Best winter running gear 2024 to survive the cold and rain

A roundup of the best winter running gear, including apparel and footwear options for the bravest of runners.

Best winter running gear: person running in the cold wearing Tracksmith apparel
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The best winter running gear can protect you from the elements and turn something unpleasant (i.e. running in the cold) into a more enjoyable experience. Below, we collected specially crafted cold-weather and rain-resisting garments and running footwear that provide the right amount of protection, insulation and breathability for your cold-weather runs.

As much as we love summer training, we must admit that running during winter can also be a glorious feeling if you wear proper winter running gear. Those crisp Sunday mornings, when the weather is dry and cold, the sun shines bright orange, and it's just you and the road... Nothing can beat the tranquillity of those sessions.

Although we listed most apparel and footwear options you should consider, it wouldn't hurt to double-check T3's best running shoes and best waterproof jacket guides, just so you get a wider picture of what's available on the market right now. Without further ado, T3's tried-and-tested roundup of the best winter running gear!

Best winter running gear to buy right now

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How we test the best winter running gear

This year, we were blessed with freezing weather from early on the year, which isn't good for our wallet but great for testing the winter running kit. We put the garments and accessories on this list through rigorous testing, which included multiple cold morning runs, baltic afternoon jogs and blisteringly cold evening strides. If we were lucky enough to have some rain on the runs, we even tested the water-resistance products on this list.

How to choose the best winter running gear for you

There are a few criteria winter running gear need to comply with. Putting on a parka and thick skiing trousers won't cut it, I'm afraid. Not only they will make you feel way hotter than needed, they will also restrict your movement' none of which is a desired thing when you run.

Winter running jackets and tops need to be warm enough so you won't feel cold at the start of your runs but also not too warm by end. the best winter running jackets provide insulation and breathability without restricting arm movement  and chafing. 

Running tights need to be, well, tight enough and also moisture-wicking so even if they get slightly wet, they won't weigh your legs down. The compression provided by the tights will keep your muscles oxygenated and warm as you run. It's also beneficial if the tights are windproof.

Accessories can also come handy, because as we know, it's all about layering when it comes to winter clothing. Lightweight neck warmers and beanie hats you can take off and shove in your pocket if needed are a great addition and can help you bridge the initial transition period of your runs.

Always check the weather before you head out and dress accordingly. Being mindful about winter exercising always pays off!

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