Free McIntosh headphones worth nearly £2000, when you buy a McIntosh amp

The amps start at at £6,000 and go up to £39,000

If you were about to buy a McIntosh amp, then the good news is that if you wait until March you'll get a free pair of the company's two grand cans for nothing.

Of course you'll be spending a minimum of £6,000 and the most expensive model in the range costs a staggering £39,000.

The deal is to celebrate the brand's first set of headphones, the MHP1000s, and is available at authorised dealers when you buy one of the eligible amps.

You might ask if headphones can be worth £2000 in the first place, and it's a pretty reasonable question. McIntosh says that the MHP1000s are designed to be driven by one of its own amps - handy, as you'll have one now - and that they can deliver amazing sound thanks to 40mm drivers and noise-isolating closed backs.

You also get not one, but TWO cables included in the box. One shorter, at 1m with a 3.5mm jack connector and the other 3m cable is designed for listening at home, with a 1/4-inch connector. Fancy stuff.

If this bargain is just a little out of your price range, then why not check out our Best headphones for under £100. Some of those might come with two cables too.