Live happy with Beko’s stylish, energy efficient and technology-packed built-In appliances

From mighty meals to incredibly clean clothes, tech it easy with Beko Built In and get a 10 year guarantee

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Wouldn’t it be great if technology made your life easier? We don’t mean minor things, like helping you Google something a fraction of a second faster. We mean actually, genuinely making life easier – like ensuring that when you cook your bakes don’t get burnt and your bottoms are never soggy. Like removing tough stains without being tough on your favourite clothes. Like doing the dishes so you can do something more fun.

That’s what Beko’s built-in appliances deliver. From cooking, to cooling, to doing the laundry or the dishes after dinner, Beko’s award-winning appliances make technology work for you. Here’s how.

No more burnt bakes or soggy bottoms

Beko’s built-in ovens are award winners: the consumer champions at Which? Magazine awarded Beko their coveted Best Buy Award for built-in ovens in January 2023. And no wonder, because Beko’s built-in ovens come with AeroPerfect™ technology to help you make every meal magical.

If you’ve ever burnt a pasta bake or had your cake bottom come out soggy, you’ll know that with some ovens there’s no guarantee that what you take out of the oven resembles the picture in the recipe book. That’s because most fan ovens don’t circulate air evenly to give you a perfectly even bake. With Beko AeroPerfect™ technology that’s not the case. Hot air is constantly moved around the oven cavity– all of it, not just around the edges – to ensure that every single shelf is at the perfect temperature for the entire cook. That means faster, more even and tastier cooking every time.

Beko can also ensure you’re cooking with a clean conscience. That’s because its RecycledNet® technology uses recycled fishing nets and industrial thread to produce several of its oven components, enabling you to be kinder to the planet too when you cook for your family or friends.

Beko has another trick up its sleeve for more magical meals: fresher fruit and veg. That’s because its HarvestFresh™ technology, which is available in selected Beko built-in fridges and fridge freezers, uses colour-changing lights inside the crisper drawer to simulate the sun’s natural cycle. That preserves vitamin A and vitamin C in your fresh fruit and veg for longer, keeping them as fresh and as tasty as when they were first picked, plucked or dug out of the ground.

Faster, more gentle cleaning for your clothes

The oven isn’t the only place where Beko uses clever tech to make your life easier. Its’ AquaTech® washing machines can deliver a more gentle, faster clean. That's because they mix the water and detergent together, creating a cascade like a waterfall that flows from the top of the drum and quickly penetrates the fabric fibres without any aggressive or rigorous movements. That means cleaner clothes and quicker wash cycles – and because AquaTech® removes even the toughest stains more gently your favourite outfits will look and feel their best for much longer.

Beko’s built-in tumble dryers have their own clever tech. Beko’s heat pump technology recycles heat inside the drum. That means your laundry is dried carefully at slightly lower temperatures using much less energy than tumble dryers that have to constantly create hot air. 

Like Beko’s ovens, its built-in washing machines and washer dryers do their bit for the environment too. In addition to more energy-efficient washing and drying cycles, they also have Beko’s RecycledTub® tech. That uses a high-tech process to convert old plastic bottles into durable, high-performance materials without compromising on quality or results – so laundering that pile of dirty socks isn’t just making your home nicer. It’s being kinder to the planet too. 

The smarter way to do your dishes

Last, but definitely not least, let’s not forget clever tech to get your dirty dishes spotlessly clean. You might be surprised to know that a dishwasher uses a fraction of the water compared to traditional handwashing, and because dishes are washed at a consistently high temperature they’ll be spotless and germ-free. With clever technology like Auto Programme, your dishwasher will automatically adjust the water temperature and clean intensity based on how dirty your dishes are.  With half-load programmes, eco wash cycles and Faster+, burnt-on food after a Sunday roast or tea stains on your favourite mugs don't stand a chance. Your Beko dishwasher will leave your pots, plates, glasses and mugs sparklingly clean. 

Stylish design, clever tech and peace of mind guaranteed

Beko offers a standard 2 Year Parts and Labour guarantee on its wider built-in range but selected appliances now qualify for a 10 Year Parts* and 2 year Labour guarantee providing additional reassurance to you as a consumer, encouraging repairs rather than the need to purchase a new appliance.

The perfect place to buy your built-in Beko

When it comes to buying your Beko built-in, there’s only one place to go: AO. That’s because AO’s price match means you can be sure you’re getting the best price in the UK, and with next-day delivery slots, 7-day deliveries and flexible time slots to suit you there’s no need to cancel your plans because you don’t know when your new Beko will be delivered. Factor in first-class customer service and free returns and it’s no wonder AO has over 250,000 five-star reviews on TrustPilot.

Click here to find out how Beko built-in appliances can make your life easier.

*Beko warranty on selected models apply.

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