Best sex toys for couples 2024: time to share the love

Add some spice to the bedroom, bathroom, or virtual world with the best sex toys made for couples

Best sex toys for couples
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If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, we've got you covered with the very best sex toys for couples. Toys can be an intensely personal thing. When we think of the best sex toys, the best vibrators, or the best sex toys for men, we tend to consider the drawer-fillers that are there to fill quiet solo moments – and while there's nothing stopping you whipping out something exciting when you're with a partner, some are definitely better sex toys for couples than others.

Finding the perfect couple's toy is about visual excitement, about finding new sensations, and about discovering something you can truly share. It doesn't matter what form your partnership takes, or even whether you can't be physically present with each other, there's something for everyone.

Best shareable sex toys

How to clean sex toys

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Let's start by looking at toys that both partners may be able to get a kick out of. There's plenty out there which can stimulate guys just as well as girls, or work well in a same-sex partnership by offering a thrill to both you and your partner at once. 

Do be careful if you're sharing toys with someone you've not fluid bonded with – that is, someone you've not been with long enough to drop all kinds of protection. Covering your toy with one of the best condoms (and, indeed, switching out for a new one when you change the partner in charge of the toy or the orifice it's going into) is a good way to avoid any unwanted infections. If you want to find out more, check out our guide on how to clean sex toys.

Best cock ring for couples


Lelo Tor 2
Expensive it may be, but the Tor 2 is worth every penny. Its strong, varied vibrations are smooth almost to the point of being classy, and its silicone structure is similarly silky. It's perfect for extending proceedings, helping increase the rigidity of a penis in play, and adding extra clitoral stimulation during penetration. Although the Tor 2's lack of adjustability means it can be a little tricky to apply, you don't actually have to wear it – the quality of its vibrator makes it an equally good handheld.

Best anal toy for couples


b-Vibe Triplet
The right anal toy can offer internal vibrations that work for guys or girls – and b-Vibe's slimmer set of anal beads might just be that right toy. It's not intimidatingly big, meaning even beginners will be able to give it a go without too much trouble, and it's small enough to stay out of the way when you need access elsewhere – oh, and the remote means you can pass control over its vibrations on to your partner, which is either a very exciting or terrifying idea depending on their level of malice.

Best visual sex toys for couples

Best sex toys for couples

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Seeing precisely what's happening can make a huge difference. If you love to leave the lights on when you're getting down to it, why not try a toy which leaves nothing to the imagination?

We've suggested a couple of options here, one for those with a penis, the other for anyone with a hole to put it in – so anyone, basically. And these are great as solo toys, too, so worth keeping tucked away for a quiet time.

Best Fleshlight for couples


Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is not the only toy in the company's canon to make use of its transparent SuperSkin material, but its short and sweet stature earns it a place on our list of the best Fleshlights for good reason. Not only can you see through the sides, you can look through the canal to see what's making its way through – and given that most penises will protrude out of the end, there's ample opportunity for a little extra manual stimulation. See our Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage review for more.

Best glass dildo for couples


Lovehoney Slimline G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo
Glass is great for couple's play, particularly if you've popped it in the fridge for ten minutes beforehand – though you'd be advised to test its temperature with a little foreplay before chilling any sensitive areas. There's nothing with quite the same clarity as glass, and the understated design of Lovehoney's narrow borosilicate dildo means you'll be able to concentrate on the job at hand. Careful not to drop it, though.

Best fun sex toys for couples

Best sex toys for couples

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Depending on the status and tenure of your relationship, using sex toys together might be less about heightening arousal in the bedroom and more a way to cook up a little fun. You've already done plenty of exploration – now it's time to change things up. There's nothing stopping you from using any of the toys we've featured here to increase your sexual enjoyment, though – it's not about the toy, it's about how you use it – but there's something to be said for being spontaneous, and even more to be said for being secretly naughty...

Best hidden sex toy for couples


We-Vibe Tease Us
Whisper it, but there's no law that says you have to keep your toys in the bedroom. Well, there are certain laws. Just keep it discrete: We-vibe's set comprises a remote controlled knicker vibrator and a remote controlled behind-the-balls vibrating cock ring (or two of either if that's more compatible with your partnership) allowing you to get your other half properly wound up before you've even left the restaurant. They're quiet so as not to attract any undue attention, and both have plenty of potential between the sheets, too.

Best discrete sex toy for couples


Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick Vibrator
While its chunkiness means you're kinda unlikely to mistake this for a bold red lipstick and give your mouth a shock, others aren't necessarily going to spot that the black cylinder in your bag is actually a simple single-speed vibrator. So if you're looking to whip out a surprise – or just have a vibrator handy wherever you might go – this could be perfect. Lovehoney's Oh! range includes a whole host of other kinky bedroom gear, too: you'll find everything from sexy playing cards to rose petals to, yep, furry handcuffs.

Best remote sex toys for couples

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If you can't be together – or even if your kink is adding a little stimulation from just outside of touching distance – remote controlled toys have you covered. The dream of teledildonics has come true: connected sex toys for couples can interact with each other, or with an app, over the internet, allowing you to share sensations from afar. You'll generally need to pick toys from the same series to ensure they're compatible. We've recommended some good combinations here, but you can chop and change as you see fit.

Best app-controlled sex toys for couples


Kiiroo Keon & Ohmibod Fuse
Kiiroo has picked up a fairly stellar reputation in the mechanical toy game, and its range of toys for those with vaginas are strong, too. Given that it also has a strong mobile app, picking up a combo like the robotic Keon and the Ohmibod Fuse rabbit-style vibrator is a fantastic way to link up a pair of strong toys. Note that this isn't your only option, though: Kiiroo offers double packs of toys for guys and girls, all of which can be linked, so you'll be able to share the love whichever way your relationship goes.

Best remote control vibrator for couples


Lovehoney Hot Date Remote Control Couple's Sex Toy Kit
Can't decide what toy to use? No problem: this set combines a butt plug, g-spot vibrator, love egg and rabbit double cock ring with a remote control that can be paired to two toys at once. Yes, you'll need to be a little creative – the g-spot vibe isn't remote controlled, and the other toys beside the love egg require you to place the included ten-speed bullet vibrator inside them to make them hum – but we're sure you can work out a good combination.

Best couples toys for same-sex couples

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe sex toy

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We've tried not to exclude anyone with our picks here, but if you're specifically looking for something to compliment your same-sex relationship, you might be after a toy that makes the most of both of your sets of equipment – and likely something that can positively enhance close-contact sex. 

Keep your eyes open to everything. It's fun to use a toy on your partner whichever way you swing: open-ended male strokers like those found amongst the best Fleshlights are great for gay couples, as are prostate massagers; we're sure lesbian couples can work out a great way to use the best dildos or, really, and of the best sex toys out there.

Best sex toy for lesbian couples


Lovehoney Double Delight
Lovehoney manages to get so many things right with this strapless strap-on: there's no potentially off-putting analogues of male anatomy, the angle is adjustable to ensure you can hit just the right spot for your partner, there's room in the base for a small bullet vibrator and, crucially, it's a penetrative toy which gives both parties a little inside action.

Best sex toy for gay couples


Kink Explore
This has a whole host of uses – it's a stretcher, it works fine as a rather airy butt plug, and it's hollow in the middle meaning you could (if you felt so inclined) put your choice of penetration object through the middle. There's a heavy flared base which should ensure it doesn't shift even if you're really filling it up – what's not to like?

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