The best weather apps for forecasting from your phone

There are a huge number of weather apps out there for iOS and Android, so you'll need some help picking the best ones.

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If you want your phone to tell you what the weather's going to do, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to apps and options - you can just ask Siri or Google what the forecast is, or run a search in a web browser, and save yourself the trouble opening up an app at all.

The best and most accurate apps, though, can be invaluable: when you need to know exactly when the rain will stop, rather than just the chances of a shower, or when you want details on wind speed and humidity levels as well as the usual stats. These apps can help.

1. BBC Weather

The big names don't always get it right with their apps but the BBC Weather app certainly does, mixing masses of useful info with high levels of accuracy and a carefully crafted design that brings a sense of the weather conditions right into your phone or tablet.

You don't get some of the advanced features other apps have, like rolling radar maps of the current weather fronts, but you do get a very straightforward overview of the weather now and for the next week, plus instant alerts for any relevant UK weather warnings.

BBC Weather for Android and iOS (free)

2. Dark Sky

A long-time favourite on iOS and now on Android as well, Dark Sky takes weather forecasting to a new level of accuracy, with precise timings on showers and sun, as well as radar maps that you can play in real-time to watch the approaching weather fronts.

You can check up on the weather in your current area or anywhere else in the world, with breakdowns of precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind, UV levels, and sunset and sunrise times. On top of that there are some smart at-a-glance widgets included too.

Dark Sky for Android and iOS (freemium or £3.99/$3.99)

3. Weather Underground

One of the most comprehensive weather reporting apps, due in part to the way it combines personal weather stations and user weather reports with official data. The app's interface is smart and appealing too, which doesn't do any harm to its overall appeal.

Up-to-the-minute radar maps and satellite imagery are included too, so you get a full rundown of conditions in your chosen area, and one of the app's key strengths is the way it combines quick, short summaries with a wealth of more detailed stats you can dig into.

Weather Underground for Android and iOS (freemium)

4. AccuWeather

Another of the most popular weather app choices, and it's easy to see why as soon as you load up AccuWeather's polished-looking interface and start tapping around for forecasts. You can get updates on the next two hours, the next 15 days, and everything in between.

You get an animated radar view like some of the other apps here, as well as an impressive array of extras, including support for Android Wear and Apple Watch, integrated weather alerts for storms and such-like, and concise weather widgets for both Android and iOS.

AccuWeather for Android and iOS (freemium)

5. Met Office Weather

Sometimes you need to go straight to the source for the most reliable information, and in the case of UK weather that's the Met Office ("met" being short for "meteorological"). What it lacks in visual polish it makes up for in forecasting data and comprehensiveness.

You get the familiar video weather reports as well, just like on the TV. While the Met doesn't have a perfect forecasting record (who does?), we like the way you can get an instant look at the weather for a bunch of different locations, all on the same screen.

MET Office Weather for Android and iOS (freemium)

6. Weather Timeline

We're big fans of the card-based design of Weather Timeline, and besides an interface that's easy on the eye, the app gives you a choice of weather services to get your data from, radar maps, forecasts for the next few minutes or the next few days, and more.

The way that Weather Timeline is laid out makes keeping on top of the weather in several different locations very simple indeed, and you can easily tweak the layout to your liking. Perhaps the only disappointment is it's only available on Android at the moment.

Weather Timeline for Android (£1.19/$1.49)

7. Weather Pod

Those of you who prefer your weather apps a little more minimalist are going to love Weather Pod, which gives you a very clear of what the weather's doing at the moment and what it's going to do in the next hour or so, together with up-to-date temperatures.

As well as that simple weather-at-the-moment view, the app also does forecasts (hourly and daily) as well as instant weather warnings for your area, and can even tell you about moon phases. Unfortunately, this one's not available on Android for the time being.

Weather Pod for iOS (£1.99/$1.99)