Android App News: Google TV 2.0 software adds apps

UK-bound connected TV service will feature apps optimised for your TV

Google TV update opens the possibility for top app developers to bring the likes of Spotify, Sky Go and BBC iPlayer apps to the service. Google TV is set to launch in the UK in early 2012.

Google has officially announced version 2.0 of the software for its UK-bound connected Google TV service.

The new update will see Google TV running a variant of Android Honeycomb, optimised for your television, which means that a host of full resolution applications available through the Android Market.

At launch, the new software will initially feature around a limited amount of apps, but all third-party developers will be able to create applications for the TV, or modify their existing offerings.

In a post on the official blog, Google says: "We are opening up the TV to the creativity of content creators large and small through Android Market. Android developers can now bring existing mobile apps or entirely new ones to TV.

"Initially, the number of apps won’t be large – apps requiring a touch screen, GPS, or telephony won’t show up – but 50 developers have seeded the Market with cool and useful apps for the TV. We’re excited to see the number of apps grow."

With Google TV set for launch in the UK in early 2012, this opens up the possibility of some truly great connected TV services arriving on the platform. The likes of the iPlayer, Spotify and Sky Go would make Google TV, so far an abject failure in the states, a real player.