Google Currents available in UK and Europe on iOS and Android

Flipboard rival brings together your favourite feeds into a neat magazine

Google has unleashed its own digital magazine reader for iOS devices as well as Android tablets and smartphones taking on the likes of Flipboard

Google has now internationally released its long-awaited to digital magazine app to rival Flipboard called Google Currents, the app was originally available in the US only but is now available worldwide.

In much the same way as T3's App of the Year Flipboard, Google Currents will pull in dedicated feeds from the likes of The Guardian, TechCrunch and The Huffington Post and reformat the articles into a magazine, which will automatically update.

As well as the tailored content from partners, Currents also brings in content from your RSS feeds and stories from your Google+ circles.

The app, which has been optimised for iPhone, iPad as as well as Android tablets and smartphones is currently a US-only launch, but we can't imagine it'll be too long before Currents arrives on UK shores.

The launch comes just days after Flipboard, which still boasts much more of a social flavour than Google Currents, updated its own app to include iPhone users for the first time.