The very best John Lewis deals for Christmas 2016

Want the very best after-sales service you can get from a retailer? The John Lewis deals are right here - top deals on PS4, Xbox, Mac, PC, TV and audio

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Christmas is coming and John Lewis is certainly warming up for it. 

The retailer excelled itself on Black Friday - not only did it offering to price match other high street retailers, it also released a supreme bunch of onlne deals.

John Lewis still has a bunch of offers on numerous domestic appliances as well as electricals

The best John Lewis offers for Cyber Monday 2016 

When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017?

Black Friday is the Friday immediately after the US Thanksgiving holiday. That means the date for Black Friday in 2016 is Friday the 24th of November.

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and after Black Friday. The date for Cyber Monday 2016 is Monday the 27th of November.

Many retailers have extended Black Friday from a day to a weekend, but others go even further and have a whole week of Black Friday deals. That week tends to begin on the Monday immediately before Black Friday.

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Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a big deal for John Lewis

Before Black Friday 2015, John Lewis said it would be selling £45 million worth of goods via its website, so just a minute of downtime would cost £75,000 in lost Black Friday sales.

It's clear having such a focus on Black Friday has questionable benefits. John Lewis boss Andy Street told the BBC last year that "we've got to ask if it's right to concentrate trade so much in that one period… I don't think we can put the genie back in the bottle but do we need to stoke that fire any more? I personally hope not."

 The extended warranties, reliability and customer service you get with John Lewis makes it an ideal place to shop at this time of year.

Analyst Salmon reckons Black Friday this year will be the tipping point for mobile shopping in the UK and so retailers like John Lewis will need to pay special attention to their mobile sites to ensure uptime.

To give you an idea of just how busy Black Friday was, John Lewis - one of the UK's biggest retail websites - saw its web traffic triple compared to Black Friday two years before. Currys reported similar numbers.