Best boiling water tap 2020: this year's hottest kitchen accessory

Get instant hot water for drinks and food preparation without ever boiling a kettle again

(Image credit: Grohe)

The best boiling water taps and hot water taps are perfect if you’ve got a need for steaming supplies of aqua at a moments notice. It’s like having a kettle that’s always on, but without the time factor involved while you wait for the old-school appliance to boil. It's also a considerably classier option than an instant hot water kettle, useful though they are.

While some boiling water taps and hot water taps can replace the arrangement you currently have in your kitchen others are more of a supplement to an existing tap layout. Either way, they’re great for making instant cups of tea and coffee, as well as being invaluable for faster food preparation. 

If you’re considering a move to a boiling water or hot tap setup then we’ve got some prime examples in our guide below, including the Grohe Red, which is our top choice. The obvious benefit, aside from unlimited quantities of instant hot water, is that you’ll no longer need a kettle or the space that used to occupy.

What to look for in a boiling water tap

Keep an eye on the temperature capabilities of the tap, as boiling water taps might take the water temperature right up to 100ºC, but it’s more usually served at 98º-99ºC. Settings can often be adjusted, however, although be sure to check what the hot tap is able to do before plumbing it all in.

Boiling water taps and hot water taps are also expensive, and they do require some space, usually underneath your worktop for the kit that comes with them. A water supply and a three-pin plug socket both need to be in close proximity.

The associated hardware could include a small boiler/water tank and a filter too, so if you’re not great with DIY it might be best to get a professional to fit it. The filter, incidentally, can help prevent limescale, but will need replacing over time so keep an eye on replacement costs for that too.

And what of running costs overall? Boiling water taps and hot water taps are a premium purchase, so there’s quite a lot of initial outlay. However, Quooker (whose Fusion model is shown below) says that their boiling water taps can cost 3p per day to run on standby. A conventional kettle costs, on average, about 2.5p per boil.

The best boiling water taps, in order

Grohe Red Duo

1. Grohe Red Duo

A super-safe hot water tap that boasts a stylish design and great build quality

Best for: Features
Tank capacity: Up to 5.5 litres
Temperature range: Up to 99°C
Finish: Chrome
Reasons to buy
+Great functionality+Family-friendly+Beautifully made
Reasons to avoid
-You’ll need some space

• Buy Grohe Red Mixer Tap from Amazon for £860

The Red Mixer Tap from Grohe comes in four different models. The duo features a hot water tap design that also has a regular hot and cold tap on the other side. The mono model, meanwhile, is just the hot tap and you use it alongside your existing tap arrangement.

You can also choose from either a 3 litre or 5.5 litre boiler, depending on requirements. You will, however, need space in your kitchen cupboard to allow for this to be installed.

There’s a hugely practical two-step, child-safe process for dispensing the hot water, which means it’s brilliant for anyone with a family. The design and build quality is also hugely impressive.

• Read our appraisal of the Grohe Red

Franke Omni

2. Franke Omni

An easy-to-use all-rounder that keeps on going

Best for: Families
Tank capacity: 4.2 litres
Temperature range: Up to 100°C
Finish: Chrome
Reasons to buy
+Simplicity itself+Good capacity tank
Reasons to avoid

The Franke Omni looks almost like a regular tap design but you soon discover that it’s got lots more going for it than that. It can deliver water up to 100°C, and lots of it too thanks to a 4 litre tank. We also like the way it’s pretty straightforward to install.

If you’ve got a family then you’ll approve of the child lock, while the design itself is easy to use, no matter if you’re right or left-handed. You get an alert when it’s time to change the filter and the splash-proof function comes into its own when you’re filling up pans for cooking. You get a lot for your money from this respected brand.

Abode Pronteau 3-In-1 Mixer Kitchen Tap

3. Abode PT1105 Pronteau

An eye-catching hot water tap that oozes sophistication

Best for: Looks
Tank capacity: 2 litres
Temperature range: Up to 98ºC
Finish: Chrome, Brushed, Graphite, Copper & Matt Black Finishes
Reasons to buy
+Range of finishes +Keenly priced
Reasons to avoid
-Smaller tank capacity

• Buy Abode Pronteau for £611 from Amazon

If you’re getting bored of conventional chrome then the Abode PT1105 Pronteau is a great alternative as it comes in a range of finishes, aside from the normal shiny silver. In fact, you can get one to suit the style of your kitchen.

The 2 litre water tank isn’t the biggest, but that does mean it’s ideally suited to smaller households. There’s hot, cold and filtered water on tap up to temperatures of 98ºC while the full 360ºC rotation makes the Abode very practical in day-to-day use.

You’ll also find that the Abode PT1105 Pronteau is one of the more keenly priced boiling water taps out there, which adds to the overall appeal.

Qettle 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

4. Qettle 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

The Qettle is cheap to run and sports recyclable filter cartridges

Best for: Ease of use
Tank capacity: 4 litres
Temperature range: Up to 100ºC
Finish: Chrome
Reasons to buy
+Swift reheating +Filter replacement alert+Reasonably affordable 
Reasons to avoid
-Professional installation required

Qettle’s 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap is impressive in that it can supply up to eight cups of water, either cold, hot or up to 100ºC almost instantaneously. The four-litre tank capacity is decent while the other bonus here is that reheating it takes just 10 minutes.

We’re also fans of the tap clip that keeps it safe from curious children and another positive is that the replacement filter cartridges are recyclable. You’ll get a handy notification from the LED display on the tap when they’re due to be replaced.

Admittedly, you will need to get a plumber to install the Qettle 4-in-1, but with anything involving water that’s probably a good thing. Nevertheless, this comes keenly priced and provides you with water right on up to 100ºC.

Insinkerator Filtered Tap

5. Insinkerator Filtered Tap

The Insinkerator tap makes sense if you’re short on space

Best for: One-touch operation
Tank capacity: 2.5 litres
Temperature range: Up to 98°C
Finish: Chrome
Reasons to buy
+A cinch to use+Filtered water
Reasons to avoid
-Frugal tank

We love the name of this filter tap, but it’s also a compact and practical solution if you’re after a do-it-all model that won’t be too obtrusive in your kitchen. It serves up hot water at a not-quite-boiling 98ºC, but also functions as a competent hot and cold tap too.

The build quality and the overall look and feel of the Insinkerator suggests that it might be more premium than you might initially think. That’s a definite positive.

There are some compromises to be had from the Insinkerator though. Its 2.5 litre tank isn’t the biggest but on the upside, along with the compact design, that makes it ideal for small homes.

Quooker Fusion

6. Quooker Fusion

This stylishy-designed hot water tap is big on features

Best for: Trendsetters
Tank capacity: 3 litres or 7 litres
Temperature range: 100ºC boiling
Finish: Various
Reasons to buy
+Super cool+Child-friendly+100ºC boiling water
Reasons to avoid
-Needs a plumber ideally

You can almost sense the quality heritage of the Quooker Fusion, which sports a minimal, clean design that suggests no frills and no fuss. However, the Fusion is big on neat features. Crucially, this 100ºC boiling water tap is super safe thanks to its double push and turn switch, while it also serves up your steaming aqua via an aerated spray for extra reassurance.

You’ll also love the red warning light ring that lets you know the water is being boiled and/or dispensed. Add in a cold filtered drinking water option and you’ve got a versatile tap that can do it all. Getting a Quooker boiling water tap installed might be a bit more involved due to the way you need to choose the tank size. The benefit though is that you can better tailor it to suit your requirements.