Sony's Xperia Touch interactive projector is now ready, plus Xperia Ear concept headphones

Xperia Touch lets you turn any flat surface into a 23-inch HD touchscreen, while Xperia Ear 'Open-style Concept' lets you listen to music AND hear the world around you at the same time

As well as announcing its new flagship Xperia XZ Premium smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2017, Sony has also revealed two other pieces of new smart technology, the Xperia Touch interactive projector and Xperia Ear "Open-style Concept" stereo headphones. 

Xperia Touch

Xperia Touch is an interactive projector that turns any flat surface into a 23-inch HD touchscreen, with either horizontal or vertical ultrashort-throw projection. It manages this thanks to Sony's SXRD projection display technology, with touch made possible through a combination of Infrared light and real-time detection via build-in cameras (60 fps).

Speaking on the release of Xperia Touch, Hiroki Totoki, Presiden and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications said that:

"Xperia Touch is a revolutionary interface. We’re creating whole new interactive communication experiences with our Xperia Smart Products.”

Xperia Touch is set to retail through the Xperia Store Online and selected retailers Spring 2016, with a launch price of €1499.

Xperia Ear "Open-style Concept"

Xperia Ear "Open-style Concept" is a prototype product based of audio technology developed within Sony's Future Lab Program. The "open-ear" technology allows users of the headphones to listen to music and receive notifications as normal, however also - simultaneously - clearly hearing the world around them.

Key to the Xperia Ear's operation is two powerful spatial acoustic conductors, which work together with the set's driver units to transmit sounds directly to the ear canal, allowing both in-ear and out-of-ear sounds to be clearly heard. As to be expected, just as Xperia Ear makes use of Sony Agent Technology (a personal assistant), so too will the Xperia Ear "Open-style Concept" when brought to market.