iPhone App News: Facebook photo sharing app canned?

No Instagram rival coming after all

Facebook has appearently dropped its plans to launch a bespoke photo-sharing application for Apple's iPhone, according to reports on Monday

Facebook has reportedly pulled the plug on a planned photo sharing application for the iPhone.

The application leaked last year, courtesy of screenshots posted by the TechCrunch website, but there have been few murmurs of a launch since the June 2011 report.

The screenshots displayed seemed to suggest Facebook was looking at tackling the likes of Instagram and Twitpic by offering an easy solution to sharing photos across the web, but also incorporating friend tagging options and Facebook's existing albums service.

However, a Business Insider report says that not a lot has happened since and it appears that Facebook has put the project on ice, perhaps permanently?

The report says: "Is it coming or not?

"According to a source familiar with that project, the answer is no, the app we saw in those photos this last summer is not coming.

It turns out those photos were not images of a complete and ready-to-ship app. In fact, little development work at all had been done for the app in the photos. It's most likely that the photos were renderings of what a new Facebook photos app for the iPhone could look like."

Facebook, of course, has not been the most efficient company when it comes to updating their smartphone app experience. The Facebook for Android app has long trailed its iOS counterpart, while it took the company 18 months to launch an official iPad app, which even then failed to impress the majority of users.

The report suggests that the company is still working on its photo-taking and sharing experience for its iPhone offering and an update could be in the works soon, but it won't be the promising-looking platform we saw last summer.

Via: BusinessInsider