10 best fridges 2017

If you're looking for a top quality fridge then you've come to the right place. Here we have the best fridges on the market today. We've got tall fridges, small fridges, expensive fridges and affordable fridges. Simply put, we've selected 2017's greatest fridges and rounded them up for your perusal.

Not for the first time, we recommend a Miele. Specifically, the Miele K 14820 SD ed/cs – no, we don't know why it's called that either.

This is a costly beast, but its quality is undeniable and you should easily get a decade's use out of it.  

How to buy the best fridge for you 

We would like to hope that you don't need to be told how to buy a fridge. 

Make sure you measure up and bear in mind that freestanding fridges can't be crammed right up against the wall. 

Food should, as a rule be stored as follows: dairy at the top, other cooked/ready-to-eat foods in the middle, raw fish and meat on the bottom sheld and in the salad compartment… Well, you know what goes in there.

Our pick of the best fridges to buy today

1. Miele K 14820 SD edcs

Germanic build quality with a price to match

Miele reliability
Automatic door closing
Very costly

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Miele remains the most trusted and reliable brand in appliance land. End of. Yes, you do pay through the nose for their products – but what price reliability and efficiency?

Take this stunning, minimalistic full-height larder model for example. Behind that swathe of stainless steel is a range of state-of-the-art features designed to keep food easily stored and efficiently chilled.

Firstly, it comes with not five interior shelves but six (five of them adjustable), and that makes it easier to store products efficiently so you can more easily find that old pot of Marmite without having to rummage though all the marmalades and jams. As is the norm, it’s got another five shelves attached to the inside door for milk, eggs, cheese, what have you.

Secondly, it features Miele’s Dynamic cooling tech to ensure every inch of the refrigerator is at precisely the same temperature and at the same humidity, whether it’s lettuce in the veg drawer or the remains of last night’s roast.

Thirdly, it’s equipped with Miele’s soft-closing door system. As long as the door’s position is at around 30˚, it’ll close itself automatically, and ever so gently so that nothing rattles or, worse, falls off the door shelf. Top distinguished buy.

2. AEG S74010KDX1

Exceptional high-volume larder fridge at a reasonable price

Excellent interior capacity
90-minute timer
Snack shelf
Nothing worth getting into a fluster about

This tall touch-controlled, stainless steel-clad larder fridge has been designed to offer as much interior space as possible (a full 395 litres) without the need for larger exterior dimensions. It’s perfect for the modern abode, but at nearly two metres tall, those of shorter stature may struggle to reach the back of the top shelf. Mind, that’s the case with most tall fridges.

A++ rated for energy efficiency, it comes fitted with four adjustable easy-to-clean glass shelves, two veggie/fruit drawers (replete with extra shelf), four adjustable door-mounted shelves for milk and other regularly used items and an extra slim one for midnight snacks. 

DynamicAir technology makes sure that the internal temperature is evenly distributed to all levels while the Coolmatic function is a handy addition for fresh shopping loads (it quickly chills the newly added groceries until the fridge reaches the original pre-set temperature). It even features a handy 90-minute timer to remind dessert fans that it’s time to remove the ingredients.

3. Beko UL483AP

A slim one for smaller kitchens

Just 47.5cm wide
Perfect for singles and couples
Bog standard features

The vast majority of large household appliances are around 60cm in width – a standard measurement adopted by every manufacturer, whether it’s a fridge, dishwasher or washing machine. Mindful that not everyone has acres of kitchen space to spare, we set off on a forage for a slim line fridge and found one in this smart and very reasonably priced Beko. It measures just 47.5cm across so there’s every chance you’ll be able to squeeze it in among your existing appliances.

The Beko comes with two fully adjustable glass shelves plus an extra fixed one above the ample vegetable compartment. Attached to the door panel are three non-adjustable drink and condiment shelves. With 88 litres of space available, this fridge is just the right size for singles and couples or those with budgetary as well as space constraints.

4. Gorenje Retro Collection (ORB153R)

Ultra cool retro entry from Slovenia

Desirable ’50s looks
Ionising technology
Small freezer compartment
Freezer compartment uses valuable fridge space

Slovenian manufacturer Gorenje is making waves here in the UK with a slew of excellent kitchen appliance products to rival the likes of Bosch, Neff and Siemens. 

This 254-litre, A+++ rated retro fridge is a great example of the company’s worksmanship and attention to detail. Smeg’s Retro Style range of cooling systems has clearly been the inspiration behind this particular model, and it’s a cracker that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Really, the smooth paintwork here is exemplary.

The fridge is comprised of four glass shelves, a bottle rack, four shelves in the door (including a nice big wide one at the bottom) and two ample containers for fruit and veg. This fridge is also equipped with IonAir technology that uses a fan to distribute ionised air around the interior. 

There’s a small freezer compartment, too, for the odd tub of Häagen-Dazs and a bag of frozen French fries. The Gorenje is available in seven glorious colours including bright orange and lime green. Choose between right or left door opening.

5. Neff KI1212F30G

Mid size model for integrated kitchens

Well built
Decent A++ energy rating
Pretty basic features

Neff specialises in built-in appliances that hide behind the kitchen cabinetry. This one has a capacity of 144 litres and an energy efficiency rating of A++. As compact fridges go it’s quite basic and comes with four shelves (three adjustable) and three door trays, along with a decent-sized vegetable and fruit compartment. It also features a SuperCool function with automatic deactivation and sensor-controlled temperature.

The interior of this Neff model looks remarkably similar to that of the Bosch reviewed elsewhere in this roundup though the quality and finish of the Neff’s interior shelving is a wee bit better.

6. Siemens iQ500 (KS36VBW30G)

Fuss free and efficient chiller

Excellent capacity
Good range of features
Brittle plastic veg container

This tall 1.86m freestanding larder fridge is energy rated A++ and has the capacity for up to 346 litres of goodies – more than enough for a family of four. It comes with five height adjustable glass shelves, a wine rack and another five condiment, milk and bottle trays attached to the inside of the reversible door. Rather cleverly, the middle door tray can be adjusted for height while fully loaded. 

As we all know, fruit and vegetables have a very short lifespan so any fridge able to extend that can be considered a bonus. This model comes with just such a device and most simple it is too. Siemens calls it a hyperFresh box but basically it’s just a (brittle) plastic container with a sliding valve that lets excess moisture escape, keeping leafy vegetables, tomatoes and the like fresh for up to twice as long. It works very well. A second box situated below is great for harder veg and fruit like potatoes and apples.

The iQ500 is a doddle to programme because it only has a single plus/minus temperature control and a Supercool button for chilling new fridge loads.

7. Bosch Serie 6 (KIR21AF30G)

Competent under-counter model for smaller kitchens

Good 104-litre capacity
Energy efficient
VitaFresh container keeps food fresh
Expensive for what it offers

If space is at a premium, consider having this little fella installed under the countertop where it’ll be hidden from view behind the kitchen cabinets. Fridges don’t come more basic than this A++ rated 104-litre model but being of Bosch origin, you can be sure it’ll be competent, reliable and cheap to run. 

It comes with four main shelves (three adjustable), a single large, aerated veggie drawer that keeps leafy veg and tomatoes fresh for ‘up to twice as long’, and three door trays for milk, eggs, cheese and butter. It also has a ‘super cool’ function for rapid chilling of new grocery loads. And that’s about it. No extra bells, no extra whistles. But, hey, what more do you want?

8. Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Edition

1950s styling meets Italian artisan art

Turn your kitchen into an art gallery
Exclusive and unique
Likely to cost a fortune

Not content with having created a cooler out of the front end of a Fiat 500, the Italian appliance manufacturer has now teamed up with fashion house Dolce & Gabbana to produce an exclusive range of 100 individually hand-painted fridges. 

Sticking to Dolce & Gabbana’s penchant for vivid colours and wild designs, a diverse group of Sicilian artists were commissioned to decorate some of the company’s FAB28 retro larder fridges in iconic Sicilian imagery. The results are striking.

Enamel- and oil-based paints were used during the process so rest assured your newly acquired work of art will remain untarnished by small household mishaps (though you might wish to instruct little Johnny that he can no longer bounce his bike off the furnishings). Prices are subject to application but you can bet they’ll be sky high.

As for fridge itself… It’s a 222-litre model with three adjustable glass shelves, a fruit and veg container and four ample shelves attached to the inside door. It also features a small freezer compartment for stocking your favourite gelato.

9. iceQ

A short-arse model for smaller kitchens

Short, dumpy stature
Space for essentials
Too small for tall bottles

If you live in a small studio flat or rent a single room, consider this compact 17-litre option. It measures just 350mm tall, 385mm wide and 410mm in depth, so chances are you’ll easily find somewhere to site it. 

Available in either black or white, the IceQ provides enough space for a two pints of milk, a bottle of salad dressing, a few soft drinks and a couple of ready meals. Or you can remove the single shelf completely and stuff it with whatever else you fancy. 

The IceQ doesn’t have any clever tech on board (that would be pushing it) but it cools stuff down efficiently, is very quiet and extremely practical. At this price, what’s not to like?

10. Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer (RB90S64MKIW1)

Versatility – at a price

Easy access
Variable temperature settings
Extraordinarily expensive

If you’re well heeled and have a thoroughly modern ‘Grand Designs’-style kitchen then you may wish to consider this snazzy flush-fit, family-sized refrigerator in a drawer. Actually, it’s more than just a fridge; it’s also a larder, a drinks chiller (you can set the temperature for either red or white wines) and, get this, a genuine freezer that goes down to a decidedly parky -18˚C.

Granted, a refrigerator like this isn’t for everyone but if you’re a regular entertainer, have a large family of mouths to feed (it holds up to 123 litres) or are just simply flush and flash with it, then having an instantly accessible slide-out fridge right there under the food prep counter isn’t as bizarre as it sounds.