Angry Birds Space trailer outed ahead of March 22nd release

All new Angry Birds game confirmed to be heading to mobile devices next month

With more than 700m downloads across the existing Angry Birds titles, developer Rovio has confirmed an Angry Birds Space release for March 22nd

Ahead of tomorrow’s official Angry Birds Space release date, developer Rovio has released a new Angry Birds Space trailer offering another look at the upcoming game’s new interplanetary locations.

Playing on the upcoming app-based game’s interplanetary name, the Angry Birds Space trailer offers another insight into the imminent release showing off a selection of levels, gameplay features and the new look Angry Birds themselves.

Having already dominated the mobile application scene with the original Angry Birds release, developer Rovio launch the all new Angry Birds title on March 22nd with the now infamous avian characters to be given a sci-fi styled makeover in line for their trip into the wider universe.

With more than 700 million all platform downloads of the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio titles, the upcoming release will help Rovio edge towards the unparalleled one billion downloads milestone with the game’s release announcement coming from the International Space Station just days after the gaming phenomenon hit the world’s largest social network, Facebook.

“By taking the game galactic, Angry Birds Space retains the familiar elements of Angry Birds gameplay but gives them a unique twist in a variable gravity environment,” an official Rovio spokesperson said of the new title.

“From the weightlessness of space to the gravity wells of nearby planets, fans can have fun with physics as they try out new gameplay possibilities. The Angry Birds themselves have also transformed into superheroes, with new costumes and abilities.”

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