Google Pixel 7 camera features you need to know about

You don’t need to splash out on the most expensive phone to get advanced camera features

Google Pixel 7
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Launched on the 6th of October at an event in New York, the Google Pixel 7 is a competitively priced smartphone with lots to boast about - it looks set to be one of the best Android phones of the year alongside its more premium partner in crime, the Google Pixel 7 Pro. 

One of its crowning glories is the camera system and the vast array of features that go with it, something you rarely see in a phone at this sort of price. 

Packing a 50 MP Octa PD Quad Bayer wide camera as well as a 12 MP ultrawide camera and a 10.8MP selfie snapper, the specs certainly paint this as a high flyer. But your photos will really shine when you make use of Google’s advanced AI-based camera features including Real Tone, Super Res Zoom, Night Sight, Cinematic Blur, Photo Unblur and Guided Frame. Here’s what each one does. 

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 1. Real Tone  

Real Tone is the only feature on this list that you can’t control yourself because it comes loaded into the camera’s algorithms. What it does is authentically portray different skin tones no matter the lighting - that means whatever skin tone you have, photos will represent you accurately.

2. Super Res Zoom  

You can zoom in by up to 7x using the Google Pixel 7 with quick access to 2x and 5x zoom from the main camera screen - you’ll easily be able to take shots of objects placed further away even if it does quite reach the 30x zoom of the Pro model of the phone. 

3. Night Sight 

The Google Pixel 7 series has improved Night Sight for shooting in low light, not only will it better brighten up the scene in a dark space but it will also reduce blur in the end result. You'll be able to take fantastic shots at all times of day or night!

4. Cinematic Blur 

To shoot cinema-like videos with a shallow depth of field Cinematic Blur is a new feature that will make your clips look super professional, focusing in on the subjects and blurring out the background much like a Portrait mode for still images. Google reckons it works best with people, pets, and objects - we can't wait to give this a go!

5. Photo Unblur 

Ever taken what you thought was going to be a stunning shot, only to realise it’s actually blurry? Photo Unblur will be able to fix it, sharpening up your images and the subjects within them as you shoot. You’ll be able to use it on old photos as well, whether they've suffered from camera shake or from grainy low lighting.  

6. Magic Eraser

After having debuted last year, the Pixel's Magic Eraser is one of the handiest features of them all. It lets you remove distractions and accidental photobombers in your shots without making the end result look unnatural.

7. Guided Frame  

Listed as an accessibility feature for blind and low-vision users, Guided Frame will allow you to take selfies using audio and vibrations by guiding you to position your face in the centre of the frame and letting you know when the photo has successfully been taken.

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