Best home gym equipment 2022 with all the gear you need to work out at home

Build the best home gym equipment for you with the high quality weights, cardio machines and more

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The best home gym equipment can help you get fit easier than just doing sit-ups all day long in your living room. If you're after specific gains, whether it's losing weight or building muscle, you'll need the right gear to get you there sooner. We have all the essential home gym equipment and links to all the relevant buying guides listed below.

Even now that gyms have reopened worldwide and everyone scrabbles to avoid weight gain at home, the best home gym equipment is in demand like never before. Things have improved significantly since peak lockdown but considering that the world is going in and out of lockdowns still, we'd advise everyone to start seriously considering building a home gym if they are planning on staying fit at home.

In theory, there is a LOT of equipment to choose from, but admittedly, it requires research to know which machines, weights and whatnot are the best. That's why many people give up before even taking the first step.

We have dozens of home gym buying guides that could take hours to pore over even here on T3. To save you from staring at the screen for hours reading them all, we decided to create one ultimate guide that lists ALL the best home gym equipment from all categories, giving you the very best and most affordable models in each.

Best home gym equipment to buy in 2022

T3's favourite dumbbells

The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells are T3's favourite dumbbells

The best home weights, but cost as much as some fitness machines

Weight spread: 2-22.5kg or 4-41kg
Reasons to buy
+Space saving design+Feel like regular dumbbells+High quality
Reasons to avoid
-Premium price tag

Modular dumbbells have a lot of advantages over regular, single-weight dumbbells, in a home gym environment. They take up much less space and it is also more convenient to switch between weights. And when it comes to modular dumbbells, nothing compares to the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, being one of the most coveted home gym equipment in general.

These beasts from Bowflex pack 2-24 or 4-41kg in each dumbbell, depending on the model you go for, with weight selection as easy as spinning a dial. When paired with a simple weights bench, they offer an effective alternative to a gym floor, yet don't require an entire rack to house.

There are other modular dumbbell brands and models, of course, but Bowflex's SelectTech range wins by offering an experience similar to classic dumbbells and merging this experience with the convenience of the dial switch. the different weights are not colour coded, though, so pay attention which setting the dial is on before you try to lift the dumbbells of the plastic holding tray.

Overall, a great solution for those who like to push on with intensive 'drop set' workouts or for those who are tight on space. In fact, our only real reservation is the price, which will make you sweat before you even try to lift them.

T3's favourite cheap dumbbell

The Mirafit Rubber Dumbbell Set is T3's favourite cheap dumbbell set

(Image credit: Mirafit)

2. Mirafit Rubber Dumbbell Set

Get one pair at the time as you progress

Weight range: 5-35 kg
Reasons to buy
+Rubber coating for less floor impact and noise+Great value for money+Knurled steel grip
Reasons to avoid
-There is no option to buy a range, only in pairs

If you prefer and have space for storing multiple dumbbells, opt in for the Mirafit Rubber Dumbbell Set. You can buy them as you go along and the weight range is pretty good so it will see you through many years of home exercising. You can go from 5 kilo all the the way up to 35 kilo per dumbbell in 2.5 kg increments.

Needless to say, to buy all the different weights would not only take up significant amount of space but it would also cost quite lot, too, so be considerate before you decide to buy another set. It's best to check what weight range you use in a gym most often and get the corresponding weights for your home gym.

The Mirafit Rubber Dumbbell Set – as the name suggests – has a rubber cover on the plates so they make less sound as you throw them down on the hard floor in the living room (please don't throw weights around). The rubber coating also helps the dumbbells stay in place once they are on the floor. The handles are knurled, making them easier to hold without the weights spinning as you perform your barbell curls. Which is pretty much the only exercise you will do with these weights, let's face it.

T3's favourite kettlebell

The TRX Kettlebell is T3's favourite kettlebell option

(Image credit: TRX)

3. TRX Kettlebell

The best kettlebells you can get

Weight range: 4kg to 28kg
Reasons to buy
+Top quality+Comfortable handle
Reasons to avoid
-Heavier versions are expensive

Kettlebells are probably almost as versatile as dumbbells and even better, most kettlebell exercises are less stationary, helping you build functional muscles as a result. Just like Bowflex with modular dumbbells, TRX is the household name in the world of kettlebells.

Its premium line of kettlebells are all beautifully finished and each one has been put through a "premium gravity cast moulding process", which is said to increase durability. It also results in that lovely, flat bottom, which makes its easier to rest the kettlebell on the floor when switching hands during an arduous squat push press routine.

The different weights have colour coded handles, making it easier to distinguish them and pick up the correct one, even if the side with numbers on facing away from you. The available weight range is between 4-24 kg, although for anything heavier than 16 kilos, you will have contact TRX directly. Not like a 16 kilo kettlebell is not enough for most two handed kettlebell exercises.

T3's favourite cheap kettlebell

The Opti Vinyl Kettlebell is T3's favourite cheap kettlebell option

(Image credit: Opti/Argos)

4. Opti Vinyl 10kg Kettlebell

Best cheap kettlebell for beginners

Weight range available: 2kg to 10kg
Reasons to buy
+Gets the basics right+Bargain price
Reasons to avoid
-Only go up to 10 kg

The Opti Kettlebell range manages to offer decent quality for a very reasonable price: the lightest, 2 kilo Opti Vinyl Kettlebell costs as little as £5.99 at Argos. Granted, not many people will be able to have a proper workout using a single 2kg kettlebell, but still, it can give you an idea just how well priced Opti kettlebells are.

On the downside, the heaviest Opti kettlebell you can get is the 10 kg variety and if you are planning on doing some demanding kettlebell swing sessions, a single 10 kilo kettlebell might not cut it. You can, of course, do more reps with smaller weights and eventually get a 12kg or even 16kg kettlebell if you think you can't possibly do more than a 100 reps with the 10kg Opti Vinyl Kettlebell.

The Opti Kettlebells are compact and quiet and the different weights have different colours too. Not just the handles, the whole kettlebell has been coated with coloured vinyl, making them striking looking and the handles a bit slippery when your palms are sweaty. For the price, though, we are not complaining.

T3's favourite weight bench

The Mirafit Heavy Duty 260kg FID Weight Bench is T3's favourite weight bench

5. Mirafit Heavy Duty 260kg FID Weight Bench

Two in one: best AND most affordable weight bench for home

Max load: 260kg (incl. user)
Dimensions: 125x55x43 (Flat) to 117cm (Highest Position) cm
Foldable: No
Adjustable: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Gym-grade equipment for less than a membership+Adjustable
Reasons to avoid
-Cushion on the thin side

Despite the reasonable asking price, the Mirafit Heavy Duty 260kg FID Weight Bench still packs a solid frame, constructed from 7cm x 5cm steel tubing. It also boasts premium extras such as the small wheels at the back and grab handle at the front for easy manoeuvrability around the sofa or the debris on the garage floor.

Working your pecs from all the different angles won't come easier than this. The Mirafit Heavy Duty 260kg FID Weight Bench has six backrest angles and four individual seat angles that allow a great selection of positions from which to perform gun-busting routines.

As versatile as the Mirafit Heavy Duty 260kg FID Weight Bench is, it doesn't come with a weights rack, so unless you add one the bench is more suitable for use with a dumbbells and other one handed weights.

T3's favourite home multi-gym

The Life Fitness G7 Multi Gym is T3's choice for favourite multi-gym

6. Life Fitness G7 Multi-Gym

55 different exercises – all on one machine

Weight stack: Dual, 160lb (73kg) each
Type of movement: Cable motion/User defined motion
Bench: Optional
Reasons to buy
+Massive weight stack+Gym-grade home equipment
Reasons to avoid
-Bench is extra £500

The Life Fitness G7 multi-gym is a professional-grade setup for private use, featuring hefty dual weight stacks, fully adjustable twin pulleys and a chin-up bar, making it one of the most all-encompassing system that you can own and giving you the ability to workout almost every conceivable muscle group in the body.

With the Life Fitness G7 multi-gym, you can perform 55 different exercises but you will need definitely need some floor space to house this gargantuan beast of a home gym equipment. It measures over two-metres tall, around two-metres wide and the same depth, which is quite a lot of floor space to take up. It's not cheap either.

In fact, buying a Life Fitness G7 multi-gym will set you back £2500/$2999 and that price doesn't include the optional weight bench, adding that on will cost an extra £500/$500.

However, the US-built contraption is designed and constructed to last for many years and that hefty initial outlay does include free installation, a training DVD with two workout routines, an exercise book with over 60 exercises and a bunch of pulley attachments to ensure you hit every muscle that counts. Also, it removes the need to workout near people. Money well spent, then.

T3's favourite cheap home multi-gym

The Weider 8700 Multi-Gym is T3's best cheap home multi-gym option

7. Weider 8700 Multi-Gym

Full upper body workout

Weight stack: Single, 57 kg
Max. capacity (high pulley): 65kg
Max. capacity (low pulley): 145kg
Maximum user weight: 135kg
Reasons to buy
+Solid build+Integrated preacher pad
Reasons to avoid
-Supports only one type of leg exercise

With a 57kg weight stack and a pulley system that equates to a maximum resistance of 150kg on the leg developer pads, the Weider 8700 home multi-gym offers great bang for the buck and is great for anyone looking to pile on the mass at home.

A chunky construction and comfortable pads make up for the fact that the amount of adjustability on the back pad is limited (no flat press here), but it's still possible to conduct all manner of exercises without the space typically required by free weights and barbells.

The Weider 8700 home multi-gym is best for upper body workouts since there is really only one leg exercise you can do with it: seated leg extensions. Given the low price tag, cutting some corners are to be expected, so we are not all disappointed after all.

T3's favourite fitness wearable

The Garmin Forerunner 945 is T3's favourite running watch

(Image credit: Garmin)

8. Garmin Forerunner 945

Light yet versatile multisport watch with excellent sensors

Lens material: Gorilla Glass
Display size: 1.2" (30.4 mm)
Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
Weight: 50 grams
Battery life: Smartwatch mode – up to 2 weeks
Reasons to buy
+Completely revamped hardware+New Garmin Elevate HR sensor+Garmin Pay ready+Gorilla Glass
Reasons to avoid
-Precise GPS isn't necessary indoors

The Garmin Forerunner 945 is a great compromise between top-notch features and price, whilst not being a compromise at all. Many people will say 'but it looks the same as the Forerunner 935' and you know what? They are right. But whilst the Forerunner 945 has retained the look and feel of the Forerunner 935, in the inside, it has been completely revamped.

The Garmin Forerunner 945 uses the new Elevate optical heart rate sensor, which is more accurate than the 935's HR sensor. The Forerunner 945 also uses a new GPS chip that manages battery life better and it is more accurate than its predecessor as well. You probably won't need this for indoor training but in case you ever want to use the watch outdoors, you can rest assured it is capable enough.

The Forerunner 945 also has many of Garmin's latest-gen features, including PulseOx, Body Battery energy monitor, Training Load Focus and many more. Some of these features are more casual than hardcore, but that's okay, if I were Garmin, I would like to make my top-tier products more appealing to everyday users too.

T3's favourite cheap fitness wearable

The Fitbit Versa 3 is T3's favourite cheap fitness wearable

(Image credit: Fitbit)

9. Fitbit Versa 3

The best fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid

Battery life: 6+ days
Heart-rate monitoring: Yes
GPS: Yes, built-in
Reasons to buy
+Excellent app+Choose from two voice assistants+Active Zone Minutes+SpO2 sensor
Reasons to avoid
-There is a tiny bit of screen lag-'Inductive' button is not perfect by any means-Heart rate and GPS accuracy could be improved still

The Fitbit Versa 3 is a very enjoyable fitness smartwatch. It offers more functionality and better looks than most fitness trackers but it’s maybe not quite as smart and precise as the Apple Watch Series 5. That comparison might not be fair, though, as the Fitbit Versa 3 offers great functionality for much less than the Apple Watch 5.

The Versa 3 is a well-rounded offer from Fitbit and comes with built-in GPS, in-app workout intensity map, PurePulse 2.0 optical heart rate sensor and the Active Zone Minutes feature to monitor your fitness activities, even when you're not actively logging workouts. The heart rate sensor and the built-in GPS could be more accurate but for everyday sport activities, they are more than adequate.

The Fitbit Versa 3 also has a built-in speaker and microphone to take quick phone calls, send calls to voicemail and adjust call volume straight from the wrist – although you will look like a ‘special’ agent, if you know what I mean.

Considering the asking price, the Fitbit Versa 3 is definitely a great buy. Should you find one for a discounted price  – which will inevitably happen sooner or later – we recommend getting one, even if you already have a Versa 2.

T3's favourite cheap fitness wearable – alternative option

The Polar H10 is T3's favourite heart rate monitor

(Image credit: Polar)

10. Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

Best heart rate monitor for HIIT workouts

Sensor type: electrode pad/transmitter
Battery life: 400 hours
Battery type: CR 2025
Reasons to buy
+Precise+Versatile+Value-for-money+Long battery life
Reasons to avoid
-Chest strap might be too tight for people with girthier torso, even at the longest setting

If you don't want to buy more than one heart rate monitor to track more than one type of sport, your best bet is on the Polar H10. It is the "most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar’s history" and in fact, the Polar H10 can monitor your ticker very accurately.

The best thing is, the Polar H10 has built in memory for one exercise, so you can wrap the heart rate monitor around your chest, start the exercise in the Polar Beat app and then leave the phone behind. The strap will sync with the phone once you are back home. More on this here.

Polar H10 can connect to fitness apps, sports and smart watches, gym equipment using Bluetooth and ANT+ connection. Polar H10 can be connected to Bluetooth and ANT+ devices simultaneously, so you can hook it up with your watch and your turbo trainer as well in the same time.

As for comfort, the Polar H10 is equipped with the Polar Pro strap that sports a range of little non-slip dots along the inside of the belt. These help the belt stay in position without making it feel to synthetic.

T3's favourite indoor exercise bike

the Wattbike Atom is T3's favourite exercise bike option

11. Wattbike Atom

Not just an exercise bike: the ultimate smart bike trainer

Connectivity: ANT+ FEC and Bluetooth Smart Control
Gears: 22
Gradient: Range 0–25%
Weight: 44 kg
Reasons to buy
+Mimics real-life riding well+Smart training features without any additional cost+Relatively affordable
Reasons to avoid
-It is a bit of an investment

The Atom is Wattbike's most accessible smart bike trainer, but it's definitely not for everyone. Given how well it can recreate real-life riding conditions and its ability to provide you with various metrics without having to purchase additional sensors, the Wattbike Atom will suit serious amateur and professional riders the most.

Wattbike has long been the master of creating professional grade indoor cycling equipment that offers more feedback than a heavy metal concert in a wardrobe, but now it has turned its attention to the private home market.

The Atom condenses all of the sensors and technical nous of the standard, gym-dwelling Wattbike into one very stylish package, designed to take on the increasingly popular new breed of smart turbo trainers.

When plugged in and synched up to a smart device, the Wattbike Atom shows off its fancy, innovative Climb Mode, which automatically adjusts resistance when connected to virtual training software. So when you hit a hill during a Zwift session, the resistance ramps up to match.

Wattbike's own, detailed app measures 37 different riding metrics, which can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet (there's a neat holder for that) while training. Considering all the features you can enjoy using the Wattbike Atom, the hefty price tag doesn't seem all that steep after all.

T3's favourite cheap indoor exercise bike

the Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100 is T3's best cheap exercise bike option

(Image credit: Domyos)

12. Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100

Best cheap exercise bike

Reasons to buy
+Great value for money+Adjustable seatpost/handlebar height+Decent size flywheel
Reasons to avoid
-Quality of each individual unit can be a bit hit-and-miss

What can we say? The Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100 is the ideal choice for people who would like to get fit with indoor cycling but aren't planning on spending heap loads of money on a Wattbike. And although the Wattbike is worth every penny, if you just want to pedal around at home a few times a week, the Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100 will do just fine. 

This indoor cycle was designed by Decathlon's teams for occasional to regular use and it has been tested for an average use of five hours a week, which is fair play as you really shouldn't expect a stationary bike for this price to withstand hours of gruelling spinning workouts every day.

That said, the Bike 100 is a fairly stable bike thanks to its steel frame and stabilising pads for uneven floors. The 12 kg flywheel is plenty heavy enough for lighter workouts and the leather brake pad will ensure that the flywheel won't make screeching noises when it's being stopped.

The seat is adjustable in both height and depth and the handlebar is also height adjustable.

T3's favourite turbo trainer

the Tacx Neo 2 Smart is T3's favourite turbo trainer

13. Tacx Neo 2 Smart

Hands down the best smart turbo trainer you can get

Max Power: 2,200 Watts
Max slope: 25%
Weight: 21.5kg
Dimensions (folded): 620 × 260 × 440 mm
Reasons to buy
+Near-silent, road-like performance+Future-proofed software+Simulates descents and varied road surfaces+Works unplugged
Reasons to avoid
-Premium price tag-Heavy, with no carry handle

The Tacx Neo 2’s shell has a more powerful chipset, compared to its predecessor, to further improve the realistic ride quality (and progressive resistance control) of what was already a super-smooth trainer. It’s quieter, too, with virtually the only noise being the gentle hum of your drivetrain - ideal if you live in a flat or don’t want to disturb your partner while laying down the power in a set of intervals. 

The revamped internals mean the Neo 2 now offers left-right power data and pedal stroke analysis, boosting its position as a pro-grade piece of kit, plus the upgraded electronics future-proof the trainer against further software updates. Additional compatibility for 142x12mm and 148x12mm axles mean you can use the Neo 2 with virtually any bike (rim or disc brake).

Otherwise, the Neo 2 retains all the features that made us love the original, including the ability to simulate rough road surfaces on Zwift (gravel, cobbles etc), and you get a little boost on virtual descents. ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart connectivity ensures the Neo can be hooked up to a range of third-party software, including Tacx’s own app. Finally, data fiends will be happy, with the Neo 2 capable of handling 2,200 watts (whether your legs are, is an entirely different story), with a claimed power accuracy of 1%.

On the flip side, the same sticking points as the original Neo apply here: this is a seriously heavy unit (21.5kg) and while the trainer folds up, when in use the large (and very stable) footprint takes up more floor space than most. There’s no doubt the Neo 2 is expensive too but that price tag is backed up by first-class performance.

T3's favourite cheap turbo trainer

The Wahoo Kickr Snap is T3's best cheap turbo trainer choice

(Image credit: Wahoo)

14. Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer

High-spec wheels-on smart trainer

Max Power: 1,500 Watts
Max slope: 12%
Weight: 17 kg
Dimensions (legs open): 29" x 26" (74cm x 66cm)
Reasons to buy
+Convenient setup+Quiet mechanism+Professional grade quality
Reasons to avoid
-Less powerful than mounted versions-Provides less metric than some smart trainers

You have to love the Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer. It takes the hassle out of indoor cycling training and makes good use of the road bike you've already got. Unlike indoor training bikes, it takes up very little space since you can fold it up and store behind your wardrobe or out of the way, leaned against the wall.

Setting up the Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer is dead simple, unfold, mount the bike, plug it in, pair it with phone/tablet and you can start cycling straight away. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes the first time and even less after the initial setup.

The Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer is also well-connected to third party apps: let it be Zwift, Sufferfest or TrainerRoad, you will find an app you can use to structure your indoor training sessions effectively (full list of apps can be found here)

The Wahoo Kickr Snap Bike Trainer is a versatile and reasonable indoor smart trainer that provides a lot of features, superb build quality and a great cycling experience for cyclists of all abilities.

T3's favourite treadmill

the Assault AirRunner is T3's favourite treadmill

(Image credit: Wolverson Fitness)

15. Assault AirRunner Curve Treadmill

More than just a simple running machine

Maximum user weight: 158.8 kg
Treadmill weight: 127 kg
Reasons to buy
+Full body workout+Burns more calories than classic treadmill workouts
Reasons to avoid
-Not your traditional treadmill

The Assault AirRunner does so much more than a standard treadmill. It doesn't sport the typical motor-powered belt like others, but instead feeds off user input to crank up resistance and adapt with effort.

This off-grid running machine runs on your energy and just like the Waterrower, the more energy you put in, the harder it will be to run on the Assault AirRunner. Although the curved running surface does provide a more natural running motion, don't let this fool you: you will be working pretty hard here.

The Assault AirRunner is not cheap, in fact, it is one of the most expensive items on this list. However, for the money, you get a commercial grade gym equipment with a belt that said to last up to 150,000 miles of use. Since there is no electricity involved, there is less chance of something going wrong with the Assault AirRunner anytime soon.

T3's favourite cheap treadmill

The Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill is T3's favourite cheap treadmill choice

(Image credit: Kettler)

16. Kettler Sport Arena Treadmill

The best tradition-style treadmill

Dimensions: L186 x W64 x H132cm
Foldable: Yes
Incline: 0-12%
Maximum user weight: 135 kg
Speed: 0-12mph
Reasons to buy
+Folds neatly+Decent incline
Reasons to avoid
-Small running deck-Feels flimsy compared to more expensive options

The relatively small running deck might feel a little weedy compared to the mammoth machines found in your local gym, but the compact dimensions also make it a great option for those short on space. The vertical grab handles are a nice touch, as they allow for steep incline power walking with the added bonus of heart rate monitoring. The built-in speakers and numerous HIIT workout plans are also nice touches.

For under a grand, you are not going to get anything better than this. Realistically, you should spend more to get a more gym-like experience but this will serve most people's needs very nicely indeed, thank you.

T3's favourite rowing machine

the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is T3's favourite rowing machine

17. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The best and most stylish rowing machine on the planet

Folding: No, but stands up to save space
Digital display: Yes
Resistance type: Water
Reasons to buy
+Looks classy+Natural rowing motion+Quiet
Reasons to avoid
-Computer lacks features

Just take a few moments to admire the beauty of the WaterRower. Fashioned from solid ash and stained honey oak, it is designed to resemble the glorious vessels found spearing down the Thames during the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race.

This is more than just a seductive household ornament, though. This cleverly conceived rower features a decidedly moist flywheel that's designed to mimic the feeling of gliding across the watery surface.

According to its US maker, every WaterRower Natural frame is hand-built using solid ash wood, sustainably sourced from the Appalachians. It is then stained in honey oak and finished with a light Danish oil. One could say, creating every single WaterRower is an international effort.

A small S4 Performance Monitor comes with the package and displays distance, stroke rate, workout duration and distance without the need to plug into the mains. And although the WaterRower is not foldable, the relatively clunky 50 kg unit does feature guide wheels at the rear and is designed to be stored vertically when not in use.

T3's favourite cheap rowing machine

the NordicTrack RX800 is T3's favourite cheap rowing machine option

18. NordicTrack RX800 Rowing Machine

Out of sight, out of mind

Folding: Yes
Digital display: Yes, backlit
Resistance: Air
Product weight: 36 kg
Reasons to buy
+Comfort options+Foldaway design+Built-in speakers
Reasons to avoid
-Speakers are weak

Storing rowing machines can be a bit tricky. Not all of them look as classy as the WeaterRower, meaning that your significant other will probably mind having them laying around on the floor in the living room all the time, ready for a workout.

The NordicTrack RX800 Rowing Machine offers a solution for this: it can not only be wheeled around using the castors at the bottom of the rower, the rower itself also folds so it takes up less space when not in use.

Perhaps not as robust and weighty as the Concept 2 or WaterRower, this space-saving alternative still delivers the goods with ten different resistance settings, a selection of workouts via the digital screen and built-in speakers that will happily accept tunes from a standard 3.5mm jack. We don't see much point in playing music through the little speakers, though, many smartphones have better speakers nowadays.

T3's favourite elliptical trainer

the Nordictrack E11.5 is T3's favourite elliptical trainer

(Image credit: Nordictrack)

19. NordicTrack E11.5

Best elliptical trainer pound for pound, with a superb array of features for the price

Dimensions: H166 W67 L204 cm
Foldable: Yes
Flywheel weight: 9kg
Resistance levels: 20
Stride length: 20-22-inch
Reasons to buy
+Powerful rear-drive system+Adjustable platforms+Foldable for storage
Reasons to avoid
-Data screen looks a bit naff

Some home gym equipment is not only gym-grade quality, but also priced accordingly, like the Assualt AirRunner Curved Treadmill. Others, like this NordicTrack E11.5 elliptic trainer, has a solid semi-commercial construction without the premium price tag.

The NordicTrack E11.5 elliptic trainer improved on many fronts from its predecessor: it has a longer stride length, 20 resistance levels, 10-30 percent incline modes and a lighter yet more efficient flywheel. 

The 5-inch display might not be the strongest point of the NordicTrack E11.5 but it still offers 30 individual personal trainer workouts (10 in each category: calorie/performance/intensity) that automatically adjust incline and resistance.

There is a built-in fan as well, which might be oversized but not too strong, good enough for non-strenuous workouts.

Finally, while the 87kg E11.5 isn't exactly the most portable machine around, it has been designed to fold almost in half, so it can be lifted, wheeled away and stored in a cupboard when not in use.

T3's favourite cheap elliptical trainer

the JTX Fitness X7 is T3's favourite cheap elliptical trainer option

(Image credit: JTX Fitness)

20. JTX Fitness X7 Cross Trainer

Cheap and compact cross trainer for smaller abodes

Dimensions: 130(l) x 70(w) x 170(h)cm
Foldable: No
Flywheel weight: 12.5 kg
Pre-set programs: 21
Stride length: 16 inches
Reasons to buy
+High rated+Compact+Cheap
Reasons to avoid
-Not for tall people

For this price, it's rather difficult to find something to criticise about the JTX Strider X7 cross trainer. Not only it is JTX Fitness' most popular home cross trainer, it is also well rated by customers. And not just the actual machine, but JTX's customer service too, so even if you have an issue, it will quickly be resolved by a JTX customer service rep.

The JTX Strider-X7 has a 12.5 kg flywheel, plenty heavy for even stronger users. The stride length is less than the NordicTrack E11.5 – 16 inches – but in return, the JTX Strider X7 is more compact and has transport castors as well. It is not foldable, though.

There is a computer with a colour screen mounted on the JTX Strider X7 too, and although it is not the most advanced display ever, there are 21 pre-set programs available straight out of the box on it. The JTX Strider X7 has pulse sensors on the handle and a built-in Polar receiver to connect to compatible Polar technology.

T3's favourite yoga mat

the Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat is T3's favourite yoga mat

(Image credit: Yogi Bare)

21. Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat

Great eco-friendly, grippy mat at a reasonable cost

Best for: Grip on a budget
Material: Natural PU rubber
Weight: 2.5 kg
Thickness: 4 mm
Dimensions: 180 x 66 cm
Reasons to buy
+Fantastic grip+Useful alignment markings+Eco-friendly
Reasons to avoid
-Bunches a little

The perforated rubber surface of the Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat stops your sweaty hands and feet from slipping during yoga, pilates or even HIIT workouts too. It also comes with body alignment position guidelines, a great feature for people who are less experienced in yoga.

The Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat is super eco-friendly: it is made of 100% natural PU rubber and sustainable materials, not to mention it is biodegradable and recyclable as well. Cleaning it is also as easy as wiping it off with a wet microfibre cloth.

It is not the cheapest yoga mat on the market but not the most expensive either.

T3's favourite cheap yoga mat

the Meglio Premium Eco Friendly Yoga Mat 8mm is T3's favourite cheap yoga mat option

(Image credit: Meglio)

22. Meglio Premium Eco Friendly Yoga Mat 8mm

Ultimate comfort for a very good price point

Best for: Durability
Material: high quality TPE foam
Weight: 1.6 kg
Thickness: 8 mm
Dimensions: 183 x 61 cm
Reasons to buy
+Free shoulder carry strap+Very comfortable+Non-slip surface+Lightweight

For this price point, the Meglio Premium Eco Friendly Yoga Mat is an absolute steal. It's thick, so you will feel comfortable even after long yoga sessions. It's long and wide so even tall people can comfortably lay down on it without their limbs hanging off the platform in all directions.

You even get a free carry strap, included in the price, so you can throw the Meglio Premium Eco Friendly Yoga Mat on your shoulder after the workout is done. Better still, the mat is surprisingly light, especially given its thickness: the Meglio Premium Eco Friendly Yoga Mat weighs only 1.6 kg.

It might be light but it's durable, thanks to the high quality TPE foam used in the mat that ensure that the Meglio Pro Mat will stay box fresh workout after workout.

T3's favourite ab roller

the SKLZ Core Wheels is T3's favourite ab roller

(Image credit: SKLZ)

23. SKLZ Core Wheels

More than just a core trainer

Reasons to buy
+Works your shoulders, torso and hips as well as your core+Training plan included
Reasons to avoid
-Controlling two rollers can be challenging for beginners 

If you thought ab rollers are only good to work your abs, you cannot be further away from the truth. With the SKLZ Core Wheels, you can train your shoulders, hips and torso too.

Since the system includes two individual wheels, you can move them separately and take your core exercising to the next level. The Core Wheels are lightweight and sport ergonomic handles.

T3's favourite suspension trainer

the TRX All-in-One is T3's favourite suspension training system

(Image credit: TRX)

24. TRX All-in-One

A great kit to get your suspension training started

Portable: Yes
Dynamic straps: No
Adjustable foot straps: No
Reasons to buy
+Everything you need+Workout guide included
Reasons to avoid
-No adjustment in footstraps-No colour options

This all-in-one package is designed get even complete suspension training newbies into the swing of it, with the excellent TRX workout guide acting as detailed bedtime reading in order to get the most out of each session.

Its patented single point anchoring system promotes stability and encourages proper form throughout each exercise, while this kit includes everything you need to workout anywhere.

A choice of either a door anchor or the traditional TRX anchor, which loops around tree branches, posts or anything else that will easily take bodyweight without collapsing, increases the versatility.

This pack also comes with a handy carry bag, which makes it possible to bundle up the kit and easily shove it in a backpack or small bag when travelling. Those regularly working away or travelling the world can easily create a gym in the hotel room.

T3's favourite resistance bands

the WODFitters Resistance Bands are T3's favourite resistance bands

25. WODFitters Resistance Bands

The resistance band brand offering the most bang for your buck

Band length: 41 inches
Resistance range: 10-175 pounds
Pack size: Sold individually or sets of four and five
Reasons to buy
+Sold separately or as a set+Massive resistance range
Reasons to avoid
-Basic for experienced users-No grip or handle

Simple in design and excellent value for money, WODFitters flat bands are versatile enough for pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They can also be used for power-lifting sessions. 

Made from multiple layers of tough rubber, they’re designed to last without suffering deformation over time.

Each band is lightweight and easily foldable making them great for travelling and an accompanying e-guide helps users of all levels expand their exercise repertoire.

T3's favourite pull up bar

the Body Power Door Gym is T3's favourite pull up bar

(Image credit: Body Power)

26. Body Power Door Gym

Put that drill away for now

Reasons to buy
+Light yet sturdy+Cheap as chips
Reasons to avoid
-Obviously has its limitations

Door pull up bars are really popular among people who live in rented accommodations: no need to get permission from the landlord to drill holes in the wall in order to build that beautiful V-shape back doing pull ups and chiselled abs doing hanging leg raises.

The Body Power Door Gym can also be used on the floor, so you can perform box dips and elevated push ups too. When used as a pull up frame, make sure you check A) that it fits on the door frame and B) that it supports your weight before you buy it.

person using an adjustable dumbbell, doing Russian twist on the living room floor

(Image credit: Bowflex)

Where to buy the best home gym equipment

What sort of home gym equipment you should buy first depends on your fitness goals and of course, the available floor space. If your aim is to build muscle and haven't got much space, you'd better get a weights bench and a dumbbell set. Same goal but more space? Get a barbell and a multi gym as well.

If you are into cardio but have limited space and limited budget, you might want to consider getting a foldable indoor rowing machine. Have a bit more space? Get an indoor exercise bike. Got even more money and space and also couldn't care less about the downstairs neighbour? Get a treadmill.

If you are really on the budget and live in a small rented apartment, you can still build a home gym by getting an ab roller, a door pull-up bar and a set of resistance bands. No budget is too short and no home is too small to build the best home gym!

person using the wattbike atom in a garage

(Image credit: Wattbike)

What is the best home gym equipment?

Your personal fitness goal will determine what is the best home gym equipment for you. We all have different goals, let it be the need to lose weight fast or to tone up, maybe both. You shouldn't get a pull up bar if your aim is to lose belly fat and no need to invest in a treadmill if you want to build muscle mass.

If you have some money to burn on home gym equipment and your aim is to build functional muscles, get the Assault AirRunner Curve Treadmill. It might be an investment at the beginning, but this wonder-machine can help you lose fat and build muscle too. It has a commercial grade belt and doesn't require any electricity either.

Should you want to build muscle mass at home, get the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 dumbbells. Dumbbells are the single most versatile home weights you can have and with them, you can work out your whole body. The Bowflex SelectTech range is said to provide best-in-class dumbbell workout experience, a pair of them replacing more than 20 dumbbells.

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