Samsung Galaxy S11 could end the Apple iPhone 12 with a SLIDING screen

Samsung's secret weapon may have just been revealed

Samsung Galaxy S11
(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

Samsung has something big in store for the Galaxy S11, and that could be a sliding screen. According to a recent patent filing, the South Korean firm is exploring the option of a handset with a display that can extend along a vertical plane. To do this, it's experimenting with a 21:9 aspect ratio — meaning the screen is long, rather than wide. This is advantageous for one main reason: You can fit more on the screen, from top to bottom. It also makes for a more immersive viewing experience when watching cinema-style 21:9 footage, like a movie on Netflix or a trailer on YouTube.

Arguably more interesting than the revelation is the technical explanation of the sliding mechanism itself. Deciphered from various sketches and scraps of information in the supporting documentation by Dutch outlet Let'sGoDigital, the flexible Dynamic OLED screen is said to fold at the bottom. Doing so will allow it to wrap around a shaft, letting it fold back on itself — a bit like folding two sheets of toilet paper along the seam. The screen will then slide up, in effect unfolding on the inside, creating a larger surface area (roughly a 25% increase) for the end user.

(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

The device is intended to be as high-end as can be, with the rear covered with fine leather and the frame made from metal. Samsung is also said to be experimenting with a new style of screen for the section that extends from the frame, dubbed Waterfall Display. It's not dissimilar to the Horizon OLED Display rival Huawei debuted on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, wrapping around either side to meet the frame in the middle. However, it's unable to use it for the entire screen, because it would be blocked by the frame that houses the sliding mechanism and excess screen.

This is just one of the various designs Samsung is said to be exploring for the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus. Earlier this week, we heard that the duo could also be the firm's first buttonless devices. There's also been some chatter claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 11 may not even be real, with Samsung instead deciding to unify the two lines with the Samsung Galaxy One. The fact of the matter is, it's just far too early to tell. Still, we're revelling in the various leaks and theories, and can't wait to see what the future holds.

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