Illegal Angry Birds theme park appears in China

Stuffed birds and life-sized slingshots for visitors

An Angry Birds theme park has been launched in China, supposedly without the permission of Angry Birds developer Rovio. And the result isn't what you'd expect...

We've heard of shady Chinese business folk knocking off Apple products and, yes, even whole fake Apple Stores, but now it appears even the humble app developer isn't safe from opportunistic bootleggers. In Changsha, China, local knock-off artists have taken Rovio's phenomenally popular Angry Birds app and made it flesh - well, made it fur and wood.

The results look rubbish. People load Angry Birds stuffed toys into a big wooden slingshot, take aim and fire them toward houses made of supposedly destructible blocks. Most of the time, they miss, with the birds either massively overshooting the target or, this being the real 3D world, flying off either side of their intended landing zones. When the birds do collide with the blocks, they bounce off harmlessly, leaving the structure wholly unaffected. We'd give it no stars.

"This (Angry Birds park) serves as a method for people to purge themselves and to gain happiness" a spokesperson for the park told website We're not sure the folks at Rovio will be seeing things quite the same way. Check out the video below for a look at what visitors to the park get up to.

Unofficial Angry Birds theme park in China