"Like real oral sex… only better": 3 reasons why it's time to try a male sex toy

Thought sex toys weren't for you? Lovehoney's Blowmotion range is here to help men hit new heights

Lovehoney Blowmotion
(Image credit: Lovehoney)

For a while now, sex toys – and especially those designed for solo use – seem to have been focused mainly on women. Lovehoney has decided that it's time more men got in on the action, and has launched a new range of toys that looks like it might be a game-changer for men. 

Lovehoney drew inspiration from the advancements in suction technology that have given the female-focused sex toy market a major shake-up recently. The result is Blowmotion: a range of luxury sex toys designed specifically for use with a penis, powered by new suction technology that led one reviewer to comment that they feel "like real oral sex… only better".

“We have created the most realistic range of luxury sex toys to allow men to enjoy the most intense levels of pleasure," says a Lovehoney spokesperson. “The early feedback has been amazing and we feel that Blowmotion will introduce a new generation of men to the joys of sex toys."

If you haven't yet added a sex toy to your masturbation routine (or tried bringing it into the bedroom with a partner), perhaps now is the time to make the upgrade. Here are 3 reasons why the Blowmotion range could help you hit whole new sexual heights. 

1. Multi-sensory experience

The starting point for the collection was to accurately recreate the sensations of oral or penetrative sex, at any time, with just the switch of a button. To that end, the Blowmotion toys warm to 40°C to mimic a real body. Beyond that, Lovehoney has pushed the boat out with hyper-sensitive new technology that sucks, strokes and stimulates in exciting new ways (one reviewer hailed the range as "world changing", saying “Every single element is designed to bring about incredible orgasms”). 

Take the Blowmotion Real Feel Power Vibrating Masturbator, for example. After the super-tight entrance, the canal features stimulating ribs, nodules and pockets. Add to that vibration: there are eight different patterns to choose from, each with seven different speeds. The cap of this toy has a slot in which you can stand your mobile phone if you feel like adding digital entertainment to your play, too. 

Lovehoney Blowmotion

The Blowmotion Real Feel Power Vibrating Masturbator

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

2. Different sensations to explore

These toys are no one-trick ponies; each comes with a variety of modes and options to explore. None more so than the Blowmotion Dual-Entrance Vibrating Male Masturbator, which features (no prizes for guessing) two different entrances, to give double the options when it comes to sensations. Like the Real Feel Power Vibrating Masturbator, it also delivers a whole selection of vibration patterns and speeds, so you can really mix things up. 

The Blowmotion Stroking Beaded Male Masturbator changes things up again. The textured real-feel sleeve includes automatic stroking beads, and comes with a clear casing so you can see yourself as you play.  One reviewer described the experience of using a Blowmotion toy as like “a rollercoaster ride to heaven”.

Lovehoney Blowmotion

Blowmotion Dual-Entrance Vibrating Male Masturbator

(Image credit: Lovehoney)

3. Practical features for discreet use

On a less exciting, but perhaps more reassuring note, there are plenty of features built in that make the Lovehoney Blowmotion range nice and practical. The Dual-Entrance toy is designed to be super discreet and portable, but the whole range is sleek and stylish. They all come with a travel lock, to help you avoid embarrassing moments at airport security, and are USB rechargeable, so you don't have to mess around with batteries. 

If you've decided to take the first step and try something new, whether you're part of a happy couple or a curious and horny individual, head on over to Lovehoney to explore the Blowmotion range now.  


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