Google Pixel 7 Pro just schooled iPhone 14 Pro Max with one key feature

Google's 2022 flagship, the Pixel 7 Pro, doesn't see a generation-on-generation price rise like the iPhone 14 series

Google Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel colour
(Image credit: Google)

It's great news for lovers of the best Android phones, because Google just announced its Pixel 7 Pro, which comes complete with a key sell that even Apple wasn't able to maintain in its iPhone 14 series launches. 

I'm talking, of course, about price. The Pixel 7 Pro will cost £849 in the UK ($899 in the US, $1299 in Australia), which is the very same price that the Pixel 6 Pro cost back in 2021. There's no generation-on-generation price increase, unlike the iPhone 14 Pro Max – which, at £1,199, starts at £150 more than its iPhone 13 Pro Max predecessor.

I have to take my hat off to Google for somehow – and given the current market conditions, I have no real idea how – maintaining price, while also upgrading the features in the Pixel 7 Pro compared to its predecessor. I think that'll really resonate with those looking to buy into Google's latest and who don't want to spend upwards of four-figures on their new best smartphone

Google Pixel 7 Pro: What else is new?

Google Pixel 7 Pro

(Image credit: Google)

Some might say that there's not a major excuse for a generation-on-generation price increase, as the Pixel 7 Pro is rather similar to the Pixel 6 Pro in many areas (here's a versus feature I wrote to detail that). 

There are some key upgrades though: inside, for starters, there's Google's Tensor G2, a 4nm process chipset that ought to amp up the performance and battery longevity of the latest flagship. 

New features appear elsewhere too: the Pixel 7 Pro offers a new Macro Focus mode, which uses the upgraded wide-angle camera's new autofocus to enable shots just 3cm from the lens. The zoom lens is now 4.8x, up from 4x of its predecessor, for more telephoto reach.

Faster charging comes as part of the Pixel 7 Pro package too, with 30W now supported. Not the fastest going, but that's also the same charging speed that Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models cater for too.

Oh, and let's not ignore the new Hazel colour, as shown in the picture top and centre, which I think looks extra appealing. That's an exclusive for the Pixel 7 Pro that you won't find on the smaller Pixel 7. I certainly can't wait to get my hands on one, especially at this price... there's the incentive of a free Pixel Watch with Pixel 7 Pro pre-orders, which is a deal way too good to pass up. 

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