Best concealer for darker skin tones 2021

T3’s roundup of the best concealers for darker skin tones on the market

Best concealer for darker skin tones
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Looking for the best concealer for darker skin? As a woman of colour, I can relate to how difficult it is heading over to a makeup counter to find your perfect concealer shade leaving you questioning, what do you choose? You are faced with an array of colours, some with warm undertones, some with cool undertones and some just neutral. It’s no surprise the beauty industry is still catching up in terms of diversity/inclusivity, and how to cater for women (and men) who have richly pigmented skin. 

When you choose your concealer shade often the consumers are not told how the concealer oxidizes – meaning it goes a shade darker when in contact with air, so it’s important to be aware of that. To mitigate this, test the concealer out on your skin a wait for roughly 20-25 mins (you can browse other products while waiting) to see how it changes and if you’re happy with the result.

However, for deeper skin tones, the first thing you need to get right in your skin undertone. You can determine this by following this guideline:

  • Warm undertone: This means the underlying colours of your skin are gold, peach and/or yellow
  • Cool undertone: This means you have hits of blue and red under your skin
  • Neutral: This means you have a combination of both above, warm and cool

Generally, when you go to find concealers, or even foundations, the packaging usually signposts a skin undertone in the format of undertone letters, i.e. W, C and N followed by the shade number. You’ve probably seen this before, but might not have known what it meant. 

You can also try the old school trick of trying on jewellery. If silver looks better on you this means you have a cool undertone and if gold looks better on you this indicates you have a warm skin tone, and if you really cannot tell the difference, this just means you have a neutral undertone.

I’ve been researching and been on the hunt for concealers of my skin complexion for a very long time, and although I have found my perfect shades (a concealer that matches my skin tone and one that I can use to highlight for a more glam effect) I found that the problems mainly lie in the formations, i.e. being too dry, breaking apart easily or not being compliant with translucent powders. 

I’ve also spoken to other women with deeper skin complexions and have a created a list of top five concealers that cater and compliment women of deep complexions.

The 5 best concealers for darker skin types:

Best concealer for dark skin tones: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

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1. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

This concealer is ideal for beginners and those with oily skin

Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Beginners friendly+Huge number of shades
Reasons to avoid
-Can be drying-Have to work really fast to blend as it sets quickly

Fenty Beauty changed the makeup industry after Rhianna came out with a foundation range with 50 inclusive shades. The concealers from this range are lightweight and are open for you to build depending on the coverage you like. Most people in the reviews mention they have never been able to find a concealer shade for their skintone until this range came out and mention how many concealers they have purchased since it launched. Personally, I’ve purchased a few from Fenty Beauty and have been using for the past year. I must admit I have never seen a concealer range that has got the perfect undertones for darker skin shades.

Best concealer for dark skin tones: Pat McGrath: Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer

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2. Pat McGrath: Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer

Influencer favourite concealer and ideal for dry to normal skin

Reasons to buy
+Good shade range +Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-High coverage formula which not everybody wants -Buildable formula does not always promise full coverage

This product is a high-coverage formula infused with a vita-serum complex that fights off fine lines. It's also available in 36 shades, which means you can find the concealer shade of your actual skin complexion and one to highlight with. Others who have left reviews have said this product applies smoothly underneath the eyes without setting into wrinkles or fine lines, while others have said it goes on smooth like butter and is easy to blend out with either a concealer brush or beauty blender. There are so many colours to choose from if you’re looking for more than just concealer and something to also contour your face with, you can really choose how you want to use this product.

Best concealer for dark skin tones: Beauty Bakarie InstaBake 3-in-1 Hydrating Concealer

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3. Beauty Bakarie InstaBake 3-in-1 Hydrating Concealer

Multipurpose concealer for those on the go and ideal for those with dry skin

Reasons to buy
+Hydrating +Can be used for sculpting and contouring +Long-lasting+Smudge-proof
Reasons to avoid
-Product is optimistic in achieving 3 things in 1

The good thing about this concealer is the hydrating element of it, considering most people don’t like concealers because it can easily dry the skin underneath your eyes. It contains the active ingredient Cassava in the product that comes from the botanical’s water-binding powers, so this is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin, who are always on the go and just want to work with one product that does everything in terms of combining skincare and makeup into one. Reviews left on the website show that the majority of people love this product because its lightweight and is so easy to blend out with a sponge and does not crease easily. It’s loved because it is smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Best concealer for dark skin tones: BlackUp: No Transfer Concealer

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4. BlackUp: No Transfer Concealer

Ideal in summer and in humid climates to avoid transfer

Reasons to buy
+Product does not transfer on clothes or rub off in the sun+Offers great undereye coverage
Reasons to avoid
-Can be drying -Colours might not always be accurate 

This product is well known for neutralising dark circles, covering imperfections and has a natural matte finish which is what prevents the product from transferring to clothes. I’ve personally used this product after it was recommended to me by someone for being able to withstand heat and offering a humidity/sweatproof look in hot climates. It is an ideal product one to keep in your makeup bag when you are on holiday and you want to look glam in the evenings. The only negative about this product, like many concealers with a wand, is that it’s not hygienic to place the product on your face then back into the tube and repeat.

Best concealer for dark skin tones: Mac Pro Longwear Concealerv

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5. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

Stable makeup product everyone must have

Reasons to buy
+Full coverage and conceals dark circles+Colours true to skintone
Reasons to avoid
-Formula to thick for those with dry skin-Comes with a pump rather than a wand 

Who has not used this concealer before? It was actually the first concealer I purchased as a teenager and I was drawn to MAC because of its colour range. It’s an oldie but an all-time favourite for many. It offers you not only great coverage but you will always be able to find your shade irrespective of how deep your skin tone is. Most makeup artists and influencers will always have this in their kit and it's a great staple to have. The only negative about this product is that it can feel quite heavy, but you can control that yourself by choosing the coverage you want, i.e. from light to medium or full coverage. 

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