Best inflatable paddle boards 2021: for cruising, touring and surfing

Get on board with the hottest hobby around with one the best inflatable paddle boards

best inflatable paddle board: three people walking up the beach holding Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards
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The best inflatable paddle boards provide an accessible way for many to join in with the stand-up paddle board craze. SUP-ing has never been so popular, with droves of new people accessing the sport in a vast variety of locations. This surge in popularity means that many new retailers have popped up, and many existing watersports outlets now stock a good range of SUP options. The best inflatable paddle boards cover a more diverse range than ever before, fortunately, as the technology continues to improve, and manufacturers up their game. 

Inflatable SUPs have certainly emerged as the most popular choice for pretty much all styles of the sport, due to the fact that they’re easily portable in a small car boot, can be carried in a rucksack to the water's edge, then inflated, often with an included pump. Finally, storage is a simple matter of removing any salt, drying off, and stowing the rucksack bag somewhere dry. That’s a pretty hassle-free package, and as inflatable boards now offer good performance too, rigid boards are on the decline except for very specialised applications like racing. Many of our best paddle boards for beginners are inflatable options too. 

The major benefits of a SUP are their very shallow draft, often around a foot or so, which means they can be used in anything deeper than a puddle. This opens up even smaller streams as well as rivers, lakes, ponds, canals, watersports reservoirs, and a host of coastal locations too. A second dual benefit is the standing up – great for sightseeing and clocking any hazards in the distance – but also a solid core workout and potentially a good cardio one too, depending on your pace. 

A good touring board can cover quite a decent distance over a few hours too, in almost complete silence, making them a good choice for nature-spotters of all types. There’s also a growing movement towards using SUP boards for Pilates and Yoga workouts, adding an extra dimension both literally and visually to a workout.

Most importantly though, SUP-ing is a lot of fun, as well as being a great way to access hidden and beautiful parts of the outdoors you probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Read on for our roundup of the best inflatable paddle boards around right now, for a range of budgets and use cases. 

The best inflatable paddle boards to buy now

Red Paddle Co. 10'6 Ride MSL inflatable paddle board, white with blue details

(Image credit: Red Paddle Co)

1. Red Paddle Co. 10'6 Ride MSL Package

This inflatable SUP package will take you anywhere and everywhere

Best for: all round use
Dimensions: L10ft 6" x W32"
Thickness: 4.7"
Max weight: 100kg
Paddle included: yes
Reasons to buy
+Ultimate all-rounder+Popular and well tested+Everything you need in one
Reasons to avoid
-There are cheaper options

The Ride 10'6 is a bit of an SUP classic, and for good reason – the makers describe it as a 'Swiss Army knife of paddle boards', and there's plenty of truth in that. Equally at home in surfing or SUP mode, it'll suit most casual board users to a tee. A versatile shape adds stability in all situations, while the near indestructible ‘iFins' on the underside don't require tools to keep in shape. A six-point bungee is perfectly capable of keeping your dry bag where you want it, and a simple diamond-cut rear deck and EVA deck pad prevent slips and increase control.

In a complete package format with a specially designed backpack for transport, dual-barrel pump to inflate on site and a range of paddles to suit your taste, this is a strong all-rounder in a potent package, and at a competitive price point. The only things left for you to decide are where to go, what to wear, and where to put the car keys... Find out more in our Red Paddle Co. 10'6 Ride MSL Package review.

Portofino 10ft SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, side, front and underside views, plus carry bag, oar, bungee cord and pump

(Image credit: Portofino)

2. Portofino 10ft SUP inflatable stand up paddle board

A beginner-friendly all-rounder that’s hard to beat

Best for: beginners
Dimensions: 10' x 33"
Thickness: 4.75"
Max Weight: 120kg
Paddle included: yes
Reasons to buy
+Covers all the bases +Excellent value for money+Lightweight and durable
Reasons to avoid
-Possibly too generalist? -No camera mount

The Portofino 10ft SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board earns a place in our best inflatable paddle board ranking thanks to hitting a sweet spot in size, being light and portable yet also stable in calm conditions. This complete kit is all you’ll need to get SUP-ing, so represents great value for money. The telescopic aluminium paddle is good and durable, the coil leash will cover all the bases, and the removable fin helps in-water tracking and handling, but packs away neatly for transport. 

The Portofino is 4.75 inches thick, and features internal and external stiffening rails to improve handling over thicker 6-inch models. All the usual elements such as a carry handle and cargo bungee are present and correct, although there’s no camera mount for GoPro addicts. It’s such a flexible package that a small conversion kit is available to convert the Portofino 10ft SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board into a kayak, for those that really want to hedge their bets on a new watersport.

Itiwit Touring Inflatable Stand-up paddle board X500 / 13"-31' GREEN

(Image credit: Itwit)

3. Itiwit Touring Inflatable Stand-up paddle board X500 / 13"-31' GREEN

The best inflatable paddle board for touring

Best for: expeditions
Dimensions: 13" x 31'
Thickness: 6"
Max weight: not stated
Paddle included: No
Reasons to buy
+Designed for adventure+Effortless speedy in the water
Reasons to avoid
-Challenging for beginners-Paddles and pump not included

The blade-like profile of the Itiwit X500 SUP makes this an ideal choice for speedy SUPing over longer distances. Aimed at intermediate paddlers, that sharp profile designed to carve through the water with minimum resistance, enabling you to travel further with each stroke. This board has a reinforced build for robustness, and features placement markers to help you ensure you're positioned correctly. It packs down compactly (90 x 46 x 24cm) into the supplied backpack for easy transport. Note, there are some extras you'll need to purchase before you head off on your adventures – there's no paddle, pump or bungee chord included here. 

Shark Family Tandem SUP, top and underside views, plus accessories

(Image credit: Shark)

4. Shark Family tandem stand up paddle board

The best tandem paddle board for sociable SUP-ing

Best for: family fun
Dimensions: 15’2” x 36”
Thickness: 8"
Max weight: 300kg
Paddle included: yes
Reasons to buy
+Underwater viewing port +Six carry handles+Hugely stable
Reasons to avoid
-Bulky to transport and carry

The Shark Family Tandem SUP is a giant SUP for family groups or tandem adults, built to last and with an ingenious trick up its sleeve. Just aft of the bow cargo net there's an underwater viewing porthole, which is pretty much guaranteed to keep at least one child entertained for quite some time, and probably an adult too. 

The board is a substantial 8-inches thick to maintain stiffness under the maximum 300kg load, but only needs inflating to 15 psi, good news for parents struggling with the pump (included). Fortunately, there are a whopping six carry handles, so the kids can at least help out on the transport front. Also in the package is a carbon shaft paddle, as well as a waterproof phone case to top things off. 

Mistral Adventure Inflatable Paddleboard Combo, plus accessories

(Image credit: Mistral)

5. Mistral Adventure Inflatable Paddleboard Combo

An all-rounder that’s hard to beat

Best for: All-round speed
Dimensions: 11.5’ x 31”
Thickness: 6"
Paddle included: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Good water manners +Stable but fast+Packs down small
Reasons to avoid
-Pricier than some-Pump is poor

The Mistral Adventure is a fantastic all-rounder SUP that comes in a solid package with all you need to get out on the water in good order. The Woven Fusion Layer Technology provides good tip stability, and the longer 11.5 version here offers a little extra speed over the shorter 10.5 option, making distance paddling easier and longer trips much more approachable. 

At six inches deep, it’s very buoyant, and that extra depth adds rigidity which in turn improves the handling. Handling is also aided by the triple-fin setup, with a removable 8-inch central fin playing the central role. As you’d expect, there’s a bow cargo net for drybag portage, a stainless leash D-ring, and a centre carry handle, which doubles as a paddle holder to allow you to lift both SUP and paddle at the same time with ease. In our Mistral Adventure paddle board review, our tester was very impressed with this board, although felt it was slightly let down by less high-quality accessories.

Jobe Infinity Seine 10.6 Inflatable Paddle Board, top, side and underside views

(Image credit: Jobe)

6. Jobe Infinity Seine 10.6 Inflatable Paddle Board

Everything you need for inflatable SUP standout fun

Best for: everything
Dimensions: L10ft 6”xW32”
Thickness: 6”
Max weight: 140kg
Paddle included: yes
Reasons to buy
+All-in-one package+Light and strong+Well priced
Reasons to avoid
-Minimalist bungee means its not for long touring days

The Jobe Infinity Seine SUP board is the perfect all-rounder size at 10' 6", and in a complete kit including pump, leash and drybag at a wallet-friendly price is a bit of a winner. There’s plenty of tech packed in here too, a heat bonded and lightweight X-drop stitched construction with a stringer for increased stiffness, a tool-less 9” fin for stability and the obligatory Halkey Roberts one-way valve to simplify inflation. A 9” nose rocker will cut through small waves with ease, allowing flexibility of use for light surfing as well as traditional-SUP-ing. A three-piece fibreglass paddle and neat roll-top rucksack top off a solid package. 

Rated to a robust 140kgs, this board will serve pretty much anyone well in most situations, really only falling down on the luggage front with a minimalist four-point bungee upfront. Part of the reason for that is that the board is designed to fit into Jobe’s ‘Infinity’ inflatable pool and watersports pontoon package for boats, as well as serving as a solo package, thus the muted green and black color scheme. Overall there’s a lot of bang for buck here; a complete kit with robust credentials and strong build quality for not vast amounts of cash. Water-based fun for all occasions. 

Gul Cross 9'8 Inflatable SUP Board Package

(Image credit: Gul)

7. Gul Cross 9'8 Inflatable SUP Board Package

A nice sturdy, stable beginner board at a very wallet-friendly price point

Best for: beginners
Dimensions: L9'8" x W31"
Thickness: 5"
Max weight: 100kg
Paddle included: yes
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Compromise on manoeuvrability

The Gul Cross 9'8 Inflatable SUP Board Package is a fantastic starter pack that has plenty to offer the more experienced too. Stable and easy to handle in the water, the Gul is perfectly capable of a little surfing as well as SUP, with a three-fin (two side & one longboard) array to increase handling predictability. The package includes a three piece alloy paddle, leash, simple pump and a backpack to lug it all around in – with the board weighing in at a mere 8kg, that's not too much of an ask either. Overall there might be compromises on outright performance here, but as a beginner setup for casual use there's nothing wrong with this popular package. 

iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11 inflatable paddle board

(Image credit: iRocker)


The ideal all-rounder for family holidays and leisurely cruising

Best for : heavier riders, or multiple people
Dimensions: 335cm x 81cm
Thickness: 15cm
Max weight: 197kg
Paddle included: yes
Reasons to buy
+High weight limit+Incredibly robust
Reasons to avoid
-Takes a while to get your balance right

The iROCKER All-Around 11 is an updated version of the original iROCKER 11. Released in 2020, this inflatable paddle board is 20% lighter, with a larger deck pad and a larger rear cargo storage area, and a lighter, stronger paddle. The higher weight limit of 197kg makes this board suitable for taller, heavier SUP-ers, as well as being a great option if you're hoping to take your kids along for the ride with you. iRocker claims that it has 'military-grade durability', so it should be pretty much indestructible – although there's a repair kit included for any mishaps that do occur. Also included in the price is a handy backpack and pump, as well as paddle and ankle leash.

M.Y. PointBreak 10' Paddle board plus accessories

(Image credit: MY)

9. M.Y PointBreak 10' paddle board kit

The best cheap inflatable paddle board

Best for: occasional paddlers and beginners
Dimensions: 10' x 30"
Thickness: 6"
Max weight: 130kg
Paddle included: yes
Reasons to buy
+Kit contains everything you need+Does the job+Low price
Reasons to avoid
-Cheaper build quality-Not the most stable

It's not the best quality SUP on this list by any means, but if you're on a budget, the M.Y PointBreak 10' paddle board kit does a decent job for a very affordable price. In this kit, you'll get everything you need to get started with stand up paddle boarding, in one handy backpack that you can sling into your boot or onto your back, ready to start finding your sea legs. The board itself is basic, but perfectly serviceable, and a good choice for children or occasional SUPers. Head to our M.Y PointBreak 10' paddle board kit review to find out more, or see how it compares to our top pick in our M.Y Pointbreak 10' paddle board kit vs Red Paddle Co Ride MSL faceoff.

Two people coming out of the sea holding Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards

(Image credit: Red Paddle Co)

How to choose the best inflatable paddle board 2021

The big questions to consider when buying an SUP is where and what you plan to use it for. Longer boards and better load-carrying abilities are vital for touring long distances, sharper lines and more pronounced rockers important for carving through the surf. Beginner boards tend to be super-stable, which does compromise speed and wave-handling, but are much more tractable for casual use. If you're planning extended trips around the coast then choosing a dual-chamber touring style board adds an essential layer of safety too, something that isn't as useful in the surf and close inshore. 

However, there are plenty of all-rounder boards that'll see you comfortably taking on the challenges and enjoying the pleasures of SUP life, without compromising on much at all. 

While choosing the best inflatable paddle board is of course the main event, it's important to not forget the accessories too, as they can make or break an otherwise perfect day out. That might be a leash if not already included in a package deal, a decent wetsuit for surfing in the cooler months, sun protection for the height of summer, a good dry bag for carrying spare kit, and most importantly in almost all situations a really good waterproof pouch for valuables like your phone and car keys (neither of which like salt water). Red Paddle Co's dry pouch delivers particularly well on the latter, being waterproof, big enough for a phone/keys/cards/etc, and – vitally – buoyant.