Solved: White iPhone 4 UK sighting

Apple fans will still have to wait for white model

Disappointing news: the white iPhone 4 is still a ways off for UK customers, despite misleading Sky video.

As we reported earlier, indignant tech bloggers on both sides of the pond have been all over the Sky News video showing a female 'customer' at the Regent Street Apple Store on iPhone 4 launch day with what appeared to be a white version of the handset - which isn't supposed to be available until late next month.

The video also has a voice-over shot of a man in a suit using a white iPhone 4, as if they were freely available at the launch last Thursday, leaving many customers feeling they missed an opportunity to choose a colour other than black.

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Well, false alarm, as it turns out. According to a post on, the woman in the video isn't an Apple customer, she's Claudine Beaumont, The Telegraph's technology editor, and the phone she's using is the model that Apple sent them to review, rather than one she picked up in store. The confusion stems from Sky's not giving her an on-screen credit, making her look like an (admittedly rather well informed) Apple customer.

The mysterious suited man apparently works for Sky, and is just borrowing The Telegraph's iPhone in that brief shot.

So, order is restored, and Apple fans holding out for the white iPhone will still have to wait until late July to pick one up.

Via: The Telegraph