Best putter 2021: knock shots off your score by finding the best putter for you

The best golf putters for 2021

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During a round of golf you will reach for the putter far more often than any other club in the bag. Indeed, the easiest way to shave shots off your handicap is by sharpening up around the greens and reducing the number of putts it takes to get the ball in the hole.

You'll never be able to drive the ball like Rory McIlroy or any of the top top pros but there's no reason why you can't learn to putt like them.

There is no magic formula for this. It comes down to a lot of practice and, just as importantly, finding a putter that feels comfortable and suits your eye. 

The best golf putters to buy now

best putter: TaylorMade Spider XT3 Award

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1. TaylorMade Spider X

The Top Dog

Reasons to buy
Extra forgiveness  
Popular with tour pros 

The ‘Spider’ isn’t a new design. It’s been around for a few years in various guises but it is still as good as anything out there. 

Along with the original Ping Anser and Odyssey 2-Ball the TaylorMade Spider is one of the most iconic putter designs that changed the game and inspired a whole host of copycat models from other manufacturers.

The ‘X’ is perhaps currently the most popular version of the Spider and it can be found in the bags of some of the world’s top golfers, such as Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Matthew Wolff.

The ‘Spider’ design has proved to be so successful because the weights in the toe and heel at the rear of the putter provide balance and make it more forgiving when you don’t strike the ball in the centre of the putter face,

Be aware, however, while the Spider is very forgiving it won’t work miracles. If you hit your putt off centre the Spider will limit the damage more than many other putters but you will hole less putts. 

The key to good putting is still practice, practice, practice. 

Wilson Staff Infinite 'the L' PutterT3 Award

(Image credit: Wilson Staff)

2. Wilson Staff Infinite "The L"

The best value putter on Planet Golf

Reasons to buy
High quality at an affordable price  
Balances performance and forgiveness

Wilson’s ‘Infinite’ range of putters have the look and feel that you’d find at the high end of the market but at a much more affordable price.

A double milled face promotes consistent impact, roll and distance control while the counterbalanced technology moves the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother, more controlled putting stroke.

Visually they look great as the ultra dark PVD finish reduces glare and accentuates sight lines. The oversized grip provides a stable feel and limits rotation during the putting stroke.

We’ve chosen ‘the L’ design but if the mallet style putter isn’t for you, the Infinite range features various other designs, all named after a local landmark or neighbourhood in Chicago, where Wilson’s company headquarters is located. 

In total there are eight classic head shapes including different blade options, so Wilson have all bases covered.  

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 PutterT3 Award

(Image credit: Titleist)

3. Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2

The putter of choice for Tiger

Reasons to buy
Stunning craftsmanship  
Will retain its resale value 

The Scotty Cameron brand is the Rolex of putters. They’re expensive, not necessarily because they do a better job than their competitors (if that was the case every top player would use one, right?), but because they look stunning and they’re generally regarded as being the epitome of cool.

A “Scotty” is more than just a putter; it’s a statement. In some ways it’s as much a fashion accessory as it is a golf club. The craftsmanship and overall look screams out ‘luxury’ as they’re made from premium materials and even the grip looks stylish. 

As you’d expect the price reflects that. Some models will set you back a couple of grand as they are often released as limited editions. Even the head covers are collectibles!

Generally though there isn’t THAT much difference between your standard Scotty Cameron and similar premium putters from the likes of TaylorMade, Odyssey and Ping for example. While it might seem like a lot of money for a putter, it’s cheap compared to what people will readily pay for a new driver.

But this brand didn’t become so popular just because they look nice. They perform just as well as any of their competitors. Need proof? Tiger Woods has used a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (or variations of it) for most of his career, which is about as ringing an endorsement as it’s possible to have.

The Newport 2 has weights in both heel and toe to help with balance and forgiveness and there is a really soft feel when the ball comes off the face. 

If you aren’t good on the greens this won’t make you suddenly start holing putts, but at least you’ll look cool while you’re missing them. 

Odyssey Triple Track 2-Ball PutterT3 Award

(Image credit: Odyssey)

4. Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track 2-Ball Putter

A new twist on a classic design

Reasons to buy
Number one for alignment
Incredibly soft feel

The Stroke Lab Triple Track series of putters from Odyssey come in nine widely varying designs but the stand out model for us is the iconic “2-Ball”, which has taken alignment to a whole new level.

The original 2-Ball design was groundbreaking when it first hit the market but Odyssey have now combined that winning formula with “triple track” which makes it easier than ever before to ensure your putts are lined up correctly, especially when used in tandem with the “triple track” Callaway golf ball.

When you match up the lines on the ball with those on the putter it’s virtually impossible to not be lined up correctly. Even if you’re one degree off it will stand out a mile and you’ll be able to adjust.

There is plenty of tech on show here as you’d expect from Odyssey. The Microhinge Star Insert provides a firmer feel and enhanced sound at impact, while Stroke Lab Weighting means the shaft is 40 grams lighter and that weight is distributed to the head and grip end of the putter. This promotes improved tempo and consistency.

Odyssey is the clear number one putter brand on the PGA Tour but the good news is they aren’t the most expensive. Sure, they aren’t exactly cheap, but the pricing is certainly reasonable for what you are getting.

Ping Heppler Tomcat PutterT3 Award

(Image credit: Ping)

5. Ping Heppler Tomcat 14

The old dog has some new tricks

Reasons to buy
Stylish black and copper design
Adjustable length

For decades anyone who was anyone had a Ping putter in the bag but times change and they were left behind for a while. Ping were the number one name in putting but now they’re just one of many looking for a slice of the pie. That’s due to the increased standard of competition rather than any drop off in what Ping are producing. 

You really cant go wrong with any of the Sigma, Vault or Heppler range. We especially like the Heppler Tomcat 14 though as it looks great and performs really well. The shaft length is adjustable and the stylish black and copper head features a 14-dot alignment aid inspired by the lights on an airport runway.

Ping G Le 2 Anser Ladies PutterT3 Award

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6. Ping G Le 2 Anser Ladies Putter

The best putter for ladies

Reasons to buy
Soft feel
Adjustable length

It’s well balanced, has a great feel and consistency off the face and it’s based on an iconic design. The adjustable length allows you to experiment until you find the right fit for you which is an often neglected element when choosing a putter.

Indeed, research suggests that 8-10 golfers are playing the wrong length putter shaft which can have a seriously detrimental effect on your short game. 

The G Le 2 Anser can be adjusted with a torque wrench supplied with the putter. It is adjustable at the top of the grip, to a range between 31” to 35” to find your perfect fit every time.

Mizuno M-Craft 3 PutterT3 Award

(Image credit: Mizuno)

7. Mizuno M-Craft 3 Putter

Premium Performance with a Stunning Look

Reasons to buy
Stunning blue finish
Adjustable weighting

Mizuno are not renowned for their putters but the M-Craft range offer premium performance in a striking finish. Available in blade or mallet design and in a variety of finishes, we prefer the Ion Blue option as it looks so high end it could be a Scotty Cameron.

Featuring a milled face an forged from mild carbon steel, Mizuno claim the M-Craft 3 will give you a softer feel and pure roll.

It is fitted with 8-gram weights in the heel and toe but you also get two 3-gram and 13-gram weights which allows you to adjust to a variety of putting conditions.

The M-Craft series all comes with a premium quality Mizuno head cover.

EvnRoll ER10 Outback Mallet PutterT3 Award

(Image credit: EvnRoll)

8. EvnRoll ER10 Outback Black Mallet

Great Feel and a Quality Roll

Reasons to buy
Maximum Forgiveness
Badass Design

This thing looks like something Darth Vader might fly in, which will be massively appealing to some and an extreme turn off to others. 

There’s a reason for how it looks though as this putter is designed to provide maximum consistency regardless of the quality of strike.

The ball comes off the face somewhat slower in comparison to a lot of other putters but there is a greater consistency with off centre strikes, which makes this an option for anyone who is a little inconsistent on the greens. 

The two long sight-lines help with alignment while the stealth black shaft just looks really cool. It doesn’t come cheap though.

Slazenger V300 PutterT3 Award

(Image credit: Slazenger)

9. Slazenger V300

Incredible value for the new golfer

Reasons to buy
Incredibly low price
Excellent starter club

If you are new to the game you may not want to spend big on a putter, at least not to begin with. Sure, you could pay upwards of £500 for a custom fitted L.A.B. putter but chances are your putting stroke and stance will evolve the more you play, so you’re probably throwing your money away.

Going down the second hand route on eBay is a good option, but the downside to that is you don’t get to try before you buy.

Slazenger golf clubs are incredibly cheap to the point where many people naturally assume they must be pretty rubbish. They aren’t, they represent excellent value for money and the putters are no different. You can pick up the V300 putters for as little as £13.99.

Of course they aren’t as forgiving as the top end putters from the ‘name’ golf brands. They don’t have too much in the way of tech or perimeter weighting in the heel or toe to ensure off centre strikes still reach the intended target.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing for someone just starting out though as it promotes good habits. You need to hit your putts in the centre of the putter and when you do the Slazenger putter will do the job just fine.

As with many of the budget putters out there, the Slazenger D300 models imitate some of the higher end models, in this case the Odyssey ‘Two Ball’ and ‘Fang’ designs.

Teardrop Rollface PutterT3 Award

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10. Teardrop Golf Roll-Face 3

Under-rated and affordable

Reasons to buy
Great price
Smoother Roll

If you don’t want to spend big on a putter or perhaps you already have but are looking for a second option to occasionally mix things up, the Roll-Face 3 from Teardrop could be just what you need.

Milled from 303 stainless steel, the Roll Face technology is designed to get the ball rolling more quickly than standard designs and to cut out the initial ‘hop’ that you get with many putters.

A lot of tech has gone into the design and it even comes with a high quality head cover. It’s terrific value at under £50.

How to buy the best golf putter for you

Putters come in all shapes and sizes and what feels right to some golfers will not necessarily feel right to you. Every golfer has different needs, especially when it comes to putters.

Choosing the right putter is not an easy task as there are so many to choose from in various styles and price ranges. Expensive does not always mean better but you will find that the top of the range models will be more forgiving due to the amount of technology and research that goes into the design.

Most golf retail outlets will have a putting facility that you can take advantage of, or if you're buying from your local pro shop ask if you can take a few different putters onto the practice green. If you're making a significant investment you don't want to rush into it blindly and buy the first one you see.

When you see one you fancy, don't be shy, ask to try it out. And we can't stress this enough, take your time. Compare it with other putters and keep in mind that feel is almost as important as results. You might be making more putts with one particular model, but if it doesn't feel comfortable in your hands then that success probably won't last, especially when you get onto an actual golf course and the pressure cranks up. 

When you find 'the one', you'll know. It will sit just right when you address the ball. You'll love the feel of it. The balance and weight will be spot on and more often than not you'll be finding the sweet spot. 

The worst thing you can do is buy something that doesn't feel comfortable and tell yourself "It will be fine when l get used to it". No, it won't! 

Also, don't buy something just because your friend has one, or because you've seen your favourite golfer holing putt after putt with it on TV. Test it out first, and sure, if you're lucky it might be the one for you. Just don't buy before you try, as you'll almost certainly regret it.

Our best piece of advice would be to test out putters any time you have the opportunity, regardless of whether you are looking to buy or not. Even if you're not in the market for one right now, you will be one day so it makes sense to at least have some idea of what you like. 

Any time you're in the golf shop and you have time to spare, take yourself over to the putters and knock a few balls in the hole. See what's new, what suits your eye. Find out what feels good. By doing this you'll be in a position to take advantage of any online offers that might come up in the future.

So without further ado, here’s our comprehensive guide to the best putters currently on the market. 

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