Samsung Galaxy S11 and Note 11 could be SCRAPPED for the Galaxy One

Samsung may have trashed the Galaxy Note 11 and Galaxy S11 in favour of something a little different

Samsung Galaxy One
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung may not launch the Galaxy S11, after all. There’s chatter claiming it won’t release the Galaxy Note 11, either. Instead, reliable tipster Evan Blass has reason to believe that the firm is considering merging the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11 to create one S Pen-toting mother flagship, which could be known as the Galaxy One.

It’s a move that would make a lot of sense. Samsung’s smartphone roster is a hot mess, with both Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges offering a near-identical experience. There’s just one difference between them: the latter has an S Pen. But is that worth an entirely different range, or could Samsung just launch a Note-esque variant?

Consider what Apple has done with the iPhone 11 as an example. It's launched the base iPhone 11 and the souped-up iPhone 11 Pro. Samsung could follow suit with the Galaxy One, releasing both the Galaxy One and the Galaxy One Plus — the latter of which would be equipped with an S Pen, effectively replacing the Galaxy Note line.

Granted, this isn't the first time we've heard this rumour. People have been claiming that Samsung will bring the two lines together for the ultimate crossover since day dot. But now that it's launched the foldable Galaxy Fold, it makes more sense than ever — there's too much to choose from at the upper-end of its smartphone range.

We'll have to wait and see.

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