What driver, putter, ball and apparel will Viktor Hovland use at the Masters?

Golf's fastest rising star is known for his Ping clubs and natty attire. Here's how you can get kitted out like him, even if you can't quite play like him…

Viktor Hovland teeing off
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Casual golf fans may not know this – and non-golf fans may not even know who he is – but Viktor Hovland is currently the golfing world's fourth top-ranked player, and rising fast. He's the hottest young hitter in golf, and with the Masters approaching, the Norwegian is set to make a further giant leap in 2022. Viktor the Viking or V-Hov, as all the cool kids call him, could storm the Masters at Augusta this week, and if he does, interest in the clubs, balls, gloves, shoes and gear he uses and wears will soar still further. He's already renowned as one of the sharpest dressed men in golf.

It might be beyond most of us to play like the most popular golfers on the planet but we can certainly try to look like them and use the same gear. So without further ado here’s everything you need to know about what's in the bags as well as the wardrobes of Viktor Hovland. 

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What clubs does Viktor Hovland use?

Ping G425 driver

(Image credit: PING)

Viktor is a PING staff pro and the majority of his bag is made up of the brand’s clubs, but somewhat unusually he does also carry clubs from rival brands. 

Hovland’s driver of choice is the PING G425 LST, set to 9 degrees and with a Fujikura Speeder TR 661 TX shaft. However, his 3 wood is a TaylorMade SIM set at 15 degrees and he alternates between a Ping G425 hybrid, a Callaway Apex UW, a Callaway X Forged UT driving iron and Ping i210 3-iron depending on the course and conditions.

Hovland’s choice of irons are the PING i210 (4-PW) while his wedges are a mix between Ping Glide Forged Pro (50˚ & 56˚ and a 

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedgeworks (60˚). His current flat stick is the Ping PLD DS 72 (patina finish, 36″, 20º lie, 2.5º loft, stepped shaft).

What golf ball does Viktor Hovland use?

Titleist Pro V1 12 best golf balls

(Image credit: Titleist)

Much like many of the world’s top golfers, Hovland uses the self proclaimed “number one ball in golf” the Titleist ProV1.

Which golf glove does Viktor Hovland wear?

Titleist Players Golf Glove

(Image credit: Titleist)

Viktor wears a Titleist Players Golf Glove, which is made from premium select Cabretta leather with breathable perforations and satin re-enforcement at cuff and thumb.

What kind of golf hat does Viktor Hovland wear?

PING Tour Classic Golf Cap

(Image credit: PING)

Hovland sports the PING Tour Classic cap, which is one of the more iconic looking caps you’ll see out there. He usually wears the black option but occasionally he’ll mix it up with a white one.

What kind of golf polo does Viktor Hovland wear?

J Lindeberg Golf Polo

(Image credit: J Lindeberg)

Hovland signed a multi year deal with Swedish designer J. Lindeberg in 2019 and he is certainly one of the more snappy dressers on the golf course. J. Lindeberg were put on the golf map by flamboyant Swede Jesper Parnevik back in the day and while Hovland is not as extrovert as Parnevik he certainly isn’t lacking in the style department.

JL polos are usually bold, striking designs and Hovland doesn’t shy away from some of the more colourful offerings, but on a Sunday you’ll generally find him in a more businesslike attire. 

Which trousers does Viktor Hovland wear?

J. Lindeberg Golf Trousers

(Image credit: J. Lindeberg)

Again, anything from the J. Lindeberg range as the young Norwegian likes to mix things up. One day you may see him wearing the JL Strike Pants, which is a black trouser embroidered with lightning bolts, while the next he may be sporting a snazzy pair of white JL Vent Golf Pants. There is also the JL Tim Pant which is part of their tour collection and retails at an eyebrow raising £230.

What belt does Viktor Hovland wear? 

J. Lindeberg Slater Golf Belt

(Image credit: J. Lindeberg)

Either the J Lindeberg Bernt Golf Belt, or the J Lindeberg Slater Golf Belt.

What shoes does Viktor Hovland wear?

Nike Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes

(Image credit: Nike)

Along with many other tour pros Hovland uses the Roshe G Tour shoes by Nike. A classy, understated design that comes in several colours, the Roshe consists of a waterproof microfibre, synthetic leather upper and even has a spiked sole so you can wear them all year round.

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