Invites issued to Spinal Tap inspired Google Music unveiling

Much rumoured Android-based Google Music service to land this week

Google is set to launch an Android-based iTunes rival with invites to the much rumoured Google Music launch teasing a November 16th arrival

Google has revealed it is to make a key Android announcement this Wednesday, November 16th, as invites are issued to what is expected to the be the official unveiling of the much rumoured Google Music service.

Repeatedly rumoured over the past months Google looks set to make Google Music a reality with the expected iTunes rival to land during the Los Angeles based announcement that looks set to feature an appearance from Spinal Tap star Nigel Tufnel.

With an invite proclaiming “These go to eleven,” fans of the Android platform will be able to follow events as they unfold with the press briefing to be streamed live via the Google owned video sharing site YouTube under the channel.

Despite much excitement circulating around the possible arrival of Google Music, numerous reports have suggested the search giant has managed to secure just two of the four leading record labels for launch with deals yet to be struck with Sony and the Warner Music Group. EMI and Universal are reportedly onboard.

Would you like to see Google launch and Android based iTunes rival or are you happy with Apple’s globally dominant offering? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: PocketLint