Google Pixel 7 event recap: Pixel 7 Pro & Pixel Watch revealed, Pixel Tablet teased

The 6 October 2022 Made by Google event revealed the Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro phones, the Pixel Watch, plus more Pixel Tablet info – as it happened

Made by Google event recap: Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, more

That's a wrap! The 6 October 2022 Made by Google event was over in around 75 minutes all-in, presented by a number of Google executives at a very intimate space in New York City. 

Key new Google hardware was revealed in full, from the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, to the Pixel Watch, plus a lot more information around the Pixel Tablet was also released. 

If you want to jump to the biggest announcements from the event, below are all the links to our main coverage. To see the blow-by-blow live blog as it happened, keep on scrolling for our original (and unedited) live blog as it happened. 

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 - Google's Pixel Tablet will likely replace your home smart hub

 - Google Pixel 7 camera features you need to know about

 - Google Pixel 7 Pro just schooled iPhone 14 Pro Max with one key feature: its price

 - Best Google Pixel 7 & Pro pre-order deals

 - Google Pixel Watch announced

T3's Made by Google live blog: As it happened

Today is the big Google Pixel event day. The day when the Big G is slated to unveil its brand new best Android phones, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as well as Pixel Watch.

The Made by Google event is being live-streamed around the world today on 6 October 2022 at 10am ET (that's 7am PT, 3pm BST and 01:00am ACT), and can be watched on Google's official YouTube channel.

The video for the live stream is also available to access directly below.

We're expecting the following products to be officially and fully unveiled at today's Made by Google event.

Google Pixel 7: The follow-up to last year's Google Pixel 6, the Pixel 7 was actually confirmed back in May this year, during Google I/O 2022, and according to an official specs sheet that leaked ahead of this event, is set to deliver a 6.3-inch FHD+ 90Hz display, dual rear camera system with 50MP main snapper, 8GB of RAM up to 256GB of storage space, and Google's new Tensor G2 chipset. The Pixel 7 price is rumored to be $599 in base spec.

Google Pixel 7 Pro: The Google Pixel 7 Pro is the follow-up to last year's Google Pixel 6 Pro and, thanks to an official leaked specs sheet, we know what it's going to deliver. The Pixel 7 Pro delivers a 6.7-inch QHD+ 120Hz display, triple rear camera system with 50MP main snapper and 48MP telephoto lens, 12GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage space, and Google's new Tensor G2 processor. The Pixel 7 Pro price is rumored to start at $899.

Google Pixel Watch: Finally, we have the totally new Pixel product, the Google Pixel Watch. This new wearable has leaked countless times in the run-up to today's Made by Google event, including just days ago in the form of a show-all unboxing. The watch has a round clock face design and runs Watch OS, with Fitbit fitness tracking capabilities also built in. The Pixel Watch is slated to have a 300mAh battery, too, and rumors point to it being powered by the Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset. The Pixel Watch price is thought to be in the ballpark of €250 and €350, which is between about £220 and £310 or $250 to $350.


Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

Ok, chaps, let's talk Google Pixel Watch, as this is the product where there is at least some element of mystery left.

I must say for the record, though, that we actually do know a lot about it mind – including what it looks like.

For example, two weeks ago the three colors the Pixel Watch is coming in leaked comprehensively online. The Pixel Watch is coming in Chalk, Charcoal and Obsidian colorways, which can be seen in the image above.

There have been numerous images of the Pixel Watch leak, too, showing it from every angle. And these images reveal a circular face design with stainless steel frame and rubberized silicone watch strap.

In terms of the operating system, the Google Pixel Watch is coming with what the maker refers to as a"new Wear OS experience" with the OS "reimagined to feel fluid".

Google Pixel Watch

This is the Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

At Google I/O 2022 earlier this year, when the watch was teased, apps like Google Maps, Wallet, Home, and Google Assistant appeared on the watch and it's likely we will see other Wear OS apps on the device too.

In terms of Pixel Watch battery life, that has leaked too and is thought to be 24-hours. Earlier the battery capacity of the Pixel Watch leaked as 300mAh.

The Pixel Watch processor has been widely reported to be the Samsung Exynos 9110, which dates from 2018. How this processor performs on the Pixel Watch is not yet known, and that is a source of potential worry.

What we don't know, really, is the Pixel Watch price, which is estimated to be coming in at anywhere between £220 and £320 in the UK. And the pricing is a really big deal in my mind as this smartwatch is going to up against the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 8, both of which on paper offer better tech.

Google Pixel 7 Pro in three colours

(Image credit: Google)

I don't know about you, but the new product from today's Google event that I'm most interested in is the Pixel 7 Pro. And this is not all due to excitement.

Indeed, from the comprehensive leaked specs we have for the Pixel 7 Pro, we now know that it is very similar to last year's Pixel 6 Pro, so I'm really interested to see how the Big G justifies the upgrade.

The main areas where I want to see what is improved is in terms of processor and cameras. Google is fitting its new Pixels with its Tensor G2 chipset, which follows on from last year's Tensor G1 chipset.

Is this chipset going to offer improved performance over the last? Yes, sure, but right now we don't know by how much, with leaked benchmarks indicating it might be just 10 per cent faster.

In terms of cameras, the hardware doesn't look much different, either. But there has been confirmation of some new features that look interesting, including an increase in optical zoom up to 5x, as well as a Macro Focus shooting mode and Movie Motion Blur feature.

In addition, there has been talk that the Pixel 7 Pro will allow 4K video recording with the front-mounted selfie camera, too.

Will these new features be enough to tempt people to drop a rumored $899? I'm not so sure, especially considering the Pixel 6 Pro will also get Android 13 and is retailing right now for much less.

Want even more images of the Pixel Watch ahead of its launch?

Well, get a load of these bad boys, which come courtesy of serial leakster Evan Blass.

These are apparently official renders showing the Pixel Watch in different colors and with different colored watch faces.

Google Pixel Fold

(Image credit: Waqar Khan)

Will we see a Google Pixel Fold foldable phone at today's event?


There you go, I dropped the truth bomb we all needed.

But, seriously, while there have been rumors pointing to Google working on a foldable phone, we just can't see anything being unveiled at today's Made by Google event.

You have to really question the logic of Google creating a foldable phone, too, considering just how mature the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 are now.

And, being honest, Google isn't exactly dominating the non-folding phone Android market, so you'd have to expect that a folding Pixel phone would have a very niche potential market. It would have to be orders of magnitude better than what Samsung offers for people to even consider it.

Also, we've had zero last-minute leaks about any potential of a foldable, so unless Google has done a spectacular job of keeping a foldable phone hush, we're not expecting this as a one more thing reveal.

Google Pixel 7 phone in lemongrass colorway

(Image credit: Google)

So, is the Pixel 7 going to be worth a shuft?

My feeling on this is, yes, but only if the price is right, as I'll tell you now that it isn't going to be the most powerful or feature packed Android phone on the market.

Where it can win, though, is on overall user experience and price.

There's no doubting that Pixel phones are some of the slickest mobile experiences on the market, with that delicious pure Android goodness, in this case Android 13, going a long way. Pixel phones are in this respect the closest to Apple's iPhones in delivering an incredibly easy-to-use user interface that is wonderfully intuitive.

So if Google can partner this software expertise with strong all-round hardware (not best-in-class in any area but very accomplished) at a sub-flagship level price, it could be a great fit for many phone users.

Not every phone user needs enthusiast-grade specs and features, so there definitely is a market for this phone, but that market is incredibly crowded.

I will be watching today's Google event and saying to myself, why buy Pixel 7, for example, over a Nothing Phone 1, or a Samsung Galaxy S22? And that's saying nothing of the raft of Chinese brand Android phones available for budget-to-mid-range price points, too.

Google Pixel 7

(Image credit: Google)

It's Mat Gallagher here, taking over from Rob Jones to give his hands a rest. To start I want to look at the updated Pixel 7 product page that's now live on the Google store. This gives us quite a bit of information on the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro – one of the only things that are not here is the price, but I'm not expecting a massive shift from those on the 6 and 6 Pro. 

I think the colours for these new models look better than on the Pixel 6/6 Pro. I'm really liking the look of the Hazel on the Pixel 7 Pro. That contrast between the grey-green matte back and the gold camera bumper looks really classy. 

Google Tensor G2 chip

(Image credit: Google)

The real interest in today's event is to see just how good the new G2 Tensor chip in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro really is. With the Pixel 6 / 6 Pro, Google released its first chip that it designed – moving away from Qualcomm's out-of-the-box solutions. 

This first Tensor chip (the G1) proved to be more impressive than many expected, giving serious power to the image processing for things like skin tones and the Magic Eraser function. A year on, it's natural to expect that the upcoming G2 that features in the Pixel 7 / 7 Pro will be even better. But how good is the question?

Of course, there's some serious competition for phone chips out there – not least Apple's A16 chip, which is giving some serious benchmark scores. 

Google Tablet

(Image credit: Google)

Earlier in the year (at Google I/O 2022) the company also revealed plans to release a Tensor chip powered tablet, after a long absence from the tablet market. This could use the existing G1 chip, or the upcoming G2 chip – or potentially we'll see models with each. 

While the launch of the tablet isn't expected until 2023, it would be great to hear some more details about it today. Using its own sensor in a tablet should give Google an edge against the competition and if it were to take some styling cues from the Pixel 7, it could look amazing too. 

Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

I really like the look of the Pixel Watch too, and the latest rumours suggest that anyone pre-ordering the Pixel Pro 7 will get the watch as a freebie. That's an excellent deal and it's not just the WiFi model either, it's now suggested it will be the more premium 4G model thrown in. 

Those looking to buy the Pixel 7 will also get a gift in the form of the Pixel Buds Pro, according to the rumour, which is not a bad deal either. For me though, it's yet another reason why the Pixel 7 Pro will be the model to go for. 

There's already an unboxing video of the Pixel 7 Pro online in that lovely Hazel colour. It looks like the back is more glossy than suggested in the product pictures on Google's page, but it still looks great. Check out the gold around the edge of the phone too. 

Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

Though the Pixel 7 (and particularly the Pixel 7 Pro) is the main focus of today's event, we shouldn't undersell the new Pixel Watch. After all, this is not only Google's first proper smartwatch (that it created itself) but it also comes with all the Fitbit technology too. That means that this will be a serious tool for sports fans. 

Google acquired Fitbit back in 2019 but has continued to produce its own Fitbit branded products. The Pixel Watch is different. This is a Google product first but will harness all of the tools (I expect) that Fitbit models have offered. 

Google Pixel 6 Pro camera closeup

(Image credit: Google)

There's been some comments online about the cameras on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as it seems that these are not getting any real upgrade this year. While that may be a disappointment to photography fans, it's fair to say that these are still very good cameras. 

A 50MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide and 48MP telephoto lens is a nice little set up. It has been suggested that the telephoto lens could extend from a 4x to a 5x zoom but might come at the expense of sensor size. It would seem backward for Google to reduce the sensor size on any of the cameras, when everyone else is increasing them. But the size difference could be small and the extra reach of a 5x zoom is possibly worth that. 

Google Pixel Watch and Pixel 7

(Image credit: Google)

Howdy there Google-ers, Mike Lowe here, T3's Tech Editor, taking over the Made by Google blog reins in the run-up to the big Pixel 7 phone and Pixel Watch launch. 

Speaking of which: I keep hearing rumours about a free Pixel Watch bundle when you pre-order a Pixel 7 Pro. Like, totally free. If true that's an insane pre-order deal worth hundreds of pounds in the UK (not that those are worth much these days, eh?). I guess we'll have to wait until the event ends to find out whether that deal comes true.

Until then I'm going to be scouring the interwebz and social channels for all things Google Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Google Watch to see if any additional nuggets of information rear their heads prior to the 15:00 BST UK kick-off time...

Let's talk colours

Pixel 7 & 7 Pro exclusive colours

(Image credit: Google)

First I want to explore the colour options for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Because, well, they're no secret: they're on Google's Store page right now

Google is clearly showing off that both handsets will be available in Obsidian (black) or Snow (white). But each handset also gets an exclusive colour too: Hazel for the Pixel 7 Pro and Lemongrass for the Pixel 7, as you can see in the image above. 

I'm all for Hazel. That, I reckon, is the out-and-out winner of the lot, especially the way it changes the camera protrusion finish too. Lemongrass I'd really need to see in person to see whether it's that kind of caustic finish, or a more soothing one.

Also look how Google has gone all chill with its naming conventions. With the Pixel 6 it was all 'Sorta Sunny'; the Pixel 5 was 'Sorta Sage'. Now it's all very gothic-sounding for the Pixel 7, so say it with me: ob-sid-i-an

Don't forget about Nest

Google Nest Doorbell Wired 2nd Gen

(Image credit: Google)

We're all here for all things Pixel, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Google gives a nod to its smart home kit during today's presentation. After all, it's all part of the ecosystem.

Just two days ago Google announced its second-gen Nest Doorbell (Wired), as you can see in this Twitter thread. There's also Nest Wifi Pro. Oh and a new Google Home app. It's all happening. 

And, ok, I won't talk about Nest again. Because we're all on #TeamPixel really.

What about Pixel Tablet or Pixel Fold?

A reverse shot of the Google Pixel Tablet in grey

(Image credit: Google)

I've also been musing over whether we'll be treated to more than the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch at this Made by Google launch event.

Only because all the way back in May, at Google I/O, it was made clear that there's a Pixel Tablet also in production, but slated (yay puns) for 2023. So too early for that to show face?

I kind of feel like Google could do with one of those 'and another thing' moments is all, because let's face it: the Pixel 7 phones and Pixel Watch have already been shown off in enough detail to not exactly be ultra-secret anymore.

There's a slim chance, and I mean really slim, that a Pixel Fold folding phone bombshell could be dropped to close the show. Now that'd be quite something, but I sure as heck don't expect that to actually happen. 

T-60 minutes and counting...

Made by Google launch event

(Image credit: Google)

Tick tock, we're now just one hour – yes, just 60 minutes – away from the Made by Google showcase. 

So while you go prepare yourselves for a Pixel-y extravaganza, and I go and plant a sandwich into my face, I'll pass the reins on once more to my colleague, Yasmine Crossland, who's going to handle this blog for the final hour before the show. 

Hello, Yasmine here taking over the blog for the final hour before the highly anticipated unveiling of the shiny new Pixel kit. 

The buzz is building and it looks like some early arrivals to the show taking place in the Big Apple - and fittingly, they've got some rather tasty-looking fruit bowls to greet the guests. Not long now folks!  

Google Daydream

(Image credit: Google)

On the tech giant's Twitter page @MadeByGoogle, we were teased with the idea that this show will reveal the 'latest additions to our family of devices'. 

While we know for certain that we can expect two phones, the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro as well as the Pixel Watch, we're curious to see what else could be added to the mix. Will there be a surprise in store?

Virtual Reality is having another moment right now, so we're hoping to see a new version of Google Daydream View. Admittedly that VR platform was discontinued in 2019 but we were sad to see it go. It'd be great if Google were to revisit the industry, especially given its more recent efforts with Tensor which is well-versed in all things AI.

More news from on the ground in NYC, it looks like it's busying up in there... or is the room just small?! This is your half an hour until showtime klaxon! 

We're seeing lots of yellow plastered around the event, even on the lanyards. Could that be a nod to the new Lemongrass colourway? Either way, we are so here for it and very much looking forwards to getting a better look. 

Just 15 minutes to go!

And we're off...


(Image credit: Google)

It's 3pm so it must be Google o'clock! The Made by Google event is underway, kicking off with a fancy promotional video. "It's all coming together" it concludes.

Rick Osterloh, Google's SVP of Devices & Services, takes to the stage to present...

AI, Android, and Google Tensor


(Image credit: Google)

AI, Android, and Google Tensor: "this is where the 'Google' in Google hardware is such a differentiator in our products," says Osterloh."When we first put Tensor [processor] to work in Pixel 6 it was a huge step forward." 

Now it's over to new Tensor G2 platform. That's what the next-gen processor inside Pixel 7 is all about, but we'll have to wait to learn more later...

It's all about design

Smooth rounded surfaces. Colour combinations that are totally unique to Google hardware. Zirconia-blasted aluminium and a polished aluminium. 

There's a lot of buzz around these design language features, which cross over between phones and wearables to make everything look part of a single series.

Google Pixel Watch


(Image credit: Google)

Is looking very swoosh indeed. The screen's bezel is more or less invisible thanks to the domed display. 

There are choices of bands, too, whether you want silicone or leather, to get the look you want. 

Colour is a key aspect here too: including Lemongrass and Hazel complimentary options, which as we know from earlier will be the colours of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro handsets respectively.

Pixel Tablet!


(Image credit: Google)

Woah! I wanted to see that coming, but I didn't actually think Google would reveal anything more about it's forthcoming new Pixel Tablet. But there it is, picture above! More to follow on that, as I'll dig back in with more detail later.

Our most secure and private phones yet


(Image credit: Google)

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are Google's most secure ever, thanks to Tensor G2 and a dedicated Titan M2 chip. Apparently the latter is derived from the same chip Google uses for Google Cloud datacentres.

There's also five years of security updates for Pixel 7 handsets, so you won't be left behind when it comes to software updates in Android 13. 

There's also a VPN (virtual private network) which Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will feature at no extra cost – the first phones to feature one for free. Nice!

A brief history of Pixel


(Image credit: Google)

Pixel 3 introduced Night Sight. Car Crash Detection came three years ago. Nice little Apple jibe there from Brian Rakowski, Google's VP of Product Management.

Here's the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro: Both bring brighter screens


(Image credit: Google)

"The ultimate refinement of Pixel". Looks very nice indeed!

Smaller bezels than its predecessor, and 25 per cent higher peak brightness for that 6.3-inch screen. 

Pixel 7 Pro brings a polished aluminium finish. The 6.7-inch display has been upgraded, also with 25 per cent higher peak brightness. 

Key to the Pixel 7 Pro, however, is the inclusion of Face Unlock, in addition to the under-display fingerprint scanner technology.

Assistant voice typing, emojis included

Prefer to talk to your phone rather than swipe or type? The Pixel 7 could be the one for you. Its assistant voice typing has an updated emoji recognition system. I would insert one here, but I'll break this blog. 

A phone that's, um, great at being a phone


(Image credit: Google)

Ok, I'm on board with this. It's what Google calls Pixel Call Assist.

There are cool features like Call Screen, answers for you in the background to try and catch out spammers without ever interrupting you.

There's Direct My Call, so you needn't listen and re-listen to various number/menu options. You'll see a list of menu options right away on Pixel 7 and can then tap the option you want. That'll be great when my next flight gets cancelled and I need to call up.

Next up is Clear Calling. Coming later this year in a feature update, just like background noise suppression on the Pixel Buds, it'll use AI and machine learning to dial out annoying background noise for your calls. 

It's all about inclusivity


(Image credit: Google)

The Pixel 7's Real Tone feature, designed to give people of colour more accurate skin tone representation, is to get future updates to further improve its accuracy. 

Guided Frame is a smart selfie feature to help blind and low-vision users take selfies. 

Camera updates


(Image credit: Google)

Night Sight is apparently now twice as fast thanks to the new Tensor G2. That'll be handy for taking those longer-exposure shots to counter their potential blurriness. 

Face Unblur gets an update too: the Pixel 7 Pro uses its trio of cameras to use date from all sources to help deblur images. Plus there's all-new Photo Unblur, which as it sounds like is designed to remove blur from any kind of image. 

It's this computational photography stuff that really helps Google's cameras stand out.

From zoom to close-up


(Image credit: Google)

Both Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro feature a 50-megapixel main sensor, so much the same story as the Pixel 6 series. 

However, the Pixel 7  series features Super Res Zoom that's able to crop into the full image, enhance it with software, and deliver digital zoom that's similar to, say, a 2x zoom without the need for another lens (output at 12.5MP). 

The Pixel 7 Pro does include another zoom lens, though, with a 4.8x optical zoom on board. And it's also the only phone of the pair to include Macro Focus, which uses the Pro's upgraded wide-angle autofocus to snap images as close as 3cm from the lens. 

Price and pre-order


(Image credit: Google)

The prices are in: £549/$599 for the Pixel 7, £849/$899 for the Pixel 7 Pro. I think that's really fairly positioned in today's market.

On-sale date is 13 October, so a week from now, if you want to get on the pre-order wagon then now is the time!

Pixel Watch + Fitbit = Heart-rate accuracy


(Image credit: Google)

Of course Google bought Fitbit, so Pixel Watch is the device to showcase the fruits of that. 

Promised is all-day battery life and accurate heart-rate readings throughout a full 24-hour period. 

Every Pixel Watch comes with six months of Fitbit Premium subscription, but you'll have to pay for the metrics and wellness reports thereafter. 

Pixel Tablet again!


(Image credit: Google)

It's the bigger-screen Pixel: Google Pixel Tablet. I'm pretty excited about this one, as I'm in the market for an Android tablet, so here's hoping Google can bring the goods.

Visually it looks much like the Pixel phones, following the same premium finishes and smooth, rounded corners aesthetic. Nice work. But I'll pass on the Lemongrass (if that's an option anyway).

Key to the Pixel Tablet is, you guessed it, Tensor G2. So the power on board is the very same as the Pixel 7 series, including various technologies such as enhanced translation, camera settings and so forth. 

There's a new charging speaker dock available too, which looks like it'll transform the Tablet into a Nest Max kind of product. Looks like a wise move to me! 

"It's all coming together"

A green Nest Doorbell against a white wall, being pressed

(Image credit: Google)

I called it earlier: Google wouldn't be able to resist showing off its smart home products – the Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Doorbell Wired, Nest Hub – which launched a couple of days ago. Well, here they are again, taking centre stage for a brief mention. 

The idea here, however, is to showcase a more cohesive system. Pixel 7, Pixel Tablet and Pixel Watch are capable of controlling your smart home, with integration for the above products.

Google wants to break up the 'siloed' experience of smart home products. That's achieved with the new Google Home app, so you can manage your smart home from any device – whether on WearOS, Android 13, or by voice. 

That's a wrap!

That's your lot: Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, a new Google Home app. It's a great line-up, although there's no word on exactly when we can expect the tablet. For everything else, though, it's all eyes to 13 October, which is when the new kit will go on sale.