Google Pixel 7 Pro specs leak in full revealing upgraded Android flagship

We now know everything about the Pixel 7 Pro specs

Google Pixel 7 Pro Android phone in white colourway and on white background
(Image credit: Google)

For anyone who has had their eye on the Google Pixel 7 Pro as their next Android phone upgrade, then a brand new mega leak revealing everything about the incoming flagship is a must-see.

The leak, which comes courtesy of a rogue Taiwanese mobile carrier (whoops!) leaves nothing to the imagination, detailing everything from the Pixel 7 Pro's colorways, to its variants, to its specs. And not just key specs, either – all the specs.

And, for fans of Google Pixel phones, the specs show where the Pixel 7 Pro is upgraded over last year's Google Pixel 6 Pro handset.

So, what do we see? Well, the main area of upgrade is the Pixel 7 Pro's all-new Tensor G2 chipset. The Pixel 6 Pro has, in contrast, a Tensor G1 chipset. As to what upgraded performance the Tensor G2 delivers remains unknown in the real world, although a reported leaked benchmark points to a 10 per cent power gain.

Another upgrade confirmed by this specs sheet is in terms of the Pixel 7 Pro's telephoto lens, which is going from 4x zoom to 5x zoom. There's also mention of some new shooting tech, too, including "Movie Motion Blur" and "Macro Focus".

The other specs detail things we'd already seen leaked, including that the Pixel 7 Pro will sport a 6.7-inch LTPO QHD+ 120Hz display, 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage space.

Other than that, the remaining listed specs are already delivered in the Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Pixel 7 Pro specs sheet

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Google Pixel 7 Pro specs sheet with colors

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

The T3 take: Will the Pixel 7 Pro be enough Android phone awesome?

There's no doubting that the Pixel 7 Pro looks, on paper at least, like a smart new flagship for Google, and will clearly deliver a strong all-round smartphone experience.

However, whether or not it has enough to become one of the out-and-out best Android phones remains up in the air in my opinion. There's just so much exceptional competition out there right now in the Android phone space, from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra through Nothing Phone 1 and onto the rapidly incoming Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro.

And that's saying nothing of what's on offer for Android in the best foldable phones market, such as the excellent Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, or what Apple is delivering in the non-Android phone market with its new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max handsets, either.

There is one thing we still don't know about Pixel 7 Pro, though, even with this super revealing leak – price.

Price will of course be a major factor, then, as to how appealing the Pixel 7 Pro looks. If it can ring in for a notable step down from rival flagships then it could stand out, but if it retails in the same ballpark then it's going to have really hit hard in terms of real-world user experience. As right now on paper it looks good, but I'm not sure it looks good enough.

T3 is reporting live this Thursday for Google's big Pixel event, so be sure to check back in then for the full picture on Pixel 7 Pro, including that all-important price.

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