This Lego Black Friday deal on the Friends Central Perk set is the perfect Xmas gift

Get a great Lego Black Friday deal on one of the best sets of the last few years

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The Lego Friends Central Perk set was a huge hit as a Christmas gift last year – and if you'd like to get it for someone this year, now is the moment, because it's 20% off in the early Amazon Black Friday deals. This is one of best Lego Black Friday deals we're likely to see in terms of popularity – don't let it sell out!

• Lego Friends TV show Central Perk set: was £64.99, now £51.99 at Amazon UK

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The Central Perk set comes with all six of the Friends, plus ever-present barista Gunther. The model is a glorious recreation of the coffee shop from the show, complete with sofa, coffee cups, cookies, espresso machine, decoration and open mic spot. But the most fun touch is that this set is built as a set – it's open to the front in the way it would have been to the studio audience, and there are even big filming lights to drive home the idea.

The Friends characters themselves bear an uncanny (albeit small and plastic) resemblance in some cases, and each comes with an appropriate accessory.

This isn't the only tempting Lego set among the best Black Friday deals – we've picked some others available from Amazon below, but you should also check out our pick of the John Lewis Black Friday Lego deals, which includes some very cool options.

LEGO Central Perk Friends set:  was £64.99, now £51.99 at Amazon

LEGO Central Perk Friends set: was £64.99, now £51.99 at Amazon
Save 20% on this iconic Lego set. You get six minifigures (the six Friends, plus Gunther), and you'll get to build every iconic part of the coffee shot, from the sofa to little decorations that made it so recognisable.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express:  was £74.99, now £56.99 at Amazon

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express: was £74.99, now £56.99 at Amazon
Save 25% on the perfect Harry Potter gift set. This creates the famous train, with the carriage opening up to fit the Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin and, er, 'Trolley Witch'. You also get Platform 9¾, plus a Dementor.

LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center set:  was £39.99, now £29.69 at Amazon

LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center set: was £39.99, now £29.69 at Amazon
Lego City police sets are always a favourite, and with 26% off, this is a great gift. You get two cops, two criminals, a dog, a motorbike, a getaway vehicle, and the mobile commander itself, which opens up to reveal an interior playset.

LEGO Disney Frozen Castle set:  was £34.99, now £26.99 at Amazon

LEGO Disney Frozen Castle set: was £34.99, now £26.99 at Amazon
What could go together better than Lego and Frozen? Well, a set that combines those, plus 23% off. You get figures for Anna, Elsa and Olaf, and a bunch of small builds to play with, as well as accessories.

LEGO Marvel Iron Man Hall of Armor set:  was £54.99, now £40.99 at Amazon

LEGO Marvel Iron Man Hall of Armor set: was £54.99, now £40.99 at Amazon
Save 25% on this great set that gives you a whole range of Iron… Men? Iron Mans? Anyway, the point is that you get lots of suits of Iron Man armour in Tony Stark's base, including a big Igor Mech suit that opens up, and equipment for designing and making the armour. Plus you get two 'Outrider' enemies for the various armours to fight.

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