I'm a fitness writer and these are the Amazon Prime Day deals that got me all excited

Here is my personal Amazon Prime Day wishlist, in case anyone wants to surprise me with something nice for my upcoming birthday 🎂

I'm a fitness writer and these are the Amazon Prime Day deals that got me all excited
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Being a fitness writer and a person generally very interested in fitness, I'm exposed to a lot of great products, whether these are running shoes, dumbbells or rowing machines. This means I test a lot of products I can't keep but really want to so I often end up checking for fitness deals after I returned them to their respective manufacturers. thanks to Amazon Prime Day, I now might be able to buy all the stuff I want for cheap: these are the stuff I probably won't be able to resist to buy.

The best Prime Day deals include a bunch of great Garmin watch deals and Fitbit deals but I'm not after those right now. There are quite a few good workout shoes and running shoes deals too but I have plenty of those as well. No, I'm after home gym equipment deals this year.

Much like everyone else during the lockdown, I build a semi-decent home gym that now includes multiple dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, along with a weight bench and 100-kilo worth of weight plates. My flat is starting to look like a stockroom in a commercial gym but there are still a few things that are missing and I want to add to the mix.

I wouldn't mind having a decent ab roller and a pull up bar so I can expand on my bodyweight workout regime and get arms as big as Chris Hemsworth, the owner of the arms of gods and someone I shoehorn into every conversation I have, much to the delight of everybody who's willing to have a conversation with me at this point.

Although I already have a couple of hex dumbbells, I wouldn't mind owning a pair of adjustable dumbbells, like the MuscleSquad 32.5kg Adjustable Dumbbell I tested recently or maybe a smaller model such as the PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbell. Having one of these would really improve my delt workout game!

The Amazon Prime Day deals I’m buying for myself

Hyperice Hypervolt (opens in new tab)

Hyperice Hypervolt Hand Percussion Massager | Was £259 | Now £181.30 | I save £77.70 (30%) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Hyperice Hypervolt is one of the best percussion massagers on the market and has a brushless high-torque 60 W motor featuring the patented QuietGlide technology. In fact, despite its larger size, the Hypervolt is one of the quietest massage gun I tried. There are three speed options to choose from and the Hypervolt will function for over two hours on a single charge. This will surely help me recover faster after a gruelling workout.

Nurvv Run Insoles (opens in new tab)

NURVV Run smart insoles fitness tracker with built-in GPS | Was £249.99 | Now £149.99 | I save £100 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
What is NURVV Run? It's a running 'smart' insole you can slip in your shoes that provides you with all sorts of exciting data such as pronation, footstrike, step-length, balance and even cadence. It has built-in GPS so you can use it as a fitness tracker too. The NURVV insole now also features the Footstrike Coach feature that can help me 're-pattern' their footstrike, apparently.

TRX GO Suspension Training (opens in new tab)

TRX GO Suspension Trainer System | Was £106.95 | Now £74.87 | I save £32.08 (30%) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Although TRX also manufactures kettlebells and foam rollers, among other things, the brand is mostly famous for it's suspension trainer kits. The TRX GO is its 'entry level' kit that's sold for a reasonable price in general but it's even cheaper now, just under £75. Let me just quickly do this [Presses 'Buy now' button]. Oh, where was I?

| Was £779 | Now £389.90 | I save £389.90 (50%) at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym | Was £779 | Now £389.90 | I save £389.90 (50%) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Bowflex Home Gym PR1000 is an impulse buy if I've ever seen one. It uses the quiet Power Rod technology which will allow me to workout without annoying anyone else in the building. The max resistance is 96 kg which is plenty for weaklings like me. I will even be able to do bench presses on this! Perfect.

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (opens in new tab)

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds | Was £149.99 | Now £99 | I save £50.99 (34%) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
And finally, I might just get the Jabra Elite 75t because it's the lowest price ever. You can't enough running headphones, can you? Technically, these are not running headphones – that's the slightly more expensive Jabra Elite Active 75t – but they'll work just fine for me as I don't sweat profusely when I exercise.

And with that, I blew all my allowance and then some more on these Amazon Prime Day deals. No regrets, though, as they are all excellent and will help me get even fitter and that's enough of a justification for me.

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Amazon Prime Day alternative sales – UK

  • Argos.co.uk  (opens in new tab)– cheap Lego, toys, phones and more
  • AO.com (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– huge sale on electrical appliances
  • Currys.co.uk (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– clearance sale is live now
  • Dell.co.uk (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– big savings on laptops and desktop PCs
  • eBay.co.uk (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– up to 70% off in the eBay Outlet
  • Very.co.uk (opens in new tab)  – deals on electricals, fashion and home
  • Lovehoney.co.uk (opens in new tab) – discounted sex toys and lingerie
  • Goldsmiths.co.uk (opens in new tab) – savings on watches and jewellery
  • John Lewis (opens in new tab) – great savings plus the John Lewis guarantee
  • Le Creuset (opens in new tab) – premium cookware gets tasty discounts
  • Nike (opens in new tab)  – new sneakers at sneaky low prices
  • ASOS (opens in new tab) – big savings on clothes
  • Schuh (opens in new tab) – save big on shoes, boots and trainers
  • The White Company (opens in new tab) – quality bedding at reduced prices
  • Simba (opens in new tab) – save big on mattresses and sleep bundles
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