Official Twitter for Android app overhauled

Slicker UI debuted in Twitter 2.0 for Android

Finally, an official Twitter app for Android worthy of the name.

Android tweeps are waking up to a treat this morning, with a brand new, and much needed, new official Twitter app waiting to be downloaded from the Android Market

Twitter 2.0 for Android offers a big improvement on the first iteration, ditching the blue homescreen with the big icons and sluggish menus for a slick, user-friendly tabbed interface that runs much faster than the original.

The new app now makes it easier to find your friends on Twitter. Once the app starts-up, it'll take a nose through your contacts and serve-up those who are already using the service.

The new tabbed interface allows users to quickly slide between tweets, @replies, direct messages and lists, without returning to the homescreen. Hitting the search icon within the app offers access to trending topics, while the Android menu button directs you to your own profile.

Sending Tweets is a lot easier too. There's an auto complete option for @replies, so you don't have to type in the entire username, while there's also a drop-down box for you to select the contact manually. Another improvement is that you're now able to send tweets with your GPS switched off and they've also made it easier to add pictures to your tweets, either by selecting them from your gallery or using the camera.

There is one slight disappointment amid all of these improvements. The one thing we liked about the original app was the little options menu that popped-up when you slid your finger across any tweet in your feed. Now you have to push on the tweet and open it in full to send a reply or retweet.

You'll need Android 2.1 or higher to take advantage of the new Twitter for Android app, which is a free update from the Android Market now.

Link: Twitter for Android