The best gear for that perfect hair day, everyday: hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and more

Laying out the kit you need, so you can take back the time to enjoy it

You’re on the hunt for the right gear to suit the situation and don’t have the time to spend trawling the interwebs. Fear not T3 is here.

This guide will offer you the best of the best, the cream of the crop, so you know what to buy for what you need - no matter what it is.

This week it’s all about bringing you the best gear to get your hair looking perfect. While what you eat and how you wash your hair is obviously important, how you take care of it day to day is also how you get the best look possible. Tech has come up with plenty of wonder machines that are able to tame whatever your hair has decided it wants to do day to day so you get the results you want, every time. Here are some of the best bits of kit you need to get that perfect hair day, everyday. 

Best hair dryers

Which hair dryer will make light work of the sometimes tedious and mundane job of the humble blow dry? Which are easy to handle and make that shiny, frizz mane an obtainable day style? You won’t be disappointed with any hair dryer in our top five. But which dryer is THE BEST?

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is our pick of the bunch. Of course before you spend your hard earned cash, you should consider your budget and how often you blow dry your hair…

The 5 best hair dryers 2017 to dry your hair faster

Best straightening hairbrushes

Straightening hairbrushes are big news in the hair technology market at the moment with more and more of us opting for the simplicity of the tool, which brushes and straightens at the same time, cutting styling time drastically.

We tested straightening hairbrushes from the biggest brands, all of which will straighten and tame your hair and save you time in those rushed mornings. The BEST straightening hairbrush? We loved the Glamoriser Straight & Smooth…

The best straightening hairbrushes 2017

Best hair curlers

Curls and waves are big news in the beauty world right now. Assuming you weren’t blessed with your preferred beachy wave, corkscrew or big and bouncy curls at birth, you’ll have to turn to technology to create them for you. With an ever-expanding array of hair curlers on the market – which will make your hair look perfect rather than poodle? You won’t be disappointed with any hair curler in our top five. But which is THE BEST?

The GHD curve creative curl wand is our pick of the bunch overall. Before you make your decision read all of all reviews though as one curl(er) doesn’t necessarily suit all.

The 5 best hair curlers 2017

Best travel hair dryers

Hair dryers are an everyday necessity for many of us. Unfortunately they can prove just too bulky to lug around when you’re away from home. Enter the humble travel dryer…

A great travel hair dryer should be chosen as carefully as your main dryer – who wants a substandard hair do while they’re holidaying! 

We’ve tested driers at all price points and our five best are all compact, all have foldable handles, nice to handle and give a good blow dry experience. But which dryer is THE BEST? We’ve crowned the ghd flight king of the travel dryers.

The 5 best travel hair dryers 2017 to dry your hair on the move

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