Xperia X10 Mini bags European accolade

Pared-down Android effort gets nod for slinky design

EISA award for slimline version of Sony Ericsson's top-end Xperia effort.

Sony Ericsson’s slimmed down Xperia X10 Mini has handed the European Phone of the Year title by the European Sound and Imaging Association (EISA). The small time Android phone has been given the nod thanks to its dinky size and neat UI.

EISA reckoned the Xperia X10 Mini saw off the competition by combining the likes of 3, Wi-Fi and a 5 megapixel peeper with a tiny touchscreen that let punters play with it one-handed. It obviously had no qualms about the lack of bleeding edge Android 2.1 software.

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This smaller form factor is key reckons EISA, with punters wanting their phones to be able to slip easily in their pockets and handle intensive tasks like email, Facebook and the web.

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