Star Trek Phaser remote control unveiled

Set to stun

If you're a massive Star Trek fan, then get ready to hide your wallet away.

Remote control specialists, the Wand Company has unveiled its Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Universal remote control for your TV. And boy, will this take you to geek heaven.

The new Star Trek remote is based the last remaining hero prop used in the show's close ups. The company used super accurate 3D laser scans to make sure it was as close to the real thing as possible. Hell, it even comes with a removable Type–1 mini-phaser unit on the top.

The Wand Company are the guys and girls behind the Harry Potter wand and Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver remotes.

The Star Trek Phaser remote comes with the ability to store up to 36 remote control commands, including change channel and increase volume. How, you ask? Well, you can either flick your wrist, or take the much more mundane approach of twisting and adjusting the dials.

It's being shown off in person for the first time at Comic Con San Diego on July 23rd and will be beaming down to us in November. You can already pre-order it from, where it'll set you back £119.95.