Facebook brings Timeline to iPhone and Android app

New-look homepage is brought to smartphones, tablets coming soon

Whether you like it or hate it Timeline is here to stay and as a bold statement to that effect Facebook has popped it on their iPhone and Android app

Timeline is now available on the iOS iPhone app and also on the Android app letting users scroll through their homepage using the new UI that Facebook showcased just a few months ago.

Taking cues from the website version the iPhone and Android version features the same large images and simple interface that won many users over displaying a persons life in chronological order with events branching off from the timeline.

Although a simplified version of the desktop Facebook have added extra functionality to make the app feel more seamless with the user able to swipe left and right to access different events along the timeline.

There isn’t a version for the iPad yet however Facebook have confirmed that they are working on an update which will see the new-look profiles brought to the iPad 2 and also Android tablets.

Timeline: success or failure? Let us know what you think via the comments box below…

Source: Facebook