Mercedes-Benz takes a swing at building a sporty golf cart

The firm wants this to be a, " real sports car," for the golf course

Mercedes-Benz, not one to do things by halves when it comes to car manufacturing, has teamed up with golf cart maker Garia to create a 'premium' model that'll have you speeding around the greens of The Belfry like a Birdie-obsessed Tony Stark.

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The Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car - which is the product of a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz's designers, Daimler's Think & Act Tank Business Innovation and the Denmark-based Garia. It combines a large, curved windscreen, a carbon-fibre diffuser, a carbon-fibre roof and a 10.1-inch tablet that displays everything from you speed to the power consumption of the cart itself.

That tablet will enable you to switch between two driving modes (sporty and eco, naturally), as well as accessing the heaters, AC, wipers, headlights and more. There's even Wi-Fi integration for its speakers and a little fridge tucked in the back for the obligatory bottle of water/champagne.

The design of the premium golfing vehicle actually finds its origin in a design competition Mercedes-Benz opened in 2013, where the firm asked fans to submit their ideas for a new generation of luxury green-navigating motor. The general consensus was the need for a golf cart that provided a comfortable drive with many of the mod cons that define a modern luxury car. In other words: people wanted a golf cart bred with a sports car.

"We have reinvented the world of the golf cart with our Mercedes-Benz Golf Car," says a modest Gorden Wagener, head of Design at Daimler AG. "Mercedes-Benz stands for modern luxury, and golf is an authentic part of that theme. Transferring our automotive design idiom to the Golf Car is therefore something quite natural, and in doing so we have created a product that is both sensual and pure."

Mercedes-Benz is been showing off the design at this year's British Open, which concluded yesterday. You can check out a few videos of the golf cart above, if premium course navigation is your jam.

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