Pressio Run Compression Tight review: great running tights

Pressio Run Compression Tights are made for running but whatever your sport, they'll reduce injury, boost recovery and give you exceptional muscle support

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Pressio Run Compression Tight review
(Image credit: Pressio)
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Runners who are undertaking high mileage and want the best chance to recover and stay injury free should put Pressio Run Compression Tights at the top of their must-try list

Reasons to buy
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    Excellent fit and fabric

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    More than average storage

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Reasons to avoid
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    Thick fabric will raise a sweat on warmer workouts

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Pressio Run Compression Tight review in a nutshell: part of an impressive new brand launch, these running tights focus as much on performance as credible and trackable sustainability. 

Founded by 2XU’s Jamie Hunt, Pressio is built on his over 30 years of experience as a professional athlete and fabric engineer. This company is young, having burst on to the running gear market in spring 2021, but they want to compete with other big brands by providing high performance running kit as well as being the eco champions of their sector.

Their Pressio Run Compression Tights feature Muscle Alignment Power Print technology, to support your muscles, as well as an EcoPowerCK fabric to further enhance this, while maintaining a comfortable stretch and good breathability. The result is one of the best running tights I've ever tried.

If the sustainability profile of a brand is as important to you as the technical excellence of its products, Pressio has set its mission to create products that fulfil both. These Pressio compression tights are created with recycled yarn that can be traceable via the World Recycle Standards. They have also pledged to only using dying techniques that minimise or completely eliminate the pollution of waterways by fabric dyes. 

Pressio Run Compression Tight: price and availability

You can buy Pressio Run Compression Tights for £90 or $115 direct from the brand. Although there is no Australian pricing, you can buy the tights for the equivalent of AU$160. If you are looking for a more diverse tight, their Power Compression Tights are £100 or $130, although these offer less storage capacity – aka 'pockets' if you're technical.

Pressio Power Compression Tights: Design

Pressio Run Compression Tight review

(Image credit: Pressio)

MAPP – Muscle Alignment Power Print – technology claims to give you the highest amount of support of any compression tights on the market. The MAPP wraps around your main muscle groups on your legs, holding your muscles in place to promote protection against muscle oscillation. This support, by aligning your muscles, aims to give you a greater power output, too.

Once on you’ll feel the difference in the EcoPowerCK fabric. The technology is known as Compression Equilibrium (EQ) and aims to give you support, flexibility and comfort. This comprises of a circular knit to hold the muscles in place, and you can feel just how good this is. These tights also offer graduated compression. The aim here is to boost your blood flow back to your heart, helping with the removal of toxins in the muscles that come from running. The benefit? Improved recovery time so you can hit the next speed session hard, without that dull leg ache that we all know and hate.

The top back panel that sits on your lower back offers an abundance of features with an external gel pocket, a large pouch for a phone with a cable hole and a zipped pocket for essentials. The drawstring waistband give a secure, comfortable fit.

Pressio Power Compression Tight review: Performance

Pressio Run Compression Tight review

(Image credit: Pressio)

The two main areas you can feel immediate benefit are on your quads and hamstrings, where the MAPP technology literally ‘cradles’ and supports these big muscle groups. This gives a massive training benefit, as you’re less likely to feel DOMS and will recover quicker than when wearing a non-compressive run tight. You can also feel how much your calves are being supported due to higher compression in the lower limbs. There’s a strong Lycra blend so these tights keep their fit, as well as a high filament nylon yarn to pull sweat away from your skin.

You’ll also be surprised at the breathability of the fabric, and the Rudolf Silver Plus antibacterial technology aims to sort out any unwanted odour issues. Seams are stretchy and strong and won’t distract you. All of these features, but especially the MAPP technology, gives you a mental boost too as you feel the tights are working with you as you run. These are also a good option for recovery or easy days, to further boost recovery.

Pressio Power Compression Tights: Verdict

Pressio Run Compression Tight review

(Image credit: Pressio)

They’re pricey but these tights offer a lot of technology to support your muscles when you’re training, as well as improve recovery while you rest. They have that tight fit you want to be able to feel, from the ankle cuff up to the waist band. The storage options are better than any other tights on the market, showing how much research has gone into providing exceptional performance wear from this brand. These Run Compression Tights will suit all sports as well, not just running; not only do they work well under shorts for colder training days, they can easily be worn for any adventure, or multi-sport event. The entire Pressio run collection uses earth friendly no-dye technology and 95 per cent recycled yarns.

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This is the women's version of the tights. Squat proof, Pressio’s women’s compression tights are the 7/8 high rise version, which also use the same circular knit to support and stabilise your muscles. You get an external phone/gel side pocket and invisible waist pocket, though it could be larger and zipped within the deep waistband it sits in. The stand out feature is the amazing support you get from the blend of the Ecopower-CK fabric and Lycra, for an uncompromising fit that has a tighter feel around your calves.

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