T3's top 5 Amazon Black Friday board games deals still live make perfect Christmas gifts

There are still great Black Friday board games deals running at Amazon, including on some of T3's picks of the best games available today

Gloomhaven, Marvel Champions and Pandemic Hot Zone board games with sign saying Black Friday Deals
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Even though the best Black Friday deals are winding down now, there are still plenty of great offers on, especially as we ramp up to the best Cyber Monday deals – and that includes Amazon's Black Friday deals on board games. There are some fantastic games that still have discounts, including some of my personal favourites.

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The link above will take you to every board game currently with an offer in Amazon's Black Friday sale, or you can read on and I'll pick out the ones that I think are most interesting from what's there.

I'm the guy who curates T3's guide to the best board games, and this features some of the games in my collection that I love the most… but also a load of other games that I've played and think are fantastic, or that are generally massive hits with other players.

7 Wonders (2nd Edition) board game:  was £44.79, now £26.21 at Amazon

7 Wonders (2nd Edition) board game: was £44.79, now £26.21 at Amazon
Save 41% on a game considered a modern classic that plays up to 7 people at once, making it ideal for Christmas get-togethers! You'll each build a civilisation by taking cards from a hand, then passing the hands on, and choosing from a new, reduced selection – and continuing like that. You're competing against your neighbours to earn points by having the best military, or top scientists, and more… It's so simple to play, and everyone takes their turns at the same time, so it's never boring.

Pandemic: Hot Zone North America:  was £14.94, now £11.52 at Amazon

Pandemic: Hot Zone North America: was £14.94, now £11.52 at Amazon
This is a tiny and super-cheap version of one of the most popular cooperative games of all time – but it still packs in almost all of the strategy and tension. Work together to cure three diseases before they spread all over North America. Each game lasts about 20 minutes, so it's great for the family, and every game is different. Yes, this is a full game, despite the incredibly low price – the perfect stocking filler at 23% off.

Mysterium board game:  was £71.60, now £27.11 at Amazon

Mysterium board game: was £71.60, now £27.11 at Amazon
Officially, this is 62% off, but I have to say I've never seen it sold for more than about £40, so this discount is juiced a bit. But it's still a great price for a brilliant and inventive game. One player is a ghost, who must tell the other players (who are mediums) who killed them the problem is that the ghost can't speak, and must use only dream cards, with strange and surreal images on. Perhaps this image with a soldier in will make them realise you were killed with a sword? Oh no, it also had mushrooms in, and now they think you were poisoned! It's weird, it's funny, and it's different every time.

Deep Sea Adventure: A Treasure-Hunting Travel Board Game:  was £17.99, now £9.74 at Amazon

Deep Sea Adventure: A Treasure-Hunting Travel Board Game: was £17.99, now £9.74 at Amazon
Save 46% on one of my favourite tiny games ever. This box fits in a pocket, but packs in a thrilling game that takes about 30 mins to play. You are all cheapskate undersea treasure hunters, sharing the same air supply. You'll all dive down a row of tokens, grabbing treasure as you go. But carrying treasure makes the air run out faster… for everyone. How far down can you travel (better treasure is buried deeper) and still make it back to the sub before the air runs out? It's also one of the prettiest game ever. This version has Japanese on the box, but includes English instructions.

Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) board game:  was £112.51, now £81.00 at Amazon

Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) board game: was £112.51, now £81.00 at Amazon
Save 28% on the most epic board game ever made. Made for 3 to 6 players, Twilight Imperium is about wrestling for control of the galaxy – it's a sci-fi epic trilogy in one game, that takes 4-8 hours to play. Every game is unique, thanks to 17 different factions you can play as, plus a board that's different every time – and the meat of the game is how players will negotiate, battle, ally and develop their civilisations.

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