Motorola after 2.25 per cent of Microsoft profits on Xbox

Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 and Media Player also included

Motorola will be out for blood with Microsoft after the company was able to successfully able to ban a number of Apple's own products from the shelves

A German court could potentially side with Motorola this week regarding a claimed patent infringement by Microsoft with the Xbox 360, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Media player.

If it is upheld, then it could see these products being banned until Microsoft agrees to pay royalties of 2.25 per cent to Motorola.

The patent is concerning a very deeply embedded technology that is key to these products streaming video and audio and could potentially see all of them banned from Germany.

Motorola is testing out it's 'Magic Bullet' approach for the second time, by having found a patent that will affect a large number of products the company is able to have the biggest impact with just one infringement.

This has already proved to be successful with Apple after the German courts sided with Motorola and had Apple's products banned from stores including the iPhone 4S.

Apple have since had a reprieve from the courts however with the ruling still in place they may only have a few weeks before the products will have to be removed again.

Source: FOSS Patents