Google Places NFC stickers unveiled

US businesses get special tag packages

Getting a Nexus S? Then this is a feature you cannot miss out on.

The Nexus S’s NFC skills have been well documented. And Google is already aiming to up the tech’s popularity with a new set of NFC-packing stickers, currently being handed out in Portland, Oregon.

The idea is simple. Take your Nexus S up to the sticker, point it in its direction and you’ll be tagged in that very spot. No need to hop online and tell the world where you’re at, it’s just a simple case of whipping out your phone before the world and his wife knows your exact location.

Google says the idea is to give local businesses better exposure, as well as giving punters the chance to get user recommended places to hang out or spend cash.

There’s no word yet on when this trial will go global, but it’s pretty clear that NFC is fast becoming the hot new thing it’s been promising to be for years. Now, Apple, how about loading it up on that iPhone 5?

Link: Google Latlong Blog