Sony Ericsson Shakira: new FroYo phone incoming?

New phone dubbed Xperia X10 Medium

Mid-size Android phone could be perfect for ham-handed types who find X10 Mini too wee.

Sony Ericsson isn’t immune from suffering extensive leaks. The latest shot to slip out shows off a spanking new handset dubbed the Sony Ericsson Shakira, with rumours spreading that this is the latest in the X10 line up.

Questionable codename aside, this appears to be an ‘X10 Medium’ sitting somewhere between the 4-inch screen monster that is the Xperia X10 and the diddy X10 Mini, which has suffered from being too small.

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Word to the wise is that this new phone will be landing before the year is out, possibly with the new Android 2.2 FroYo software on board. This would be a welcome change from Sony Ericsson’s current Android cells, which are loaded up with the positively creaking Android 1.6.

There’s no news on what’s going on under the hood, but expect the Shakira to be subject of some hit gossip in the coming months.

Via SE-Blog