Best fridge: our pick of the top refrigerators around

Eight of the coolest and most desired fridges rated

1. Siemens iQ500 (KS36VBW30G)

Price: £657 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 346 litres | Size: H 1860 x W 600 x D 650 | Energy efficiency: A++


This attractive, very tall-standing larder fridge has the capacity for up to 346 litres of food and drink – more than enough for a family of four. It comes with five height adjustable glass shelves, a wine rack and another five condiment, milk and bottle trays attached to the inside of the reversible door.

Rather cleverly, the middle door tray can be easily adjusted for height while fully loaded. As we all know, fruit and vegetables have a very short lifespan so any fridge able to extend that can be considered a major bonus. This model comes with just such a device and most simple it is too. Siemens calls is a hydroFresh box but basically it's just a container with a sliding valve that lets excess moisture escape, keeping leafy vegetables, tomatoes and the like fresh for up to twice as long. It works really well.

A second box situated below is great for harder veg and fruit like potatoes and apples. The iQ500 is a doddle to programme because it only has a single plus/minus temperature control and a supercool button for chilling new fridge loads.

2. Gorenje Retro Collection (RB60299)

Price: £649 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 255 litres | Size: H 1525 x W 600 x D 640 | Energy efficiency: A++


Slovenia wades into the home appliance arena with an assured range of some of the most beautifully designed and keenly-priced large kitchen products currently on the market. Smeg's Retro Style range of cooling systems has clearly been the inspiration behind this particular model.

Whatever, it's a cracker that's guaranteed to turn heads. The 255-litre interior is comprised of four glass shelves, a bottle rack, two bottle shelves, a cheese and butter compartment and a large container for fruit and veg.

Rather handily, it also has a small but useful freezer compartment for the odd tub of Häagen-Dazs and an ice tray. The Gorenje is available in 11 glorious colours including bright orange and lime green. Choose between right or left door opening.

3. AEG S74010KDW0

Price: £584 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 395 litres | Size: H 1850 x W 595 x D 668 | Energy efficiency: A++


This tall-standing touch-controlled cooler is A++ rated for energy efficiency (said to be 21% more efficient than A+ class). AEG's techno bods have designed the unit to offer as much interior space as possible (a full 395 litres) without infringing upon the exterior dimensions.

It's an ideal fridge for the modern abode, but at nearly two metres tall, those of shorter stature may struggle to reach the top shelf. It comes fitted with four adjustable easy-to-clean glass shelves, two veggie/fruit drawers, for door-mounted shelves, a cheese and butter compartment and a horizontal wine bottle rack.

DynamicAir technology makes sure that the internal temperature is evenly distributed to all levels while the Coolmatic function is a handy addition for fresh shopping loads (it quickly chills the newly added groceries until the fridge reaches the original pre-set temperature). And when you go away, clear out the perishables, set it to holiday mode and the fridge will remain cool enough (15˚C) to prevent mould and nasty odours.

4. Miele K 12010 S-2

Price: £375 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 148 litres | Size: H 850 x W 554 x D 623 | Energy efficiency: A+


Miele's entry-level, under-counter unit has three dishwasher-proof shelves and a single removable fruit and vegetable drawer. Attached to the door panel are two drink and condiment shelves and the obligatory cheese and butter compartment.

This Miele is A+ energy rated and has an estimated annual energy consumption of 119kWh. With 148 litres of space available it's just about right for couples, small families or those with budgetary or space constraints. The door hinge is on the right and not reversible so bear that in mind. Being a Miele, you can rest assured this larder unit will provide many years of reliable service.

5. Bosch Serie 6 (KUR15A50GB)

Price: £379 | Type: Built-in | Capacity: 137 litres | Size: H 820 x W 598 x D 548 | Energy efficiency: A+


If space is at a premium, consider having this fella installed under the countertop where it'll be hidden from view behind the kitchen cabinetry. Fridges don't come more basic than this model but being of Bosch origin, you can be sure it'll be reliable and cheap to run.

It comes with three main shelves (two adjustable), a single veggie drawer and three extra deep door trays for milk, condiments, cheese and butter. And that's it. No bells, no whistles. What more do you want?

6. Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer (RB90S64MKIW1)

Price: £2,300 | Type: Built-in | Capacity: 123 litres | Size: H 640 x W 855 x D 557 | Energy efficiency: A+


If you're well heeled and have a thoroughly modern 'Grand Designs'-style kitchen then you may wish to consider this snazzy flush-fit, family-sized refrigerator in a drawer. Actually, it's more than just a fridge; it's also a larder, a drinks chiller (you can set the temperature for either red or white wines) and, get this, a genuine freezer that goes down to a decidedly parky -18˚C.

Granted, a refrigerator like this isn't for everyone but if you're a regular entertainer, have a large family of mouths to feed or are just simply flush and flash with it, then having an instantly accessible slide-out fridge right there under the food prep counter isn't as silly as it sounds.

7. Neff KI1212F30G

Price: £530 | Type: Built-in | Capacity: 144 litres | Size: H 874 x W 541 x D 545 | Energy efficiency: A++


Neff specialises in built-in appliances that hide behind the kitchen cabinetry. This under-counter model has a capacity of 144 litres (marginally more than the similarly styled Bosch Serie 6 reviewed elsewhere in the roundup) and an energy efficiency rating of A++.

As compact fridges go it's quite basic and comes with the usual array of shelves and door trays along with a decent-sized vegetable and fruit compartment. However, this one also features a SuperCool function with automatic deactivation and sensor-controlled temperature. And that's pretty much all you need in a fridge.

8. Smeg500

Price: £5,700 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 100 litres | Size: H 830 x W 1250 x D 800 | Energy efficiency: A+


Smeg has taken its love of retrofied home appliances to a ridiculous but undeniably cool level with this Fiat 500 conversion.

Yes, what you see is a genuine front end of a new Fiat 500. But lift the bonnet and you won't find an engine. Instead, you'll find the world's most expensive 100-litre drinks cooler designed almost exclusively for holding your collection of Bollingers and a few cans of beer.

The Smeg500 has three removable bottle holders and a shelf for canned drinks. Fiat and Smeg's designers have even managed to throw in an authentic Fiat 500 dashboard replete with controls for adjusting the temperature (from 8˚C to 14˚C) and turning on the headlights. The Smeg500 is available in white, blue, green, yellow and red.