Amazon Black Friday sale 2022: Prime Early Access Sale deals incoming!

Early Black Friday deals incoming with the Prime Early Access Sale

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Amazon recently announced the Prime Early Access Sale (opens in new tab), a second Prime Day / early Amazon Black Friday sale that'll feature savings across thousands of items. Scheduled for October 11 and October 12, the two-day savings extravaganza is sure to feature plenty of Black Friday deals (opens in new tab) on clothing, electronics, home goods, and more.

As far as early Black Friday sales (opens in new tab) go, the Prime Early Access Sale is up there in anticipation as many shoppers have asked if there would be a second Prime Day this year. While Prime Day (opens in new tab) performed well enough for Amazon, with how the economy is going there was a lot to be desired in terms of the types of deals shoppers were actually looking for.

Shop all early Amazon Black Friday deals at the Prime Early Access Sale (opens in new tab)

With the announcement of the Prime Early Access Sale, however, this opens up another opportunity for shoppers to score Black Friday-like deals a whole month and a half early. Sure to feature a mix of Prime Day and Black Friday deals, Amazon's early Black Friday sale is a welcome addition to the line up of sales this holiday season.

There's already some decent offers to check out, including 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited free (opens in new tab), but the actual list of products going on sale early October has yet to be seen. That said, if the sale is anything like their previous Prime Day or last year's Black Friday sale, expect a massive selection of items to go on sale. Everything from toys to clothing and everything in between is fair game.

As more information arrives on what will be on sale during the Prime Early Access Sale 2022, we'll be covering it all right here. Until then, make sure you've got a Prime Membership ready to go and get ready for more savings!

Amazon Black Friday Sale: Prime Early Access Sale Deals

While the official Amazon Black Friday sale won't kick off until early November, the Prime Early Access Sale – which is slated for early October – will feature some early Black Friday deals at Amazon. Below you'll find some of the best available today, but stay tuned for the best Black Friday deals as they become available.

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Amazon Black Friday / Prime Early Access Sale: FAQ

What is the Prime Early Access Sale?

Announced officially on Monday, September 26, the Prime Early Access Sale is essentially an early Black Friday sale.

It'll feature a mix of Prime Day savings alongside Black Friday deals across thousands of products on Amazon, including electronics, clothing, home goods, and more.

The Prime Early Access Sale is scheduled to go live on October 11 and will run for two days, ending on October 12.

How do I get Amazon Prime Deals in advance?

The Prime Early Access Sale is going to be your best bet to snag some early Black Friday deals at Amazon this year.

While Amazon always has a ton of deals happening throughout the year, the Prime Early Access Sale and Amazon's Black Friday sale are the two upcoming savings events that'll feature the best offers.

If the Prime Early Access Sale is anything like Prime Day or the official Amazon Black Friday sale, expect major discounts on Amazon devices, popular toys and games, and much more.

When does Amazon's Black Friday sale start?

Amazon's Black Friday sale starts fairly early, usually kicking off sometime around the second week of October. This year, Amazon is following suit by launching a special event on October 11 – the Prime Early Access Sale.

This second Prime Day event offers holiday shoppers a full month and a half head start on their holiday shopping, and is expected to include many Prime Day matching deals as well as Black Friday deals and savings.

Will Amazon's Black Friday deals be better than Prime Day?

In some instances, we're seeing larger discounts during Amazon's Black Friday sale. What varies during Amazon's Black Friday sale is the wider coverage of products, with a much larger focus across more categories.

Prime Day tends to bring the best discounts on Amazon devices, with many getting up to 50% off during Amazon's yearly savings event. With Amazon's Black Friday deals however, so far the discounts on Amazon devices haven't quite met the bar set by Prime Day.

We have seen much larger discounts across non-Amazon products, though. Popular TV brands including Samsung, LG, and Sony, are all receiving major discounts on their latest 4K TVs, LEDs, OLEDs, and QLED displays.

Headphones tend to be popular as well during Black Friday, with fan favorites like Apple AirPods Pro getting a $50 price cut as well as Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ dropping to $109.99 – their largest price cuts all year.

Will Amazon's Black Friday deals get better?

Expect a bit more from Amazon come Black Friday proper as most retailers tend to save their best for the big day. While Black Friday seems to have been extended throughout the months of October and November this year, the best deals won't be around until November 26th at the earliest.

Amazon's essentially been in sales mode since Prime Day, which saw a four month delay due to the effects of the pandemic. Successful as ever, even with the delay, having Prime Day in early October closed the gap between two of the largest sales days of the year by a large margin.

The deals we've seen these past two months at Amazon have been a wide range of products. With the recent launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, gamers can expect to save on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X consoles, games and accessories. Good luck on getting the next-gen consoles, however, as they quickly sold out and become the hottest Christmas gift of the season.

Should I expect shipping delays during Amazon's Black Friday sale?

The sad truth this year is that yes, you should definitely expect shipping delays and late deliveries thanks to a myriad of issues going on right now.

From stock shortages to delivery companies being short staffed and overworked, it's a very real possibility this year that you won't receive the items you ordered in a reasonable timeframe.

Start shopping now! Amazon thankfully already has Black Friday deals live due to these issues, and is working to get products out as fast as possible. Don't wait until the last minute this year to do you holiday shopping.

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