It's Pet Tech Week on T3, in association with PetsRadar!

Pets are more popular than ever! So here's a week of pet-related content to upgrade your pet's life

It's Pet Tech Week on T3, in association with PetRadar!
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T3 has long delivered news and reviews on all areas of tech and entertainment, from the latest televisions to cutting edge smart home tech. There has not been a single area of our lives where technology hasn't touched – and that includes pet owning.

To celebrate this, T3 has teamed up with its new sister site, PetsRadar, to launch Pet Tech Week – seven days of content across both sites dedicated to technology which elevates your pet's life.

Launched earlier this year, PetsRadar is devoted to nothing but pets. Whether you're a dog person, more of a cat person, or even a budgie person – PetsRadar is the one-stop-shop for pet owners. 

From making the right choices around pet diet and health care to upgrading pets’ lifestyles with the latest accessories and pet-related technology, PetsRadar is the place for expert advice for happier pets.

Pet ownership surged during the lockdown, with The Dogs Trust alone reporting a 25% increase in adoptions at the start of the pandemic, and as working from home has become the new normal for many, this trend only looks to continue.

That's why Pet Tech Week is here – to provide all of the advice and product recommendations to make your new relationships happy and enduring.

We'll be adding links to the all of our Pet Tech Week content below, so make sure to check back for news, buying guides, features and more. And for even more Pet Tech Week content, head over to PetsRadar now.

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Pet Tech Week on T3

Pet Tech Week on T3
Pet Tech Week is brought to you in association with our new sister site is a new pathway to healthy, happy pets that offers a unique combination of trusted advice and the best deals on top pet products – check it out today at

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