Foot Locker Black Friday sale is live – here are the best deals you simply can't miss

Grab a bargain on the hottest silhouettes!

New Balance sneakers on a stool
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Sneaker fans, rejoice! Foot Locker just announced its Black Friday sale, with thousands of exciting silhouettes from the most in-demand brands, including Nike, New Balance, Reebok, On, and so on, on offer. If you're even slightly interested in stylish footwear, these are the Black Friday deals you must see in 2023.

Shop the Foot Locker Black Friday Sale

Running online from Tuesday, November 21st, until Monday, November 27th, Foot Locker offers limited-time offers on this year's hottest sneakers and apparel. My favourites are these cheap Calvin Klein Bold Flatform Snow (was £119.99, now £69.99) and this Puma RS-X (was £107.99, now £59.99) offers.

Below, I collected a quick bullet-point list of the standout deals that no self-respecting sneakerhead should miss. for more footwear offers, check out my roundup of the best Black Friday running deals, as well as my Adidas Black Friday, Saucony Black Friday and ASICS Black Friday guides.

For more info on what sneakers are in and how to buy trainers safely, check out T3's best sneakers guide. for example, if you have problematic feet (too narrow/wide/long/short/etc.), choose a pair that accommodates them – no need to splash the cash on shoes you can't wear, no matter how cool they look. Unless it's an investment; different rules apply for those. 

New Balance tends to be great for narrower feet, and few trainers come up as wide as a pair of Nike Air Max! Try some different styles on and make sure they're comfy.

Remember: trainers come in and out of fashion all the time, so don't worry too much about the long-term appeal, unless, again, you buy them as an investment, in which case it doesn't matter if you like them or not. If you're buying a pair for yourself, choose a silhouette that helps express your personality and fits the rest of your wardrobe. Most importantly, embrace your inner child!

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