I'm low-key obsessed with Ciele's new performance running collection

The Elite Collection features jackets, singlets, UPF protective T-shirts, no-stitch split shorts and more

Ciele launches Elite performance running collection
(Image credit: Ciele)

As the biggest fan of short shorts on the planet, the Ciele Elite Collection immediately caught my attention. Upon further inspection, I realised there is so much more than just running shorts on offer here; the Elite Collection is chock-full of the coolest running gear I've seen in a while. No wonder I'm getting obsessed with it. I might need to update your best running shorts and best running tops guides soon...

The Montréal-based company is well-known for its headwear, but nowadays, eight years after Ciele was established, they offer so much more than just funky running caps – and the Elite is a testament to this. Compromising of men’s and women’s three-ply jackets, lightweight singlets, UPF protective T-shirts, no-stitch split shorts, premium relaxed shorts and a sports bra, the Elite range comes in an assortment of trend-leading colourways and styles. 

But it wasn't the otherwise pretty colours that caught my attention; I was drawn to the performance nature of the collection. Elite items use no-stitch construction and are made of COOLmatic performance fabrics, "engineered for quick drying action and incredible breathability in extreme conditions", Ciele explains. Additionally, COOLmatic.EXP – an 'elevated fabric' in the COOLmatic fabric series – features integrated carbon yarn for impeccable temperature control, antimicrobial odour control and optimum UPF sun protection.

The FLRJacket is a good example of what the Elite collection has to offer. This technical, inclement-weather running jacket provides a combination of highly breathable, waterproof protection in a lightweight, 10-denier recycled nylon three-ply shell fabric. The result is a hard-wearing, durable and – likely – comfortable performance piece designed to 'stand up' to adverse weather while offering the right amount of stretch for freedom of movement.

All pieces in the Elite performance running men's and women's apparel collections are backed by the company's Million Mile Guarantee and range from US$60 to US$400. The collection will be available starting 1 September 2022 directly from Ciele. Or, you know, you can always just get a bucket hat.

Matt Kollat
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