Get the 23andMe DNA testing kit for half price in Black Friday sale

Find out about your ancestry with 50% off 23andMe DNA kits this Black Friday

23andMe DNA testing kit deal, Black Friday deals
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Want to know more about your ancestry and heritage? In this year’s best Black Friday deals, DNA genetic testing kits from 23andMe are now 50% off, so shoppers can get insights into their health, ancestry and traits at record low prices.

The best deal we’ve found from 23andMe is on its Health & Ancestry service, which is now half price in the best Black Friday sales. Originally priced at £149, the 23andMe Health & Ancestry DNA kit is now just £74, so you can find out more about your history and save money while you do so.

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The best DNA testing kits give you insights into your ancestry, traits and heritage, and reveal vital information about your DNA that can safeguard your health, and be potentially life-saving. The 23andMe Health & Ancestry service is the best DNA kit we’ve tried and we gave it 5 stars in our 23andMe DNA review, commenting that it “provides detailed insights into your DNA, allowing you to track your ancestry, contact relatives, receive personalised health reports and much more.”

With the 23andMe Health & Ancestry DNA kit, you’ll receive detailed reports on your ancestry, family tree, health conditions, traits, carrier status, wellness levels and more. With the 23andMe DNA Relative Finder, you can even connect and message with people who share DNA with you and you can see what you might pass on to your potential future children or grandchildren… pretty impressive!

At 23andMe, you can also get 10% off the 23andMe Ancestry & Traits service which is now just £69 (marked down from £79) for Black Friday. It’s a concise kit that focuses more on your heritage, relatives and traits, but doesn’t come with any health information. Both kits are well worth the money – it just depends what you’d like to know about yourself!

While the 23andMe Health & Ancestry DNA kit is ideal for those who want to learn more about themselves, it would also make the perfect Christmas present or stocking filler for someone. To view the 23andMe Health & Ancestry DNA kit deal, click the link above or keep reading for all the details.

23andMe DNA Testing Kit for Health & Ancestry: £149

23andMe DNA Testing Kit for Health & Ancestry: £149, £74 at 23andMe
Save £75 on the 23andMe DNA Testing Kit for Health & Ancestry in this early Black Friday deal. Get to know more about your heritage, genes, health and wellbeing with this in-depth service which is super simple to use, thanks to 23andMe’s intuitive dashboard, easy-to-understand visuals and accessible explanations. Deal ends 23rd November 2022.

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