Beko WTK104121W: a cheap washing machine with large capacity. Should you buy it?

Beko WTK104121W can cope with family laundry mountains and tight timetables – no wonder online reviewers big it up

Beko WTK104121W
(Image credit: Beko)
T3 Verdict

Beko WTK104121W is an economical washing machine that won’t leave you feeling short changed. Ideal for families, it has space for large loads and items like duvets, and a big door to make cramming them in easy. With a 5-star average rating online, it is an accomplished budget washing machine

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Extra large capacity

  • +

    15 programmes including 14-minute fast wash

  • +

    Extra large door

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Won’t help you skip the ironing

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The Beko WTK104121W washing machine made the grade, and features in T3’s best washing machines 2021 round-up. It’s a machine that’s easy on your pocket yet up to a family’s demands – and it won’t hang about at the job, either, with the possibility of pleasingly quick wash times even with large loads.

It has an easy-to-use interface and looks that, while they don’t distinguish it from other machines, won’t prove a blot on the landscape of the kitchen or utility room. Don’t like white appliances? There is the option to go for an anthracite version for a touch of contemporary style.

The deal when it comes to programmes, capacity, and the crux of the matter, getting clothes and linens clean? We’ve got everything you need to know, so take a look.

Beko WTK104121W washing machine

(Image credit: Beko)

Beko WTK104121W: Key spec

  • Dimensions: H84 x W60 x D64cm
  • Energy rating: A+++
  • Drum capacity: 10kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1,400rpm

Beko WTK104121W: Features

This is a super-sized washing machine – or at least its drum is, the appliance itself will fit in the standard slot. A 10kg maximum capacity means you can get through the load sizes family life demands, or cope with innumerable mucky sports clothes along with daily demands.

What’s more, if time is tight and the washing piling up, the WTK104121W will get you out of a fix as it can crack on through an up to 10kg load in a fabulously swift 28 minutes. It will also please the impatient and the left-it-to-the-last-minuters with a super short programme that washes a 2kg load in 14 minutes max. In fact, it is a machine that caters for the chronically time poor because the fast+ function shortens programme durations by 50 per cent (and promises high washing performance despite the reduction in length).

Bulky items like duvets and bed linens can be a hassle to get into a washing machine notwithstanding the fact that the drum is sized for large loads. With this machine, though, a 34cm door means putting them into the machine in the first place is no struggle. 

A spin speed of 1,400rpm is what we’d expect from a modern washing machine, and that’s what this machine delivers. We’d also hope for an A+++ energy efficiency rating for our money, and this machine lives up to our wishes here, too. A noisy machine can make fitting in the task of washing a load an issue as you try to avoid creating a racket as you cook, or watch TV or talk nearby. With an energy-efficient inverter motor, this model is made to be quieter with a 54dB noise level for washing and 76dB for spinning. That’s around conversation volume for the lesser figure and loud radio for the higher. 

There’s a range of 15 wash programmes to get all your stuff clean and fresh, so you shouldn’t be left wanting no matter the item. They include an anti-allergy cycle that’s endorsed by Allergy UK, so the machine is a safe choice if you or someone you share you home with has asthma or other allergies. The programmes for cottons and synthetics you’d wish for are there of course, plus a hand wash cycle, and one that’s suitable for cottons and synthetics combined so you can skip the sorting process. 

There’s also a programme for the duvet or down clothing you freely placed in the machine through the aforementioned large door. And if you have young kids – or are on the, well, clumsy side personally, the stainexpert programme can tackle the marks. It’s designed to cope with the common offenders such as fruit juice, jam, tea, coffee, red wine, mud, sweat, grass and baby food (yup, we’re definitely covering all ages here).

Beko WTK104121W: Performance

Let’s consult the users then, to find out if the Beko WTK104121W washing machine has proved to be the one to get their clothes and linens consistently clean. The overall mood is positive with ease of use and value for money scored highest, with features and noise (or the lack of it, we should say) not far behind.

Particularly noted by the machine’s purchasers are the large load-swallowing drum, and how quiet it is. They also mention how handy it is to be able to reduce the wash time with the fast function and think the washing results aren’t compromised when they do so. On the other hand, it’s cycle times that are a bugbear for some as they think these are too long. 

Beko WTK104121W: Verdict

From over 500 reviews on the Currys website, Beko WTK104121W averages 8.8 out of 10, which we have equated to 4 T3 stars.

If you want a washing machine with some nifty features without a big spend, this could definitely be the machine for you. OK, you’re not going to get smart tech or steam functions, but you will have a large capacity machine, a comprehensive range of programmes and a quieter inverter motor plus some handy features for rather considerably less £££s than washing machines with those additional attributes will cost you.

The big drum will save you having to turn the machine on as often and allow you to clean duvets at home, and the large door makes putting everything inside the machine a less effortful process. The ability to cut wash times to suit is also a huge bonus for many. In other words, if it’s value you’re after, go for it.