outs in the desk for the cable management, and on the front of this piece of furniture from Homall you've got somewhere to hold your cup and somewhere to hang your headphones.

The z-shaped steel legs add excellent durability to the frame, and you can actually adjust these legs independently (very handy if you're trying to set up a gaming rig on uneven ground, for some reason). To add to the appeal, the Homall Gaming Desk is straightforward to put together, even if the thought of furniture assembly is normally enough to bring you out in a cold sweat.

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