Best tools 2020: the T3 DIY Hub will find you the best power tools of every kind, ready for your next job

All the tools you need to get the job done, conveniently curated

Take up your tools: it's the T3 DIY Hub

Considering a little home improvement? We have the best power tools available to man and woman, spread over multiple buying guides.

Our man with the utility belt, Leon Poultney spends his entire life sweating over everything from jigsaws to nailguns, and he's now ready to share his findings in the T3 DIY hub.

The essentials

For the garden

  • The best cordless garden tools of all kinds
  • Best electric chainsaw
  • Best cordless lawnmower
  • Best petrol mower
  • Best robot mower
  • Best strimmer

For the specialist 

Design ideas and inspiration and how-tos from our friends at, brought to you by the same company that publishes, is perfect if you are looking for home improvement inspiration and advice. It features shopping guides, decorating trends to inspire you and home renovation and extension projects – including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms – for every budget.